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At one time Antioch had about 300 or 400 people living there. Around 1928 a man named
George Adams had a dry goods, grocery, and hardware store there. Besides these stores,
Antioch had two grocery stores, a blacksmith's shop and a post office. The streets were just old dirt roads and they had a great big well dug out in the middle of the street. You had to go around the well no matter what direction you were going. The well was there up until the time they paved the street. It was pretty deep, but it got to where it didn't furnish any water. The post office in Anitoch was moved to Maysville in about 1931. After they moved it, they didn't have any carriers out of Antioch and you had to get on your horse and ride over to Maysville to get your mail. Antioch just gradually faded away. Pauls Valley had the railroad a long time before Antioch died out.

Bun & Dollie Bullard

As the gateway to the Table Top Mountains, Antioch is located seven miles south of Maysville.  It was established during the 1880's and has a long and colorful past.   On certain days men would meet there and gamble.  Bootleg whiskey was brewed here in the early 1900's.

At one time Antioch had a drug store, two mercantile stores, blacksmith shop, a cotton gin, a school and a post office which was started in 1895 with John T. Purdy as the first postmaster.  The post office was discontinued in 1932.  Today the community has stopped growing but is kept alive by the activities of its residents.  It had a long past, rough times, but is still going.

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