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Eleventh Census of the United States
Special Schedule
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, Etc.
Supervisor’s District No. 1 8 5

Persons who served in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors), and widows of such person in Oklahoma, enumerated in June, 1890.

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'U' Surnames

The CR# refers to the census page information, which is located
at the end of this listing.

LastName FirstName MiddleName CensusRef# Line# House# Family#
 Rank Company Regiment Type Date Enlisted Date Discharged Time Served
 PO address Disability Ad'l Info

U?rels(?), Fillier(?) L(T?) CR15 24 212 216,
 1st Lt. Co. C, 95 IL Inf, 9 3 1862 to 8 30 1865, 2 yrs 11 mos 27 dys,
 PO address Wandel(Waudel?) Kingfisher Co OKTer, Crippled in lower limbs

Ularah(Tilarch?????), John H. CR29 4 202 207,
 Pvt, Co. C, 8 NY(?) Cav, ? 26 1861 to ? 27 1865, 3 yrs 9 mos,
 PO address Frisco, OK Terr, Rheumatism, re enlisted veteran, in prison(?) 5 mos(?)

Upshur? Freeman CR180 22 99 100
 Pvt H  1862 1865 3