1860 Lands West of Arkansas
Choctaw Index
submitted by Suzanne Shatto

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This material is donated by people who want to communicate with and help others. Every effort is made to give credit and protect all copyrights. Presentation here does not extend any permissions to the public. This material can not be included in any compilation, publication, collection, or other reproduction for profit without permission.

Index prepared to help people search for familiar names. It is meant to be read, not searched, because the handwriting is stylized and difficult to read. ? Means that I am only guessing at the name. there are several misspellings and I did not correct them. I felt it was more important to type them as I saw them rather than change names. If you see a familiar name or names in a family, you should look at the page indicated. I used the state postal abbreviation, but spelled out any location other than states.

It=Indian territory.

Suzanne Hamlet Shatto
Territory	Page	Surname	Same		State
choctaw	12	?		alabama r.	mo
choctaw	4	?		amanda		tn
choctaw	4	?		Charles		ky
choctaw	7	?		charles r.	england
choctaw	4	?		elmer?		ma
choctaw	12	?		h.		va
choctaw	4	?		henry w.	it
choctaw	16	?		jo		al
choctaw	1	?		mary		la
choctaw	4	?		pulina f.	ma
choctaw	19	accet?		mat		pa
choctaw	15	adair		william		mo
choctaw	20	adams		h.w.		ms
choctaw	8	ainslee		charles		ny
choctaw	8	ainslee		george		scotland
choctaw	8	ainslee		john		it
choctaw	8	ainslee		mary jane	ny
choctaw	21	ainsworth	john g.		ms
choctaw	19	allen		samuel l.	va
choctaw	19	allen?		f.s.		ny
choctaw	17	alorich?	william		?
choctaw	18	anderson	james		?
choctaw	21	anderson	leonardos	mn
choctaw	18	anderson	martha		it
choctaw	12	appleton	frederick	england
choctaw	8	archer?		james		tx
choctaw	18	armstrong?	mary		sc
choctaw	7	arrington	drew/		ar
choctaw	6	ashbrooks	george t.	it
choctaw	6	ashbrooks	moses		va
choctaw	22	bachelor	franklin	ar
choctaw	22	bachelor	william		nc
choctaw	18	bailey		wiley		ar
choctaw	19	baker		alexander	il
choctaw	4	baker		allen		va
choctaw	19	baker		catherine	it
choctaw	14	baker		charles h.	it
choctaw	10	baker		clara ann	ms
choctaw	19	baker		elizabeth	tx
choctaw	10	baker		Ezekiel		tx
choctaw	17	baker		george		mo
choctaw	14	baker		hiram h.	tx
choctaw	19	baker		john		?
choctaw	13	baker		samuel m.	tx
choctaw	10	baker		william r.	tn
choctaw	16	baley		thomas b.	ky
choctaw	22	barnes		polly		ga
choctaw	17	barnett		john		ny
choctaw	17	barnett		josiah		ar
choctaw	11	battes		lue w.		ks
choctaw	7	battiest	lottie		ms
choctaw	12	bayles		alexander	ny
choctaw	19	beam		j.		sc
choctaw	20	beane		henry		tn
choctaw	20	beane		louisa	draly?	?
choctaw	20	beane		rijiah?		al
choctaw	20	beane		thomas ligget	ms
choctaw	1	beaty		h. m.		tn
choctaw	7	bell		elizabeth	tn
choctaw	7	bell		george		tx
choctaw	7	bell		george h.	tn
choctaw	17	benjamin	robert		ar
choctaw	12	bennett?barnett?george		ny
choctaw	17	benson		william		ct
choctaw	13	betts		d.c.		ny
choctaw	13	black		h. e.		in
choctaw	13	black		james m.	sc
choctaw	13	black		lann? anne	tx
choctaw	13	black		martha jane	tx
choctaw	3	black?		john t.		ga
choctaw	14	blackburn	john c.		pa
choctaw	11	blakely		david c.	tn
choctaw	18	blaylock	Edward		ga
choctaw	18	blaylock	madison		ga
choctaw	15	boatwright	?		tx
choctaw	15	boren				tx
choctaw	15	boren?		allice		it
choctaw	15	boren?		eliza		pa
choctaw	15	boren?		marshal		it
choctaw	14	boren?		william		tx
choctaw	16	bosler		elizabeth	nc
choctaw	16	bosler		john		canada
choctaw	12	bowlin		george		tn
choctaw	14	boyd		william		va
choctaw	10	boyle		william		ny
choctaw	16	brashears	catherine	it
choctaw	20	breedlove	n.b.		tn
choctaw	13	brick?		charles		oh
choctaw	20	bridges		samuel		nc
choctaw	2	brooks		lucy a.		al
choctaw	2	brooks		mary		ga
choctaw	2	brooks		napolean	al
choctaw	2	brooks		terrace? l.	al
choctaw	2	brooks		thomas		ga
choctaw	2	brown		george w.	va
choctaw	15	brown		lloyd		ky
choctaw	21	buchner		henry		al
choctaw	21	buckner		benton y.	al
choctaw	21	buckner		lilly f.	al
choctaw	21	buckner		martha ann	al
choctaw	14	bunnell?	levi		nc
choctaw	9	burland?	reubin r.	ky
choctaw	9	burlands	nancy		tx
choctaw	1	burnette	joseph		va
choctaw	21	burns		keziah		tn
choctaw	21	burns		willis		nc
choctaw	1	byington	cyrus		ma
choctaw	3	byington	cyrust?		oh
choctaw	1	byington	sophia		oh
choctaw	9	caffrey		john		tn
choctaw	5	calhoun		j. j.		ga
choctaw	14	campbell	elizabeth	mo
choctaw	14	campbell	elizabeth	mo
choctaw	14	campbell	james a.	mo
choctaw	14	campbell	m?		mo
choctaw	9	campbell	william	pa
choctaw	14	campbell	william p.	mo
choctaw	10	campler?	amanda m.	tx
choctaw	10	campler?	eli		tx
choctaw	9	campler?	elizabeth	ga
choctaw	9	campler?	james l.	va
choctaw	9	campler?	john g.		al
choctaw	10	campler?	sarah w.	tx
choctaw	21	carr		?		ireland
choctaw	21	carr		Amelia		it
choctaw	20	carr		ann		tn
choctaw	20	carr		edward		ireland
choctaw	21	carr		john		tn
choctaw	21	carr		mary		tn
choctaw	16	carson		emily		ms
choctaw	16	carson?		james h.	ms
choctaw	16	carter		john m.		il
choctaw	17	carter		lewis		ar
choctaw	21	cary		s.w.		va
choctaw	15	cauffield	g.		oh
choctaw	2	chany?		william e.	tn
choctaw	14	charles		lucinda		ar
choctaw	12	chase		abel d.		md
choctaw	4	child		priscilla g.	oh
choctaw	13	childs		lizzie ormsby	creek
choctaw	22	choate		sally		ms
choctaw	11	church		benjamin c.	ny
choctaw	11	church		elizabeth	oh
choctaw	21	clafe?		thomas f.	ga
choctaw	18	clifton		mary e.		ar
choctaw	7	clone?		leonard?	ar
choctaw	14	cochener	mahala		ms
choctaw	15	cochran		? c.		tx
choctaw	15	cochran		edward		tx
choctaw	15	cochran		elizabeth	al
choctaw	15	cochran		henry		mo
choctaw	15	cochran		infena?		Tx
choctaw	15	cochran		katharine	tx
choctaw	15	cochran		laura		tx
choctaw	15	cochran		Lucinda		tx
choctaw	15	cochran		malinda		tx
choctaw	15	cochran		malvina		il
choctaw	15	cochran		william berry?	tx
choctaw	9	coiners?	lewis		france
choctaw	9	colbert		elizabeth	ar
choctaw	2	coleman		adeller		sc
choctaw	2	coleman		george w.	tx
choctaw	22	coleman		james		al
choctaw	20	coleman		margaret	al
choctaw	20	coleman		martha		it
choctaw	2	coleman		wyatt		nc
choctaw	15	collins		daniel		ky
choctaw	15	collins		thomas		ky
choctaw	12	conandady?	Henry		germany
choctaw	12	conandady?	mary		germany
choctaw	12	conandady?	susan		germany
choctaw	12	conandady?	thomas m.	?
choctaw	11	conley		frank		ky
choctaw	11	conley		james m.	al
choctaw	16	connell		william w.	il
choctaw	14	connelly	john w.		ky
choctaw	5	cook		irel?		oh
choctaw	5	cook		mary ann e.	ar
choctaw	13	copeland	abbie c.	it
choctaw	13	copeland	anna		it
choctaw	13	copeland	caroline l.	ct
choctaw	13	copeland	charles c.	vt
choctaw	13	copeland	eleanor		it
choctaw	13	copeland	emma		it
choctaw	13	copeland	frank eugene	it
choctaw	13	copeland	mary s.		it
choctaw	13	copeland	william a.	it
choctaw	1	corder		ann nettie	ar
choctaw	1	corder		david w.	ar
choctaw	1	corder		e. g.		tn
choctaw	13	corder		eli w.		sc
choctaw	1	corder		emilkiss g. j.	it
choctaw	1	corder		lucinda m.	ar
choctaw	1	corder		sarah		tn
choctaw	15	correll?	james e.	tx
choctaw	16	cowan?		anna		tn
choctaw	16	cowan?		d.m.		tn
choctaw	12	cox		benson		it
choctaw	12	cox		calorine?	it
choctaw	12	cox		hugh		tn
choctaw	12	cox		john		it
choctaw	12	cox		joseph		it
choctaw	12	cox		martha jane	tn
choctaw	12	cox		mary ann	ms
choctaw	12	cox		moses		it
choctaw	12	cox		steven?		nc
choctaw	17	crofford	william		england
choctaw	21	crowder		nancy		sc
choctaw	8	culbertson	elizabeth	pa
choctaw	15	daniel		Alfred		ky
choctaw	8	daugherty	j.t.		al
choctaw	8	davidson	jone		scotland
choctaw	11	davis		Abigail		ky
choctaw	11	davis		alfonso c.	ky
choctaw	11	davis		allice		tn
choctaw	14	davis		david		nc
choctaw	11	davis		isabel		ky
choctaw	11	davis		james		ky
choctaw	15	davis		james d.	pa
choctaw	11	davis		john		ky
choctaw	11	davis		orten? g.	ky
choctaw	12	davis		r.t.		ky
choctaw	11	davis		thomas		ar
choctaw	4	davis				pa
choctaw	16	day?		henry d.	pa
choctaw	5	dibrell?	o. p.?		ky
choctaw	11	dick		louisa		it
choctaw	11	dick		lucy		it
choctaw	11	dick		martin		it
choctaw	10	dick		sampson		tn
choctaw	8	dimont?		elizabeth	nj
choctaw	17	doffew?		henry d.	germany
choctaw	9	donophine?	thomas		ireland
choctaw	20	dow		l.b.		ma
choctaw	19	doyol		james m.	ms
choctaw	8	dumond?		c. b.		?
choctaw	13	durant		Martha		tn
choctaw	21	eads		columbus	ga
choctaw	14	earls		a.e.		ny
choctaw	23	earnst		adam		bavaria germany
choctaw	23	earnst		katrine		bavaria germany
choctaw	11	eastman		edward		pa
choctaw	3	echols		malissa		mo
choctaw	17	eckkiah?	amy		ar
choctaw	8	eddy		clara		nc
choctaw	7	edward		carrington?	it
choctaw	7	Edward		hannah		it
choctaw	6	edward		phebe?		al
choctaw	6	edward		tobias		al
choctaw	7	edward		wesley		it
choctaw	3	edwards		clara d.	ny
choctaw	3	edwards		george c.	it
choctaw	3	edwards		john		ny
choctaw	3	edwards		rosanna		pa
choctaw	17	edwards		tomas		england
choctaw	7	edwards?	amanda		it
choctaw	7	edwards?	cornelius	it
choctaw	7	edwards?	gilbert		al
choctaw	7	edwards?	kinsey?		it
choctaw	7	edwards?	Lovera?		it
choctaw	7	edwards?	miney		it
choctaw	14	elridge?	jane e.		?
choctaw	18	elwood?		franklin b.	ar
choctaw	18	elwood?		iriah?		il
choctaw	18	elwood?		james		me
choctaw	18	elwood?		peter a.	ar
choctaw	18	elwood?		william l. a.	ar
choctaw	22	emmett		abraham		ky
choctaw	23	emmett		eliza		ky
choctaw	23	emmett		james		ky
choctaw	23	emmett		maretta		ky
choctaw	22	emmett		margaret	ky
choctaw	23	emmett		margaret	ky
choctaw	23	emmett		susana		ky
choctaw	20	enteman?	william r. k.	al
choctaw	17	estep		amanda		ar
choctaw	17	estep		lucinda		ar
choctaw	17	estep		william		ar
choctaw	22	evans		harvey		tn
choctaw	5	evans		virginia	ar
choctaw	13	evans		william		nj
choctaw	22	farmington	honey s.	mo
choctaw	22	farmington	s?		ms
choctaw	10	ferrell		lewis		ky
choctaw	16	fisk		?		ky
choctaw	19	fleer		isaac		sc
choctaw	10	flint?		charles w.?	ma
choctaw	18	folsom		elizabeth	ar
choctaw	19	folsom		martha		al
choctaw	19	folsom		sophia		al
choctaw	21	forrest		james		va
choctaw	22	foster		martha		ms
choctaw	15	freeman		james		al
choctaw	9	freensy		robert		ga
choctaw	21	french		henry		france
choctaw	17	frome?		frederic	md
choctaw	10	fuqua		william		ar
choctaw	22	gadsen		henry		va
choctaw	1	garland		elizabeth	ar
choctaw	15	gay?		james c.	pa
choctaw	15	gay?		mary ann	al
choctaw	11	gerdes		b.f.		?
choctaw	5	gibson		emaline		ga
choctaw	5	gibson		j. g.		ga
choctaw	5	gibson		littletrout?	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		mainer? f.	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		malissa j.	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		margaret s.	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		sarah jane	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		thomas l.	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		virginia ann	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		walter f.	ga
choctaw	5	gibson		william r.	ga
choctaw	15	gilbert		isaac		mo
choctaw	3	gooding		carrie e.	it
choctaw	3	gooding		esther		ma
choctaw	5	gooding		henry l.	it
choctaw	9	gore		william		al
choctaw	9	gore?		samuel		nc
choctaw	3	goussea?	manuel		mexico
choctaw	9	grantham	alexander	ms
choctaw	19	gregory		george		ar
choctaw	19	gregory		john		tn
choctaw	19	gregory		m.		ar
choctaw	19	gregory		malinda		tn
choctaw	19	gregory		Martha		ar
choctaw	19	gregory		mary		ar
choctaw	19	gregory		phineas		ar
choctaw	7	griggs		larry		ga
choctaw	9	guess		martin		switzerland
choctaw	22	guines		aurelia ann	tx
choctaw	22	guines		joshua		ms
choctaw	22	guines		margaret	tx
choctaw	22	guines		mary e.		tn
choctaw	17	hagan		catherine	tn
choctaw	17	hagan		james		tn
choctaw	17	hagan		nancy		tn
choctaw	17	hagan		odin denton	tn
choctaw	17	hagan		william		in?
choctaw	17	hagan		william		tn
choctaw	2	hainey		a. h.		ga
choctaw	20	hall		t.t.		il
choctaw	23	haney		nancy		sc
choctaw	16	hannon		james		england
choctaw	22	hardaway	sally		mo
choctaw	19	hardwick	john c.		tennessee
choctaw	17	hardy		artissa		tn
choctaw	17	hardy		david c.	ms
choctaw	6	hardy		eliza		it
choctaw	17	hardy		henry		va
choctaw	6	hardy		james		it
choctaw	17	hardy		john k.		ms
choctaw	6	hardy		patrick?	it
choctaw	22	harper		d.		oh
choctaw	1	harris		lorenzo g.	nc
choctaw	1	harris		william		nc
choctaw	1	harris		william r.	nc
choctaw	17	healey		michael		ireland
choctaw	19	healt?		nancy		va
choctaw	21	hendrix		john		ms
choctaw	20	hilger		john		germany
choctaw	20	hilger		john f.		ar
choctaw	20	hilger		kelly ann	ar
choctaw	20	hilger		lewis		ar
choctaw	20	hilger		lyle		ar
choctaw	20	hilger		mark		ky
choctaw	20	hilger		mary c.		ar
choctaw	20	hilger		mary t.		ky
choctaw	20	hilger		Richard		ky
choctaw	10	hisle?		d.w.		va
choctaw	7	hobbs		c.s.		?
choctaw	7	hobbs		john		it
choctaw	7	hobbs		mary e.		?
choctaw	2	hodges		joseph		tn
choctaw	17	holloway	william		tn
choctaw	15	hoosier		john		tx
choctaw	5	hotchkiss	ann i.		ma
choctaw	5	hotchkiss	charles e.	it
choctaw	17	howard		benjamin c.	al
choctaw	1	howell		calvin h.	ky
choctaw	20	imson?imby?	gilbert		al
choctaw	19	ireby?		john		al
choctaw	5	irvine		c.d.		nc
choctaw	6	ishc?		Edward		al
choctaw	6	ishc?		emily		ms
choctaw	6	ishc?		Frances		it
choctaw	6	ishc?		james		it
choctaw	6	ishc?		luke		it
choctaw	6	ishc?		Martha		it
choctaw	6	ishc?		mary		al
choctaw	6	ishc?		nelson		ms
choctaw	6	ishc?		phebe		it
choctaw	6	ishc?		Philip		it
choctaw	6	ishc?		sudie		it
choctaw	22	jackson		barnes		ga
choctaw	16	james		alome?		ar
choctaw	16	james		nicholas	it
choctaw	3	jefferson	george		nc
choctaw	3	jefferson	margaret	ms
choctaw	18	johnson		henry k.	ms
choctaw	18	johnson		irvin?		ms
choctaw	17	johnson		james		ga
choctaw	18	johnson		james		ms
choctaw	16	johnson		john		sc
choctaw	18	johnson		m.v.		al
choctaw	18	johnson		nancy		ms
choctaw	18	johnson		nancy		it
choctaw	18	johnson		oriah ann	tx
choctaw	16	johnson		william		ky
choctaw	16	johnson?	jim r.?		ms
choctaw	10	jones		b.M.		ms
choctaw	8	jones		charles c.	it
choctaw	17	jones		george f.	ny
choctaw	8	jones		mary		ny
choctaw	8	jones		theodore	oh
choctaw	15	jones		Thomas		tx
choctaw	2	jones		vanburen?	alabam
choctaw	8	jones		william t.	it
choctaw	22	kayser		henry		prussia
choctaw	22	kelly		alfred		in
choctaw	18	kelly		e.j.		ms
choctaw	18	kelly		elizabeth	it
choctaw	18	kelly		henry		ar
choctaw	18	kelly		mary m.		it
choctaw	18	kelly		mary matilda	ms
choctaw	5	kendall		anna		ms
choctaw	5	kendall		drivet?		al
choctaw	4	kendall		eliza c.	ma
choctaw	5	kendall		lolla?		ms
choctaw	5	kendall		peoria		ms
choctaw	5	kendall		sarah		ga
choctaw	5	kendall		singleton	ms
choctaw	5	kendall		thomas		ga
choctaw	5	kendall		thomas		ms
choctaw	5	kendall		william	ms
choctaw	5	kendall		zona?		tx
choctaw	22	keys		bethune	ms
choctaw	21	keys		charles		?
choctaw	22	keys		elizabeth	ms
choctaw	17	king		benjamin	ar
choctaw	17	king		wilson		ar
choctaw	4	kingsberry	amelia v?	ia
choctaw	4	kingsberry	cyrus		ms?tn?
choctaw	3	kingsberry	cyrus h.?	it
choctaw	4	kingsberry	david deming	ia
choctaw	3	kingsberry	hannah m.	ms
choctaw	4	kingsberry	henry may?	it
choctaw	4	kingsberry	john butter	oh
choctaw	3	kingsberry	john p.		ms
choctaw	4	kingsberry	lucy ann	oh
choctaw	4	kingsberry	mary frances	ia
choctaw	4	kingsbury	cyrus		nh
choctaw	4	kingsbury	electra		ma
choctaw	21	krebbs		harcida?	al
choctaw	14	kroeger	        clara		ga
choctaw	14	kroeger	        martha j.	ga
choctaw	14	kroeger	        r.?		ga
choctaw	14	kroeger	        sarah l.	it
choctaw	14	kroeger	        seatus		ga
choctaw	14	kroeger	        tenessa		ga
choctaw	14	lacy		elisa		mo
choctaw	14	lacy		elizabeth tessa	mo
choctaw	14	lacy		gainner		ky
choctaw	14	lacy		george		tx
choctaw	14	lacy		john j.		mo
choctaw	14	lacy		joseph		it
choctaw	14	lacy		mary		tn
choctaw	14	lacy		mary		it
choctaw	14	lacy		robert		mo
choctaw	14	lacy		susan ann	it
choctaw	16	lance		a.m.		ar
choctaw	21	lander		emily		nc?
choctaw	21	lander		harriet		il
choctaw	21	latford		smith s.	pa
choctaw	16	lee		arthur		pa?
choctaw	8	lee		george		it
choctaw	8	lee		s. elizabeth	ny
choctaw	8	lee		s. orlando	ny
choctaw	15	lewis		?		tn
choctaw	15	lewis		d.w.		tn
choctaw	1	lewis		hanna? j.	ar
choctaw	1	lewis		margaret e.	ar
choctaw	1	lewis		mary		nc
choctaw	1	lewis		Samuel	        tx
choctaw	1	lewis		Samuel	        it
choctaw	16	lewis		thomas		tn
choctaw	1	lewis		william a.	ar
choctaw	15	lewis?		?		pa
choctaw	3	libby		daniel l.	it
choctaw	3	libby		fanny b.	it
choctaw	3	libby		hannah s.	ky
choctaw	3	libby		samuel l.	mn
choctaw	1	lilly		canoy?		al
choctaw	6	loftiss		emily c.	ga
choctaw	6	loftiss		fanny c.	tx
choctaw	6	loftiss		jane		ga
choctaw	6	loftiss		margaret j.	ga
choctaw	6	loftiss		martha e.	it
choctaw	6	loftiss		narcissa	ga
choctaw	8	long		sarah r.	in
choctaw	19	long?		beverly		mo?
choctaw	2	lounsford	caroline	ar
choctaw	2	lounsford	james		ar
choctaw	2	lounsford	john		ar
choctaw	2	lounsford	nancy		?
choctaw	2	lounsford	peter		ar
choctaw	2	lounsford	robert		ar
choctaw	3	lovell		lucy e.		ct
choctaw	3	lovell		mary w.	        ct
choctaw	10	lowe		john		md
choctaw	13	lucas		emily		ms
choctaw	16	lucas		william	        ky
choctaw	10	lunsford	maley?		va
choctaw	10	lunsford	mary f.		tn
choctaw	18	lyon?		abraham	        tn
choctaw	5	lyons		charles l.	canada
choctaw	4	mancer?	        ann mary	france
choctaw	4	mancer?	        ann mary	france
choctaw	4	mancer?	        charles joseph  france
choctaw	4	mancer?	        Edward  	france
choctaw	4	mancer?	        f. t.		france
choctaw	4	mancer? 	lucy louisa	tx
choctaw	4	mancer?	        odiel victor	france
choctaw	17	marble? 	john		ar
choctaw	20	marionwood?	william	        tn
choctaw	18	martin		edward		al
choctaw	19	marton?	        p.		?
choctaw	1	masette	        eliza b.	ar
choctaw	18	massey		a.f.		tn
choctaw	19	massey		c.a.		tn
choctaw	18	massey		e.l.		tn
choctaw	18	massey		f.e.		tn
choctaw	19	massey		Gideon		tn
choctaw	18	massey		m.h.		tn
choctaw	19	massey		nannie		tn
choctaw	18	matthews	james		mo
choctaw	18	matthews	nancy		mo
choctaw	18	matthews	thomas		ar
choctaw	8	mcbeth?	        sudan?		scotland
choctaw	12	mccarty	        ?		va
choctaw	12	mccarty	        james		tx
choctaw	12	mccarty	        nancy		ky
choctaw	18	mccarty	        robert l.	sc
choctaw	12	mcclung	        ?		ny
choctaw	12	mcclung	        adaline		tn
choctaw	11	mcclung	        gilbert a.	oh
choctaw	12	mcclung	        henry jackson	tx
choctaw	12	mcclung	        james a.	tx
choctaw	12	mcclung	        nancy e.	tx
choctaw	21	mcdonald	joseph b.	?
choctaw	20	mcdonald	lucy		ar
choctaw	7	mcdonnel?	george		nc
choctaw	17	mcfadden	james		ny
choctaw	22	mcguire	        heck?		ms
choctaw	13	mcintosh	james		canada
choctaw	13	mcintosh	sudworth	it
choctaw	11	mckee		elizabeth	ky
choctaw	11	mckee		james m.	it
choctaw	11	mckee		jesse w.	tx
choctaw	11	mckee		margaret f.	mo
choctaw	11	mckee		mary e.		tn
choctaw	11	McKee		missouri a.	it
choctaw	11	McKee		robert		mo
choctaw	19	mckinney	?		tx
choctaw	19	mckinney	elizabeth	tx
choctaw	15	mckinney	martha m.	ky
choctaw	8	mcleod		euphmark?	scotland
choctaw	9	mcmillan	jane		nc
choctaw	9	mcmillan	john		nc
choctaw	19	menks?	        f.m.		al
choctaw	16	michel		ada		it
choctaw	16	michel		alice		it
choctaw	16	michel		elizabeth	ar
choctaw	16	michel		w.y.		tn
choctaw	16	mickel		catherine	ar
choctaw	16	mickel		hanna		ny
choctaw	16	mickel		hannon? jr.	ar
choctaw	16	mickel		harmon?	        va
choctaw	16	mickel		susana		ar
choctaw	21	mileta?		alpha?		ar
choctaw	20	miller		alex		?
choctaw	17	miller		f.r.		ma
choctaw	20	miller		henry		ar
choctaw	20	miller		mary bess	il
choctaw	20	miller		parices?	it
choctaw	14	mitchell	charles		va
choctaw	10	mitchell	e.s.		tn
choctaw	10	mitchell	george c.	ar
choctaw	15	mitchell	h.d.		mo
choctaw	10	mitchell	martha		tn
choctaw	9	moore		mary		tn
choctaw	5	morey?		william t.	kentucky
choctaw	18	morris		a.g.		sc
choctaw	16	morse		john p.		sc
choctaw	13	mowry		f.w.		tn
choctaw	1	mullins	        john		sc
choctaw	20	murry		amanda	        al
choctaw	20	murry		clara ann	al
choctaw	20	murry		william	        al
choctaw	15	needam	        george		va
choctaw	12	nelson		james t.	tn
choctaw	3	newman	        isaac s.	ar
choctaw	3	newman	        lethe f.	tn
choctaw	3	newman	        william c.      ar
choctaw	5	norris		Joshua		md
choctaw	8	oaks		thomas		nc
choctaw	1	oneal		mary		ireland
choctaw	9	ormsby		e.m.		pa
choctaw	9	ormsby		lizzie		oh
choctaw	21	paine		eliza ?		ar
choctaw	21	paine		ellen elizabeth	it
choctaw	22	paine		flora ella	it
choctaw	21	paine		frances m.	tn
choctaw	21	paine		joseph bev?	it
choctaw	21	paine		martha ann	ar
choctaw	21	paine		mary catherine	mo
choctaw	21	paine		robert c.	ar
choctaw	21	paine		sudona?         al
choctaw	21	paine		thomas h.	ar
choctaw	16	palscher?	a.h.		germany
choctaw	6	parish?		Lucinda		it
choctaw	6	parish?		polly		al
choctaw	6	parish?		Salina	 	it
choctaw	6	parish?		william	        it
choctaw	10	parker		benjamin	nc
choctaw	21	parker		everett		ky
choctaw	21	parker		moses		tn
choctaw	20	patterson	william a.	ga
choctaw	17	penfield	william	        il
choctaw	17	pernell		robert		ga
choctaw	7	perry		johnson	        ?
choctaw	2	perry		moses		mn
choctaw	7	perry		william	        ?
choctaw	4	perry?		elizabeth	canada
choctaw	4	perry?		Henry		ireland
choctaw	4	perry?		henry		canada
choctaw	4	perry?		jane		england
choctaw	4	perry?		jane		canada
choctaw	4	perry?		Mary		canada
choctaw	4	perry?		unnamed infant  it
choctaw	4	perry?		william	        canada
choctaw	20	phillips	is?		ms
choctaw	10	phillips	thomas i.	ms
choctaw	5	pitchlynn	caroline v.	ar
choctaw	3	pitchlynn	mary		ohio
choctaw	3	pool		n. l.		tx
choctaw	4	poole		o.e.		tx
choctaw	1	poole		r. a.		la
choctaw	7	porter		malachi 	sc
choctaw	7	poteast?	york		?
choctaw	7	poteat?		Jerry		ms
choctaw	10	potter		bennet		ma
choctaw	19	potts		g.?		mo
choctaw	14	potts		henry		it
choctaw	19	potts		infant		it
choctaw	14	potts		isabel c.	oh
choctaw	14	potts		john d.		ar
choctaw	19	potts		martha		mo
choctaw	19	potts		morton		mo
choctaw	19	potts		nancy		tx
choctaw	19	potts		pet?		mo
choctaw	19	potts		saphrona	mo
choctaw	14	potts		thomas d.	it
choctaw	14	potts		william	        tx
choctaw	8	pritchard	indiana?	ny
choctaw	15	pulser		sally		al
choctaw	3	pynd?		john		al
choctaw	12	r?		ione abi?	tn
choctaw	5	ratchford	william l.?	ga
choctaw	7	reed		alexander	scotland
choctaw	8	reed		alexander	nj
choctaw	7	reed		furlove?	ct
choctaw	8	reed		john		it
choctaw	3	richards	martin		pa
choctaw	21	riddle		solomon	        al
choctaw	4	ringwald	c. f.		?
choctaw	13	risener		atwood		it
choctaw	13	risener		elizabeth	tn
choctaw	13	risener		george		tn
choctaw	13	risener		jack		tn
choctaw	13	risener		martha		tn
choctaw	13	risener		mary jane	tn
choctaw	13	risener		rebecca 	tn
choctaw	21	riskett		charles		tn
choctaw	2	robinson	?		tx
choctaw	2	robinson	?		ar
choctaw	2	robinson	abel		?
choctaw	12	robinson	amzie?		nc
choctaw	2	robinson	cabell?		it
choctaw	2	robinson	clorinda	ar
choctaw	2	robinson	elias		tn
choctaw	2	robinson	elizabeth	tx
choctaw	2	robinson	elizabeth	?
choctaw	3	robinson	frederick	ar
choctaw	3	robinson	Hannah		ar
choctaw	2	robinson	james		ar
choctaw	2	robinson	jesse		ar
choctaw	2	robinson	jesse		?
choctaw	2	robinson	john		ar
choctaw	2	robinson	john henry	it
choctaw	3	robinson	mary		ar
choctaw	2	robinson	patsy		tn
choctaw	3	robinson	quincy		tx
choctaw	3	robinson	thomas		tx
choctaw	2	robinson	william	        tn
choctaw	9	rooks?		charles c.	ny
choctaw	1	rowan		g. w.		al
choctaw	1	rowan		james f.	tx
choctaw	1	rowan		martha ann	ms
choctaw	1	rowan		mary c.		tx
choctaw	8	russel		john		nj
choctaw	16	scales?		gray e.		tn
choctaw	13	seeley		alexander	it
choctaw	10	sexton		mclain		nc
choctaw	16	shato		john		germany
choctaw	19	shattong?	cillan		it
choctaw	4	shobs?		charles		canada
choctaw	4	shobs?		matilda	        mi
choctaw	1	skelton		i. m.		sc
choctaw	10	smith		c.		ny
choctaw	9	smith		james		mo
choctaw	13	smith		john		scotland
choctaw	9	smith		newton		ky
choctaw	12	sparrow	        charles		england
choctaw	12	sparrow	        john		england
choctaw	8	sparton?	elizabeth	oh
choctaw	11	stacy		a.i.		va
choctaw	8	stanislaus	clara		canada
choctaw	15	stanton		allen		ky
choctaw	9	stark		cyrus h.	it
choctaw	9	stark		frances l.	it
choctaw	9	stark		hariet		ny
choctaw	9	stark		mary b.	        it
choctaw	9	stark		nathan h.	it
choctaw	9	stark		oliver p.	ny
choctaw	18	stentor?	elizabeth y.	ar
choctaw	7	stevens	?			al
choctaw	7	stevens		agnes		it
choctaw	7	stevens		apollus		it
choctaw	7	stevens		bynam?	        it
choctaw	7	stevens		elijah		al
choctaw	7	stevens		james		it
choctaw	7	stevens		jefferson	it
choctaw	7	stevens		letta		it
choctaw	7	stevens		mary		ms
choctaw	7	stevens		salina		it
choctaw	7	stevens		sina thomas	it
choctaw	18	stevens		w.t.		ar
choctaw	7	stevens		william	        it
choctaw	1	steward  	anne		ms
choctaw	1	steward	        jake j.		ms
choctaw	1	steward	        sarah f.	ms
choctaw	1	steward	        sarah f.	ms
choctaw	19	stoebling	thomas		ar
choctaw	11	stone		a.b.		ny
choctaw	16	strickland	john r.		ga
choctaw	3	stringfellow	arkansaw	it
choctaw	3	stringfellow	rebecca  	al
choctaw	3	stringfellow	william	        sc
choctaw	13	stuart		wiley		tn
choctaw	16	Sutherland	james		sc
choctaw	16	sutherland	pe?pe		tn
choctaw	10	tandy		alexander?	nj
choctaw	20	taylor		elizabeth	?
choctaw	9	taylor		erastus		?
choctaw	9	taylor		hardin		tn
choctaw	9	taylor		john b.		pa
choctaw	22	taylor				mo
choctaw	5	taylor		nancy		tx
choctaw	8	taylor		sally		ky
choctaw	10	tenner		david		ar
choctaw	6	Thomas	        amy		ms
choctaw	11	thomas		c.s.		tn
choctaw	12	Thomas	        dulcena	        tx
choctaw	11	Thomas	        emelus? jane    ar
choctaw	6	thomas		john		ms
choctaw	11	thomas		john wesley	ar
choctaw	11	thomas		laura		ar
choctaw	6	thomas		lizzie		it
choctaw	12	thomas		mary jane	it
choctaw	10	thomas		oliver		ky
choctaw	6	thomas		phebe	 	it
choctaw	6	thomas		simmon	        it
choctaw	6	thomas		wilson		ms
choctaw	22	thompson	a?		in
choctaw	11	thompson	alexander	il
choctaw	11	thompson	george		il
choctaw	11	thompson	giles		sc
choctaw	11	thompson	james		il
choctaw	22	thompson	lorinda caroline  in
choctaw	11	thompson	lucy		il
choctaw	22	thompson	mary		mi
choctaw	22	thompson	mary jane	in
choctaw	11	thompson	william	        il
choctaw	13	thompson	william	        ireland
choctaw	4	timms		v.b.		sc
choctaw	14	tish?		william	        al
choctaw	20	tonati?		alexander k.	tn
choctaw	8	tooley		jacob		ky
choctaw	12	tucker		m.s.		tn
choctaw	10	turner		james		al
choctaw	17	vanordal	henry		ky
choctaw	13	ventschison	james		ar
choctaw	13	ventschison	mabel?isabel?	tx
choctaw	13	ventschison	mary		ar
choctaw	13	ventschison	sarah		ar
choctaw	13	vincent		hiram		ga
choctaw	19	wagoner	        christopher	germany
choctaw	9	walker		jesse h.	tn
choctaw	9	walker		mary jane       al
choctaw	9	walker		samuel shelby	tn
choctaw	18	wall		ada a.		al
choctaw	17	wallworth	william	        mi
choctaw	10	ward		adaline		oh
choctaw	10	ward		george		il
choctaw	10	ward		jane		mo
choctaw	10	ward		nancy		il
choctaw	10	ward		samuel		pa
choctaw	10	washburn	george		ny
choctaw	22	washburn	george		mo
choctaw	22	washburn	gregg		?
choctaw	15	wasson		f.m.		mo
choctaw	12	watkins	        theodore	ms
choctaw	22	watts		alfred		il
choctaw	22	watts		flo?		il
choctaw	22	watts		meloria	        il
choctaw	22	watts		merle		il
choctaw	16	weakly		james		tn
choctaw	5	weeds		herman?	        ma
choctaw	5	wemple	        john k.		ny
choctaw	15	wentwright	elias		tx
choctaw	8	wentz		a.a.		ny
choctaw	6	wesfield?	richard		va
choctaw	3	west		g.w.		sc
choctaw	12	wheat		samuel		al
choctaw	3	whitcomb	mercy		mn
choctaw	22	wicker		c.l.		mo?
choctaw	22	wicker		martha s.	ar
choctaw	8	wiggins	        maria		ny
choctaw	8	wiggins	        nathaniel	ny
choctaw	8	wiggins	        sarah b.	ny
choctaw	17	wilcox		john		ar
choctaw	18	williams	a.j.		nc
choctaw	20	williams	a.l.		ma
choctaw	9	williams	bathena	al
choctaw	9	williams	boss?		it
choctaw	20	williams	f.e.		ma
choctaw	20	williams	i.e.		ma
choctaw	9	williams	llewellyn	wales
choctaw	9	williams	morgan	        it
choctaw	9	williams	victoria	it
choctaw	5	williams	william r.	tn
choctaw	5	willis		j.p.		tn
choctaw	4	willis		r.b.		ky
choctaw	21	Wilson		george l.	pa
choctaw	4	Wilson		i.m.		tn
choctaw	3	witt		jessie r.	sc
choctaw	10	wooton	        william	        ga
choctaw	1	wright		ashley		ar
choctaw	10	wright		charles		ma
choctaw	10	wright		elizabeth	ma
choctaw	12	wright		g.l.		nc
choctaw	10	wright		george		de
choctaw	11	wright		harriet		oh
choctaw	10	wright		j.c.		ma
choctaw	10	wright		rustin?		ma
choctaw	22	young		james g.	sc
choctaw	8	young		margaret	ny
choctaw	8	young		robert i.	pa
choctaw	22	young		william	        il