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Foster Cemetery
Section B4

Complied and submitted by Betty Barnett
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Name Birth Death Comments
Section B4W      
Row 1     Only one marker
Cecil, Barbara F. 11-7-1929 NDD Shared with George
Cecil, George H. 7-10-1924 5-23-1991 SFC ARMY WWll, KOREA
Row 2      
Case, Leo J. 8-13-1924 8-26-2004
Case, Wanda "Pie" 5-6-1926 NDD Shared with Leo  Wed 11-1-1945
Case, Beulah Ima 12-28-1902 5-5-1990 Shared with Joseph  Wed 11-20-1921 nee Williams
Case, Joseph Harold "Jim" 10-20-1900 7-15-1990
Young, Grace O. 6-30-1912 2-25-1997 FHM
Young, Bill 10-31-1915 2-14-1997 FHM Social Security b. 10-30-1915 initial C.
Row 3      
Unknown Statue of Mary on granite base
St.Pierre, Clifford E. 3-20-1923 8-3-1999
Row 4      
Moore, Ricky Don ll 8-7-1982 NDD
Moore, Ricky Don lll 4-21-2005 1-23-2006
Moore, Christina F. no info Shared with Rickyll and Rickylll nee Upton
Easton, Thelma Louise 3-8-1933 2-4-2004 Shared with Arthur  Wed 6-1-1952
Easton, Arthur W. "Bill" 6-16-1924 5-12-2002 S1 Navy WWll middle name William
Easton, Clarence Lee 10-13-1918 2-21-2000 ARMY AIR FORCE WWll, MSGT US AIR FORCE KOREA VIETNAM
Easton, Tsurako "Sue" 1-3-1933 NDD Shared with Clarence
Section B4E      
Row 5      
Dickerson, Marjorie Jane 4-2-1937 5-13-2000
Dennis, Mary Ann 1-20-1941 12-17-2003
Taylor, Verdella B. 10-20-1935 1-20-1995
Woods, Melva "Madge" 1-27-1928 9-9-2006 Wooster FHM
Blocker, Paul L. 4-7-1954 1-8-1999
Blocker, John M. 6-2-1923 2-28-2002
Dennis, Froman L. 8-11-1921 4-5-1998 CPL ARMY WWll
Dennis, Hazel D. 12-14-1920 12-21-2001 Shared with Froman  Wed 7-19-1946
Morse, Tony A. 11-11-1955 4-14-1998
Harris, Ella 1911 NDD
Harris, Oleta 1918 2000 Shared with Ella
Row 6      
LaFever, Calvin L. 12-27-1940 6-15-1994
LaFever, Margaret Ann 7/14/1942 NDD Shared with Calvin  Wed 7-6-1962
Ledbetter, Andrew B. 9-17-1907 12-8-1977
Ledbetter, Ruth E. 2-25-1912 6-29-1982 Shared with Andrew
Shirley, Anita Sue 9-26-1943 7-2-1986 Shared with Aubrey  Wed 6-30-1959
Shirley, Aubrey 9-1-1933 NDD
Hatfield, Peggie S. 6-19-1941 7-7-1991 Shared with Clifford
Hatfield, Clifford B. 1-3-1926 7-30-2003
Hatfield, Farrell J. 4-24-1924 9-8-1975
Hatfield, Leon Edward 6-19-1922 7-14-1991 COX, COAST GUARD
Hatfield, Nora Ruth 10-12-1929 NDD Shared with Leon  Wed 12-24-1946
Forkner, Nita N. 10-13-1949 8-1-1991 Wife of Kent  nee Hatfield
Owens, Perry A. 11-30-1896 10-8-1999
Owens, J. Edith 2-6-1901 7-9-1997 Shared with Perry
Owens, Joseph G. B. 9-24-1899 4-21-1988
McCaleb, William Cody 3-16-1979 3-16-1979 B and D
Morse, John Andrew 5-28-1926 12-8-1998 FHM
Glass, John 5-18-1906 2-22-1975
Glass, Ollie 6-17-1914 4-13-1993
McLain, Albert 1901 1971
Arnn, Arthur P. 1898 1973
Arnn, Essie M. 1905 1983 Shared with Arthur    
Moore, Jimmy B. 5-10-1901 11-17-1983
Moore, Daisy W. 7-9-1904 3-10-2006 Shared with Jimmy  Wed 8-11-1923

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