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Dewey County Physicians in Directory of Physicians, Territory of Oklahoma 1903-1904

Name town education or practice
Dodson, W. E. Bloomfield Ky 3-'00
Estey, William G. Bloomfield Ia. '82
Cetos, Dr. Burmah
Maston, J. W. Burmah
Beagle, James Butte Ill. 5-'00
Hughes, E. J. Fountain Ia. '76
Rolston, J. A. Jacks Mo. '96
Adams, D. C. Lenora Mo. 7-'95
Warwick, Andrew S. Lenora N.Y. 15-'92
Baker, E. O. Seiling Mo. '99
McGinnis, J. A. Seiling
McCleod, Dr. Seiling Mo. 16-'99
Ellison, Jesse Taloga Okla. 40-'01
Hull, George T. Taloga Ill. 17-'78
Sherburn, F. B. Taloga O. 5-'70
Speer, Granville Taloga Amer. M. C. '01; supt. Dewey Co. Brd of Health; coroner Dewey County; mem. Dewey County Insanity Brd; mem. Territorial Pharma. Assn.; examr N. Y. Life, Mut. Life of N. Y., Penn. Mut Life; M. W. of A., K. of H.
Dobson, August T. Trail Pa. 10-'82
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