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Cemetery Locations

The following information on the location of cemeteries in Delaware Co. is taken from the index of "Cemeteries and Burial Places In Delaware County" with permission from the publisher Rose Stauber.

Cemeteries and Burial Places of Delaware County, Oklahoma
Copyright 1997

This four-volume set is a reading of all known graves in Delaware County.

Volume I, vi + 141 pages. Includes Grove's Olympus Cemetery, historic Polson where Gen. Stand Waitie and Major Ridge are buried, Cayuga where Mathias Splitlog and his wife lie, Bassett Grove, Butler, Bud Fields, Carr, Pollan, and several other cemeteries in the northeast section of the county.  

Volume II, viii + 178 pages. Includes Grove's Buzzard, Hickory Grove, Sixkiller, Ballard at Bernice, McLaughlin, Rolston, Hilderbrand, Zena, and much more in the northwest section of the county.  

Volume III, viii + 158. Includes Jay's Duffield, Jumper, Indianola, 
Mt. Hermon, Joe Ward, Piney, O'Field, Colcord's Row, Beck, Clouds Creek, and many more cemeteries in the east central section of the county.  

Volume IV, viii + 245 pages. Includes Allen, Elm, Eucha, Euwasha, Johnson, Kansas, Long Prairie, Mose Ridge, Oaks/New Springplace, Round Springs, Yellow Tree, and many more cemeteries on the west side and across the south end of the county. Also and update of all cemeteries to June 15, 1997, and an index to cemeteries.  

This set of books can be found in many local libraries or contact Stauber Books.

Stauber Books
62753 E. 313 Rd.
Grove, OK 74344-8509, USA

Below is a partial list of cemeteries in Delaware County, Oklahoma. Please keep in mind that many of these cemeteries either no longer exist or have been relocated due to the location and building of Grand Lake.

Cemetery Section, TWP & Range Cemetery
Photos & Listings
Aleck Famly  27-23-22  
Arcadia  See Johnson Cem.  
Asher Grave  5-24-24  
Ballard 23-25-22  
Bark 5-22-22  
Barnett Grave 18-25-24  
Bassett Grove 10-25-24  
Batt Family  12-24-23  
Bean, Betsy 17-20-23  
Bean Family 6-24-24  
Beck 28-21-25  
Beck, Joseph 24-20-24  
Bell Family 4-24-23  
Bigacorn 11-21-22  
Blackfox 34-21-23  
Blevins See Ketcher  
Brush Creek See Jumper  
Buchanan 5-20-24  
Buckett 29-24-24  
Bud Fields See Fields  
Butler 22-24-24  
Buzzard 36-25-23  
Buzzard Family 18-23-23  
Buzzard, John 23-23-22  
Buzzard Springs 22-25-23  
Carey 35-25-23  
Carr 30-25-23  
Cayuga 25-24-23  
Caywood Grave 6-20-25  
Chandler Family 11-20-25  
Chandler Family 17-24-22  
Cheater Family 35-23-24  
Chisholm 10-22-25  
Chopper 34/35-22-23  
Chopper Graves 35-22-23  
Chunestudy See Study  
Clouds Creek 5-21-24  
Cochran 32-21-23  
Countryman See Wallen  
Creekkiller 35-23-22  
Crittendon/Crittenden Grave Grove  
Culver Graves 4th and Hazel St. Grove  
Dennis See Hilderbrand  
Deerlick 28-23-24  
Double Springs See Russell  
Downing See Starr/Downing  
Dry Creek 10-21-23  
Duck Creek 32-24-22  
Duffield Memorial 1-22-23  
Duncan Chapel 21-25-22  
Edmondson 28-22-25  
Elm 13-20-22  
England, Sallie 20-24-25  
Eucha Indian See Round Springs  
Eucha No. 1 29-22-23  
Eucha No. 2 18-22-23  
Euwasha 7-21-22  
Falling 8-20-23  
Falling See Cochran  
Fields, Bud 16-24-25  
Fields, Moses 11-22-25  
Freeman Family 4-22-25  
Galcatcher Hollow 25/26-22-22   
George See Deerlick  
Glory 7-21-23  
Gray  10-23-22  
Greenup Graves 19-21-24  
Hamby See Panther  
Hartshorn See Pollen  
Helen Roberts Farm (Archives) Not listed by this name  
Henry Scraper See Scraper  
Hickory Grove 11-25-23  
Hilderbrand 30-24-23  
Hillside 18-23-23  
Holgum Grave 20-22-25  
Honey Creek Ranch 16-24-24  
Houston Downing See Downing  
Howard 10-25-24  
Indianola 20-23-25 From Hwy. 20 east of Maysville, take the first section line road north two miles, turn left (west), and follow road about 1.5 miles to the cemetery.
Jack Squirrel See Squirrel  
Jenkins Grave 27-23-24  
Johnson 34-20-25  
Johnson Family 11-24-22  
Jumper 6-22-24  
Kansas (Jay)  13-20-23  
Kegg 29-23-23  
Kenwood See Euwasha  
Ketcher 19-24-24-  
Ketcher 19-24-22  
Klaus 18-24-23  
Leach See Elm  
Linder-Hilderbrand 29-24-23  
Long Prairie 24-20-23  
Lundy 36-25-22  
Mann 26-20-23  
Martin Children 15-20-22  
Martin Family 28-20-22  
Masters See Cheater  
Matoy See Indianola  
McAffrey Family 34-25-22  
McElyea Family 27-21-22  
McLaughlin 11-24-22  
Mellowbug 23-20-22  
Melton 29-24-24  
Memory Gardens See Sunset Gardens  
Moravian Mission See Oaks  
Morris 12-21-24  
Morrison, Boyd 3-21-23  
Mose Rideg 33-23-22  
Moses Fields See Fields  
Mt. Hermon 7-22-25  
Needmore See Ralston  
New Eucha See Eucha  
New Springplace See Oaks  
Oaks 33-20-23  
O'Field 21-22-24  
Old Field Bend 15-24-23  
Olympus 9/10-24-24  
Oodaleda 22-22-24  
Palmer Baby 23-20-24  
Panther/Hamby 10-21-24  
Perkins Grave 18-20-22  
Perry Family 4-24-25  
Pickup Family 19-20-22  
Pigeon Wilson See Wilson  
Piney 22-22-24  
Pollan 19-25-25  
Polson 28-24-25  
Proctor See Johnson  
Proctor, John 7-21-23  
Qualate 17-24-24  
Redbird Family 31-21-23  
Ridge See Mose Ridge  
Rolston 5-24-23  
Rogers, Wilson 32-23-22  
Round Springs 17-22-23  
Row 24-21-24  
Russell 34-20-23  
Saline Courthouse See Teehee  
Sallie England See England  
Sapsucker-Davis 21/28-21-23  
Scales Family 1-20-24  
Scraper, Henry 26-24-24  
Sharpe 13-25-23  
Shoemaker See Deerlick  
Sixkiller 15-25-22 From Highway 60 east of Afton, take South 520 Road (just west of antique place) for about 4 miles. There used to be a sign at East 255 Road for the cemetery telling you to turn but it has been torn down. Go east on East 255 Road for about a half of a mile. Turn south on gravel road and follow road around to cemetery. Submitted by Annette Crafton Corbell
Saladin Owens 25-22-24  
Sloan 19-24-25  
Smith-Buzzard See Buzzard  
Smith, Carl Farm 20-20-23  
Smith, John Farm 6-21-25  
Snell 25-24-24  
Snider-Davis 16-25-24  
South Place 14-20-25  
Spade 4-20-22  
Spicer 7-25-25  
Splitlog See Cayuga  
Squirrel, Jack 13-25-22  
Star Family 25-24-24  
Starr/Downing 9-23-24  
Steeley 12-21-22  
Stogstill See Ketcher  
Study 15-23-25  
Suagee Family 7-24-24  
Sunset Gardens 33-21-24  
Sycamore Springs 12-22-24  
Tauuneacie 31-24-24  
Teehee Family 19-21-25  
Teehee 18-20-22  
Thirsty Grave 19-23-23  
Thompson See Edmondson  
Thompson Family 34-21-24  
Tibbs See Sunset Gardens  
Tyio See Dry Creek  
Tyor See Dry Creek  
Tincup Family 12-22-24  
Vann Family 4-22-22  
Vaughn 27-25-23  
Wallen 35-25-22  
Ward, Joe  16/17/22-25  
Ward, Vann 20-24-25  
Washbourne 30-22-24  
Welch 19-21-22  
White, Joseph 30-22-24  
Wickliff Family 7-21-22  
Wilson See Sycamore Springs  
Wilson, Pigeon 35-22-23  
Wilson Rogers See Rogers  
Wofford 22-21-25  
Wolfe 3-21-25  
Wolfe, Celia 4-21-25  
Yellow Tree 26-23-22  
Zena 3-23-23  
Unnamed 28-21-23  

If you have a cemetery listings and/or pictures that you would like to have posted I would be happy to list them for you. Your help would be greatly appreciated.