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Fletcher School Teachers


Mrs. Marie Anderson recalls some
Fletcher School Teachers:

  • Mrs. Kenneth Harrel            
  • Mrs. Gilford Windle
  • Mrs. Marie Anderson
  • Mrs. O'Dessa Birdwell
  • Mrs. Lois Hill
  • Mrs. Julia Claypool
  • Mrs. JoAnn Hasenbeck
  • Mrs. Browne Dilling Myers
  • James Rury
  • Kenneth Harrel
  • Lowell Anderson
  • Victor Legako
  • Carol Ridgway
  • Jan Marsh
  • Lowell Cable
  • Mary Cable
  • Ralph Risdon
  • Winnie Burch
  • Opal Davis
  • Allen Zisman
  • John Hooper
  • Russell Besire
  • Bill Hasenbeck
  • Imogene Whitfield
  • Gerald Cross
  • Charolette Cross

Mary Laging Lewis recalls these as her teachers:

  • Gilford Windle            (elementary principal)
  • Velma Jolly Ridgway   (wife of Carol Ridgway)
  • Lucille Millsap             (2nd grade teacher, local girl)  
  • Martha Smith              (3rd grade teacher, local girl)
  • Miss Reed                  (4th grade teacher)
  • Miss Porter                 (5th grade teacher)
  • E.F. Leister                 (6th grade teacher)
  • Vinnie Mae Jolly took Miss Reed's place as 5th grade teacher

If you know of a school teacher not listed, email Margie

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