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John Jefferson and
Laura Alice Maynard Brandon

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John Jefferson Brandon, born 24 January 1861, was the only son of Orville Brandon and Julia Henderlight Davis. He married Laura Alice Maynard on 28 June 1883. Laura, born 29 July 1867 in Choptack, Hawkins County, Tennessee, was the daughter of William Maynard and Amanda Manis/Lawson Daulton.
A daughter, Allie Blevins Brandon was born in 1885 in Tennessee. Shortly after Allie's birth, J. J., Laura, and little Allie left Tennessee and began the long journey west in a covered wagon. They arrived in Texas where they settled in Bell County near Temple. Later they moved near Wichita Falls, Texas.
While in Texas, a second daughter, Grace, was born. Grace died in infancy. Other children born in Texas were Earl Oscar, Albert Lee, Dollie Cordelia, Viola Molly, Sanford James, Finis Miller, and Julia.

Hoping to be drawn for land in July 1901, J. J. and Laura, with 2 covered wagons, 4 teams of mules, a horse and buggy, and eight children, forded the Red River near Burkburnett,

Texas.  Here they encountered a bit of bad luck. While crossing the river a wagon tongue was lost. They finally arrived at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on July 20, 1901, where J. J. registered for the Oklahoma land drawing. The next morning in camp one of his daughters poured a kettle of boiling water on her foot.
J. J. was not lucky enough to draw land in the lottery, so he worked various jobs to scrape together enough money to buy a lot. He built a tarpaper shack over a dirt floor on this lot. It leaked so badly he had to shingle it in the rain to keep the family dry. Eventually J. J. was able to buy five lots. He purchased what was once the first newspaper office in Lawton and moved it to the corner of Southwest 10th Street and Avenue I. This building became the front rooms of their home. As years went by, the house was expanded, room by room. Several small houses were built on the adjoining lots and were occupied by other family members. The main house still stands and is occupied today by a granddaughter of J. J. and Laura. It was at this house that three more children, Willa Beatrice, Jerry Merl, and Homer Scott were born.

J. J. and Laura were charter members of the First Baptist Church of Lawton, and J. J. was one of the organizing deacons. Their oldest daughter, Allie, was the first person baptized into the membership of the new church. The family, as a whole, was active in church and civic affairs for many years. Mike served on the Lawton school board; Pat was a County Commissioner, while Jerry served as a City Councilman. A number of Brandon descendants are among the present day membership of First Baptist.

While living in Tennessee, J. J.'s occupation was listed as laborer. In Lawton he was a Teaming Contractor. He also served three terms as a Lawton street commissioner. He was a deacon at First Baptist Church at the time of his death.

J. J. died in Lawton 06 October 1939 and Laura on 02 November 1941. They were buried in the family plot in Highland Cemetery.

Descendants of J. J. and Laura Alice Maynard Brandon

Allie Blevins Brandon, born 10 February 1885 in Tennessee, died 24 October 1966 in Lawton. Allie married Clarence Perry Young, 1 August 1906. Four daughters were born to this union: Laura Isabell (1908-2001), Ida Viola (1910-1984), Ruth Ailene, still living, and Edna Mae (1916-2002). Allie was buried in Highland Cemetery in Lawton.

Grace Brandon, was born 1886 Temple, Bell Co, TX. She died in infancy.

Earl Oscar Brandon, was born 1888 in Temple, Bell Co, TX, died 14 March 1962, Lawton and is buried in Highland Cemetery. Earl married Ruth Thorton. They had one daughter, Evelyn (1919-1989).

Albert Lee "Pat" Brandon (14 July 1891-28 May 1964), served 10 years as a Comanche County Commissioner. In 1947 he moved to Purcell, OK where he built and operated a motel. In 1954 he returned to Lawton and engaged in the sheet metal business. He married 1) Edna H., 2) Mary Lou Blair Walker. Pat was buried in Highland Cemetery in Lawton.

Viola Molly "Vi" Brandon was born 23 May 1893 in Temple, Bell Co., Texas, and died 20 November 1982 in Lawton. She married a Mr. Witsil.

Dollie Cordelia Brandon was born 25 January 1895 in Texas. She died 21 May 1974 in Lawton. Dollie married James Arval Hanks. They had nine children: Dorothy Christine (1914-2001), Hazel Heneriette (1916-2002), James A. (1918-1918), Anna Laura (still living), Esther Lorene (still living), Allie Mae (still living), Zola Faye (still living), June Arvelene (still living) and Patsy Earlene (still living). Doll was buried in Highland Cemetery in Lawton.

Sanford James Brandon was born in Temple, Bell Co., TX on 5 Sept 1896. He died 1 June 1997 in Lawton at the age of 100 years. He was a veteran of WWI and was buried with military honors in Lawton's Highland Cemetery. He married Kate Frances McMillian on 16 March 1918. He was the father of three daughters: Frances (still living), Enid Ann (still living) and Betty Lou (1929-1997). Sanford worked as an insurance salesman and was co-owner of Chief Cleaners before going to work in the U. S. Civil Service at Fort Sill where he retired as manager of the Post Exchange merchandise warehouse.

Finis Miller "Mike" Brandon was born 7 October 1896 in Texas and died 16 April 1958 in Lawton. He married Ruby Woodfin 18 October 1919. Mike served on the Lawton School Board and owned and operated a grocery store during his lifetime. Mike was the only son of J. J. and Laura to have a son: Merle Jefferson (still living). He and Ruby also had five daughters, all still living: Jean Lavell, JoAnn, Betty Sue, Mary Louise, and Marjorie Anel. Mike was buried in Highland Cemetery.

Julia Brandon, the last of J. J. and Laura's children to be born in Texas, was born 31 Dec 1900, in Wichita Falls. She died 26 June 1944. She married Barney Wester. They had one daughter, Anna Lee (1933-1987).

Willa Beatrice Brandon was the youngest daughter of J. J. and Laura. She was born 10 April 1904 in Lawton, OK Territory, and died Aug 1986. Willa Bee married B. X. Crandall and together they had 3 children: Mary Janell, Alice Marie, and Sam Hershall.

Jerry Merl Brandon, was born 9 July 1906, Lawton, OK Territory, died 15 March 1972. He is buried in Waurika Cemetery, Waurika, Jefferson Co, Oklahoma. He married Edna Edwina Nall on 15 February 1931. Jerry worked as a Conoco Consignee, Republic National Life Insurance agent, and as a Field Representative for Lawton Urban Renewal. While living in Waurika (1934-1954) he served several terms as mayor and was a member of the Waurika Board of Education. He was active in Rotary Club, Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Methodist Church in both Waurika and Lawton. After returning to Lawton he served as a Lawton City Councilman. He was the father of two daughters: Jerry Marilyn and Sheridan Ann, both still living.

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Homer Scott Brandon was the youngest child of J. J. and Laura Alice. Homer was born 27 Aug 1908 in Lawton and died 31 March 1921 in Lawton. His death was the result of injuries received while playing at the turn table at the Frisco round house. He was beneath the table when his companions started turning it. He was caught and crushed, receiving internal injuries. Homer was buried in Highland Cemetery in Lawton.

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