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The Meers Store and Restaurant

Contributed by Sharon Burnett-Crawford

(Believe it or not this is a great place to eat, the hamburgers are so big one will feed a family.)

Since 1901
A National Historic Site

This building site was chosen for its location at the intersection of the Cache to Saddle Mountain road and county road 154. the building was originally built in the wildlife refuge. Federal authorities ordered all permanent buildings out of the refuge and in 1902 the building was re-located north of Medicine Creek on the west side of the road. In 1922 the store owner moved the building to its present location to take advantage of the ever increasing automobile traffic from the east. The building site was very difficult because of the steep hillside and the giant black granite boulders that jut out from every angle. These boulders serve as the building's foundation. Over the years, eight additions were made to the original building on seven different levels to compensate for the boulders. Upon entering, you will notice steep inclines, steps, uneven and unlevel floors. Please watch your step. Because of the old and worn wooden floors Shoes are required.

Meers in northwestern Comanche Co.. Post Office established March 12, 1902 to June 30, 1943. Named for Andrew J. Meers, an early day mine operator.