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Holy City

Built as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the mid 1930's, the Holy City is located on 110 acres and features 22 native granite buildings. A natural amphitheater is the setting for the nation's longest running Easter passion play in America.

Holy City was founded by Reverend Anthony Mark Wallock who viewed the Wichita Mountains as resembling the hills and mountains of the Holy Land. The Chapel of the Holy City, built of native stone, was completed in 1936. The design, inspired by a church in Alexandria, Virginia, is reminiscent of an Old World Temple.

In the interior of the Chapel are wood carvings, paintings and murals of the Biblical days of Christ in 1933. Government land in the Wichita National Forest Reserve was designated by the U.S. Government for the site of the Holy City and its Easter Pageant. The nationally famous Easter Pageant is a dramatization of the life of Christ held on Easter Eve.

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