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P. O. BOX 866
EL RENO, OK 73036

E-Mail Address: CANCOGEN@AOL.com
To the Attn: Canadian Co. Gen. Society


Our society is a non-profit organization formed in 1976, relying on membership dues of $10.00 per year and research money to operate and for this reason, we are unable to provide free research. Members will do research for $6.00 an hour plus cost of copies. Requests must include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope and give details - full name, dates and residence locations when known. The monies made from these request are used to purchase more microfilms and materials for the Archives Room housed at the El Reno Carnegie.

Volunteers work in the Archives Room on Wed. afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 to help with research. Monthly Meetings and Genealogy Program are held on the 2nd Wed. of each month except July & August at 2:00 p.m. El Reno Carnegie Library. VISITORS WELCOME

Our collection of county history and genealogical material is housed in the El Reno Carnegie Library Archives Room at 215 East Wade, El Reno, Oklahoma. Also copies of our quarterly, Canadian County Connections from 1976 to 1987, which we have discontinued publishing. Materials in the Archives room do not circulate to local patrons or libraries.

 Please send your request to CANCOGEN@AOL.com and we will process as soon as possible.

Genealogical & Historical Collection includes:
22 Rolls of Microfilm of Courthouse records

Marriage 1890-1929

Probate Records

Guardianship & Naturalization records

County Cemetery Name Index to 1969

Funeral Records

Obituaries Indexed 1890-1916

400 rolls of various county newspaper 1890 to current

1937 WPA Interviews of Canadian County Pioneers

Canadian County Census 1890, 1900 Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory Soundex

Canadian County Census 1900, 1910 and 1920

Microfilm of Federal Land Tract Records (Homesteaders in Canadian County)
And many more county records in book form and microfilms furnished by donations and the Canadian County Genealogical Society.Copy Machine available and two Microfilm/Microfiche readers with copier.

County Death and Birth records are not kept at our Courthouse.

 These records can be obtained by writing to:

Oklahoma Dept. Of Health
Vital Records Div.
P. O. Box 53551
Oklahoma City, OK 73152

Statewide registration of birth & death records began in 1908, with general compliance by 1930. 


A pioneer certificate is issued to descendants of persons who were pre-89ers, who came in the Land Run of 1889, the Land Run of 1892, or the Land Drawing of 1901 and pre-statehood. The ancestors name is then entered on the Rolls at the Canadian County Historical Society. For details contact the above council at P .O. Box 866, El Reno, OK 73036  


Passing the hundred mark, membership in the "Pioneer Club" of Canadian
county, Saturday climbed to a total of 107 old timers as the following
filed:  Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Folsom, their daughter, Mrs. Aubrey Niles; H. K.
Ricker, his wife, Mrs. Helen McGregor Ricker, Mrs. Mary Porter, W. B. Reed
and Mrs. John Erbar.

MR and MRS. A.F. FOLSOM came to Canadian county in 1889 from Clark county,
Kansas, with their two children and homesteaded the 160 acre farm on which
they now live northeast of El Reno.  They drove a covered wagon and built
their own home.  Their daughter, MRS. AUBREY C. NILES, 1602 South Evans
avenue has also been a resident of Canadian county since 1889 when she came
here with her parents in a covered wagon.

When MRS. MARY PORTER, 402 South Choctaw avenue, arrived in El Reno, Feb.
21, 1894, the city was composed of nothing but shacks with no sidewalks, she
reported Saturday when she filed membership in the "Pioneer Club", saying
that she had watched the city grow to its present status.  MRS. PORTER, was
born in Illinois, moved to Kansas when four years of age with her parents,
MR. and MRS. JULIUS ISRAEL, where she remained until coming here.  She first
worked for MR. and MRS.  CHARLES G. WATSON and later MR.  and MRS.  SAM
TANNEBAUM.  After she was married she moved to the farm three miles south
and four and a half west of El Reno where she lived unti in 1918 when she
returned here to make her home at 402 South Choctaw avenue.  Her husband
died in 1915.  She has two brothers and two sisters.