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Bryan County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name AKA GPS Location
Albany     Albany
Armstrong Academy   340302N / 0960631W  
B. F. Colbert Family     Colbert
Bacon Springs Missionary      
Bennington   340016N / 0960159W Bennington
Bloomfield   334727N / 0962301W Hendrix
Bloomfield Colored     Achille
Blue Branch   335850N / 0960649W Bokchito
Bohanan-Veach   340150N / 0962140W  
Bokchito   340116N / 0960752W Bokchito
Brackett     Bennington
Brown   340307N / 0961915W Armstrong
Burney   335154N / 0961908W  
Burris   335721N / 0961254W Blue
Cade     Cade
Chickasaw Indian Burial Ground     Fort Washita
Chishoktak     Bennington
Colbert Garden of Memory Colbert
Garden of Memory
335150N / 0963034W Colbert
Colbert Family     Fort Washita
Condon Grove      
Confederate State   340611N / 0963306W  
Cox Chapel   340330N / 0962413W  
Davis     Cartwright
Double Springs     Bokchito
Dyer     Bennington
Eastside   335037N / 0962933W Colbert
Folsom   340258N / 0962434W Bennington
Folsom Family      
Fort Washita   340610N / 0963248W  
Fort Washita Confederate      
Fort Washita Post Post 340620N / 0963244W  
Franklin   335749N / 0963120W  
Gardner   340323N / 0962736W Silo
Garner Family     Albany
Gethsemane Caddo 340743N / 0961502W Caddo
Goldsby     Calera
Harrison   335848N / 0962958W Mead
Highland   335826N / 0962238W Durant
Hunnicutt     Durant
Hunter   340320N / 0955618W  
Hunter Springs     Bennington
Impson (Slide Up)     Bokchito
Impson Family     Bokchito
Johnson Family      
Jones   340526N / 0955857W  
Julius   335713N / 0960337W  
Keffer   340425N / 0962844W  
Kemp (Old)      
Kemp     Kemp
Kemp Perry     Kemp
Kieffer     Durant
Krause   340147N / 0963308W  
Labors   335925N / 0960449W Bennington
Lemon Hill     Calera
Love   335708N / 0963242W  
Matoy   340817N / 0960628W Maytoy
Maytubby Springs     Kenefic
McCarley   335020N / 0963622W Under Lake Texoma. Reinterment in Love Cemetery
McClish-Aulberston   340619N / 0962819W  
McClure     Banty
McGee Springs   335904N / 0960315W Bennington
Mead   335926N / 0963128W Mead
Mountain View      
Nail   340745N / 0962312W Blue
Oakgrove     Durant
Old Bennington Presbyterian Church Old Church 340250N / 0960142W Bennington
Old Kemp     Kemp
Old Philadelphia   335946N / 0961155W  
Philadelphia   335849N / 0961451W  
Pioneer   335954N / 0962208W Durant
Platter   335531N / 0963154W Platter
Pleasant Hill   340338N / 0961638W Caddo
Robinson   340155N / 0961413W Caddo
Rose Hill Calera 335653N / 0963549W Calera
Rosewood Achille 335019N / 0962306W Achille
Sandy     Cartwright
Silo Restland Restland 320425N / 0962846W Silo
Skaggs   340323N / 0962617W  
Spicer Family     Durant
Spring Hill   335338N / 0960646W  
Star     Durant
Sulphur Springs      
Thompson     Platter
Tombstone     Kemp
Wade     Wade
White Sands     Bennington
Willis   335747N / 0963122W Near Franklin Cemetery
Wilson   340417N / 0960244W  
Wolf Creek   335345N / 0961438W Roberta
Wright     Albany
Yarbrough   335156N / 0963457W  
Yarnaby   334717N / 0961612W Yarnaby


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