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Photo Album
Atoka County, Oklahoma

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Town Photos

Street Scene Atoka City Early 1900's

Court Street in Atoka (Oklahoma), photographed while it was still Indian Territory. Submitted by Dale Standifer, 14 February 2002

sbutler_store_farris1936.jpg (67479 bytes)
Smith Butler's store in Farris - Gentleman in the middle of the picture, wearing the suit, with hands in his pockets is Jim Hembree.
Submitted by Dale Standifer, 14 February 2002

images/atoka_sheriff.jpg (109620 bytes)County Officials and Courthouse employees at Atoka after statehood. Appearing in the group were: Jim Hembree, Robert Harrison, W. A. McBride, Ira Stephenson, Jim Roach, Frank Johnston, Jim McClung, Wash. Steelman, Jesse Phillips, Baxter Taylor, Ed Coe, Jim Gill, Tom Norwood, J. W. Jones, Henry Bond, Charles Neal and Bill Parker. (Note: The footnote on this picture is confusing it places Jesse Phillips on both the right and left of the pictures. Jesse Phillips is the man on the extreme left, the gentleman on the extreme right is Jim Hembree)
Submitted by Dale Standifer February 2002 

Drug Store, Atoka Co. 1917
Submitted by Glenn Kennedy January 2003

cert_pormo_glennkennedy.jpg (48469 bytes) First Baptist Church, Stringtown - Certificate of Promotion for Glenn Kennedy September 27, 1959. Signed by Adell Carpenter and M. T. Clayton.
Submitted by Glenn Kennedy

Family Photos

lawrence_samuel_deputy (22596 bytes)

Samuel Lawrence, Deputy Marshall of Fort Smith, AR


John Perry and Frances Diana Thompson submitted by Bobbi Dunn
John Perry Jr. and Sarah J. Bunch Thompson submitted by Bobbi Dunn
Marion Frances and Melissa Thompson submitted by Bobbi Dunn
Thompson and Smith Family submitted by Bobbi Dunn
N.B. Smith submitted by Bobbi Dunn
Williams Family photos submitted by Pat Monks
Amos Marshall Dean & Lucy Bell August 1948 in Atoka, Oklahoma Submitted by Leesh
Mrs Tommie Lee Dean ~Rt 2 Atoka, Oklahoma submitted by Leesh

N.B. Smith with 2nd wife Sarah and her children submitted by Nikki Frazier (Thompson)

The Shelton Family submitted by JoAnn Bradford

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