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  The Quapaw Agency Lands  Of Indian Territory

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Tribal Headquarters:
Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 765 Quapaw, OK 74363

OK map with Quapaw Agency Land in red  


1900 Quapaw Agency Lands I.T.Census
Pages 132 to 154 and covers the following populations;
Shawnee Nation White Population
Shawnee Nation Indian Population
Modoc Nation White Population
Modoc Nation Indian Population
Ottawa Nation Indian Population
Quapaw Nation - Wyandotte Twp. White Population
Wyandotte Nation White Population

Transcribed and Submitted by Tracy Westphal

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Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties.
Vol. II (Treaties) in part. Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler.
Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.
Table Of Contents (Treaties By Year)

The Treaty of Greenville
1795 Treaty between the United States and several of these tribes.


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