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Clickable Map of Postal Routes

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Information Provided

This map shows all OT/IT Post Offices in service in 1903 (plus some that had been discontinued) and the network of mail routes over which mail passed to reach its intended recipients. Most routes started at a Post Office that was on a railroad and mail was taken from there to other Post Offices that didn't themselves have rail service. In some cases, a short route started from an outlying office to connect with existing service at a nearby one. Deliveries ranged from six times a week to major Post Offices along the Railroad to one delivery a week to small offices in outlying areas. The map's legend shows frequency of delivery, but the original map was color coded and it is difficult to interpret frequency of delivery from the available black and white copy. The routes themselves are clear, however, and this is the information of greatest use to genealogists who are trying to find long-gone places.

How to Find a Map Segment

Counties, Lands, and Nations on this map show territorial boundaries as they existed in 1903 and thus do not correspond to present-day counties. If you already know the general area a P.O. served, you can go straight to that segment of the map. Otherwise, you can use the cross-reference list of Post Offices provided on Maps 'n' More to find out which part of the Twin Territories it was in.

How You Can Help
A number of routes have already been transcribed, but only eight of the thirty-two Lands, Tracts, Counties and Nations of The Twin Territories have been completed. We need the help of volunteers if this site is to grow. Whether you have one transcribed route to contribute, are interested in transcribing a specific area, or would be willing to take on an available map segment, please write to itgenweb@aol.com for more information

Counties in Oklahoma Territory Section(s) of 1903 Map
Beaver Beaver-west and Beaver-east
Blaine Section 1B
Caddo Section 2B & 3B
Canadian Section 2B
Cleveland Section 2B
Comanche Section 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B
Custer Section 1A
Day Section 1A
Dewey Section 1A
Garfield Section 1B
Grant Section 1B
Greer Section 2A & 3A
Kansas Nation Section 1C
Kay Sections 1B & 1C
Kingfisher Section 1B
Kiowa Sections 2A & 3A
Lincoln Section 2C
Logan Section 1B
Noble Sections 1B & 1C
Oklahoma Section 2B
Osage Nation Section 1C
Pawnee Section 1C
Payne Sections 1B & 1C
Pottawatomie Section 2C
Roger Mills Sections 1A & 2A
Washita Section 2A
Woods Sections 1A & 1B
Woodward Section 1A
Nations in Indian Territory Section(s) of 1903 Map
Cherokee Nation Sections 1C, 1D, & 2D
Chickasaw Nation Section 2B, 2C, 3B & 3C
Choctaw Nation Sections 2D & 3D
Creek Nation Sections 1C, 1D, 2C & 2D
Modoc Nation Section 1D
Ottawa Nation Section 1D
Peoria Nation Section 1D
Quapaw Nation Section 1D
Seminole Nation Section 2C
Seneca Nation Section 1D
Shawnee Nation Section 1D
Wyandotte Nation Section 1D

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