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Indian Country

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The region ultimately organized with a Territorial Government and the name "Indian Territory" was within present-day Oklahoma -- but "Indian Territory" has had many different meanings down through the years as Native Americans were first pushed westward by the expanding colonies and later removed from areas that had attained statehood. Researching the genealogy of families who belonged to those Nations/Tribes obviously requires tracing them back to their homelands.  That's the type of information we are trying to gather here.  

Historically, this has been a developmental site.  Completed sections have been transferred to OKGenWeb or ITGenWeb, as appropriate, while the projects remaining here are in various stages of development.  The site itself is currently being remodeled to become a Special Project of OK/ITGenWeb.  

Section Comments
Cultural Areas Rough maps showing the major groups in what is now the Continental United States at the time of first contact.
Migrations Basic timeline, which was originally developed for the Sac & Fox Agency site, with more information added for other groups associated with the Twin Territories.  The most recent additions regard the overall pressures of westward expansion and include links to some online maps.
Postal Routes Table of 1903 routes for transportation of mail.  Ultimately, this should include all offices active in the Twin Territories at that time, but so far it covers only about one-quarter of the Twin Territories.
Removals Removal routes from former homes to what became the Twin Territories. 
State Links Links to corresponding NA sections of USGenWeb State sites.  Still Under Construction.
Timeline Maps A sequence of rough maps showing the evolution of what was once known as Indian Country into the final Indian Territory.
Trails and Roads Descriptions and map links for the maze of trails and wagon roads that were essential to westward expansion.
1900 Census The Territorial Census covered the Five Nations and the Quapaw Tract.  When completed, this section will make it possible to determine the correct ED if a present-day location is known or the general location within present-day counties if a specific ED is known. Still Under Construction. Maps are about half-finished.


This section has  been placed online In Memory of Charmaine Keith, the late Coordinator of both the Cherokee and Choctaw Nation sites.  She provided both inspiration  and advice in its early development and without her participation it obviously can't fulfill our original vision.  But if YOU will share any tidbits or links you have, I can add them to the site and thus, just perhaps, we can eventually come close to reaching that goal.   Please write to Sharon McAllister. 





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