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Cheyenne-Arapaho Lands of Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, the Arapaho live mostly in rural areas near the towns of Canton, Greenfield and Geary in Blaine County, and at Colony in Washita County. The name Arapaho originates in the Pawnee term tirapihu (or larapihu), "he buys or trades", probably applied to the tribe from the fact that they were the trading group in the Great Plains region. The Arapaho call themselves Inun-ina "our people" or "people of our own kind".

The Arapaho being one of the westernmost tribes of the Algonquian linguistic family, the tribal group in Oklahoma being the largest group of the tribe. Members of the Northern Arapaho who live on the Wind River reservation in Wyoming  call the Oklahoma group, Southern Arapaho (Nawathi'neha), "Southerners".

The Arapaho retained a nominal tribal government and twelve chiefs were selected by the old scout and retired Arapaho Chief, Ute. The twelve chiefs were Jesse Rowlodge, David Meat, John Hoof, Dan Blackhorse, Ben Spotted Wolf, Bill Williams, Wilburn Tabor, John Sleeper, Annanita Washee, Scott Youngman, Saul Birdshead, and Thodore Haury (deceased). Two Cheyenne's were elected by custom to serve as Arapaho chiefs, Ben Buffalo and Ralph Whitetail.

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