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Friendship Cemetery

Tribbey, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma

Friendship Cemetery is near Tribbey.  Proceed south on Hwy. 102 ten miles from Hwy. 9 or two miles from Hwy. 59B.  Just coming into Tribbey, turn east at the sign for "JJ Ranch and Arena."  Go east and southeast on this crooked, gravel and dirt road for 2.3 miles.  At the "Cemetery" sign, turn right and go almost one half mile.  The cemetery is on the right (west) side of the road.  I have started numbering the rows at the road (east end of the cemetery).  Within the rows, I number the plots from north to south.  Example:  R2-5 would be fifth readable tombstone in from the north end of the second row in from the east fence.  Note:  This is a very small cemetery with many more graves than readable stones.

Submitted by: J. Woodruff jwoodruff@mcloudteleco.com

Lot Number  Last Name  First & Middle  Born  Died  Comments 
R2-6  ATKINSON  FREDONIA E.  4/7/1866  7/24/1914  Born in JohnsonTX. Wife of Lewis M.
R2-7  ATKINSON  LEWIS MONROE  9/13/1862  1/14/1918  
R1-8  BERRY  FAMILY  No dates     
R8-1  CONUTSER  SAM  8/20/1899  11/8/1901  Son of B.A. & M.A.
R3-1  CORBIN  MAUD C.  11/26/1887  8/25/1899  
R2-9  GAMBILL  M. A.  2/7/1843  3/23/1899  Wife of B.K.
R1-1  GRIMES  MINNIE B.  2/2/1868  5/18/1955  Wife of Robert  W.
R1-2  GRIMES  ROBERT W.  11/17/1861  9/4/1922  
R1-3  GRIMES  MURL  4/15/1894  3/7/1911  Daughter of R.W. & M.B.
R2-1  HAMM  OTA  3/9/1882  5/21/1902  
R2-2  HAMM  NANNIE E.  11/23/1849  9/27/1902  
R7-2  JOHNSON  RUTH E.  4/8/1901  5/16/1901  Daughter of J.W. & Josie
R7-3  JOHNSON  W. B.  2/28/1849  1/19/1901  
R7-4  JOHNSON  GEORGE E.  9/5/1873  2/13/1939  
R7-5  MOODY  JOHN  1833  4/16/1899  
R1-7  MORROW  J. W.  10/3/1823  5/8/1902  
R1-6  NOKES  MINNIE M.  8/9/1887  3/30/1906  Wife of G.W.
R5-1  STALCAP  THOMAS T.  7/13/1890  9/24/1899  Son of W.W. & S.F.
R2-3  STOVER  LULA  1837  1915  
R2-4  STOVER  ISAAC  7/31/1838  3/10/1911  Husband of Lula
R1-4  THOMAS  ELLEN  3/7/1886  10/11/1909  Daughter of F.R. & M.
R7-1  THOMASSON  MARTHA M.P. (LANE)  7/29/1843  12/9/1903  Wife of W.A.
R1-5  WEATHERS  OLLIE L.  4/16/1898  1/25/1906  Daughter of F.H. &  F.P.
R2-8  WEATHERS  FANNIE P.  2/29/1864  6/21/1915  Wife of F.H.
R9-1  WEAVER  LOVAL  3/17/1901  8/8/1902  Son of G.O. & C.E.
R2-5  WOOD  CHARLES PLEASANT  7/25/1910  5/8/1911  Son of C.R.& L.A.