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Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: J. Woodruff jwoodruff@mcloudteleco.com

This material is donated by people who want to communicate with and help others. Every effort is made to give credit and protect all copyrights. Presentation here does not extend any permissions to the public. This material can not be included in any compilation, publication, collection, or other reproduction for profit without permission.

       Lot Owner                      Lot #              Burial Name
LastName      First & Middle                     LastName      First & Middle

PAGE           SPERGEON               040E-44    ABBOTT         STEVEN
ABNEY          VERA                    340-12    ABNEY          FRED
UNKNOWN                                351-18    ADAMS          JAMES C.
AFINOWICZ      LOUIS                   031-27    AFINOWICZ      OPAL MARIE
AFINOWICZ      LOUIS                   031-28    AFINOWICZ      RAYMOND
PLUMLEY        J.A.                    031-26    AFINOWICZ      RUBY PLUMLEY
STEVENS        GARY                    342-18    ALE            SHARON L. STEVENS
ALEXANDER      ROXIE                   245-14    ALEXANDER      DALLAS E.
ALEXANDER      R.M.                    245-10    ALEXANDER      KERI DAWN
ALEXANDER      ROXIE                   245-13    ALEXANDER      ROXIE A
STEWART        F. P.                   037-07    AMES           JAMES E
STEWART        F. P.                   037-06    AMES           MOLLIE
UNKNOWN                                385-09    ANDERSON       BETTY
LINDSEY        BILL/JEWEL             013E-40    ANDERSON       EARL
THOMPSON       FRANK                   264-07    ANDERSON       HEATHER B
                                       378-15    ANDERSON       JADE
ANDERSON       BOBBY/BETT              385-12    ANDERSON       VERNON
NATION         GERALD                 011W-10    ANDERTON       GEORGIA
WILLIAMS       W. L.                   110-14    ANGLIN         MARAGRET WILLIAMS
UNKNOWN                                468-01    ASHLEY         THOMAS A.
DRAKE          KERMIT                  115-17    ASHWORTH       BILLY JOE
ATKISSON       W. A.                  040E-01    ATKISSON       A. M.
AUSTIN         EDGAR J                 375-13    AUSTIN         BEATRICE
AUSTIN         EDGAR J                 375-14    AUSTIN         EDGAR J
AYERS          FRANK                   021-02    AYERS          GLADYS M
AYERS          FRANK                   021-01    AYERS          MILDRED IRENE
AYERS          FRANK                   021-03    AYERS          SON INFANT
BABER          LESLIE                  244-10    BABER          LESLIE
BABER          LESLIE                  244-09    BABER          VIRGIE ANN
BAKER          A. M.                  016W-34    BAKER          BERTIE
BALDWIN        CLAUD                   241-03    BALDWIN        CLAUD
BALDWIN        ROY                     241-10    BALDWIN        GARY LYN
BALDWIN        CLAUD                   241-01    BALDWIN        MARGARET
BALDWIN        CLAUD                   241-02    BALDWIN        MARTHA E.
UNKNOWN                                368-13    BALDWIN        OAKLAN
BALDWIN        ROY                     241-09    BALDWIN        ROY
BALDWIN        ROY                     241-05    BALDWIN        ROY C.
UNKNOWN                                387-17    BALES          MARY
BARKER         LAVERNE                 349-12    BARKER         DONALD
BARKER         MICHAEL J               368-16    BARKER         MICHAEL
BARKER         MICHAEL J               368-15    BARKER         SYLVIA
BARNETT        BARNEY                  384-06    BARNET         WILLIAM O.
BARNETT        J. M.                   239-02    BARNETT        BILLY CORTEZ
BARNETT        J. A.                  040W-15    BARNETT        ED
BARNETT        J. M.                   239-06    BARNETT        JAMES W.
BARNETT        JESS                    107-02    BARNETT        JESS A.
BARNETT        JESS                    107-01    BARNETT        MAE E.
BARNETT        J. M.                   239-05    BARNETT        MARTHA ANN
BARNETT        J. M.                   239-03    BARNETT        MINNIE E.
HOGUE          L. A.                   228-11    BARNETT        ROBERT WAYNE
UNKNOWN                               041E-25    BARNETT        RUSSELL R.
BARNS          J. S.                   030-31    BARNS          J. S.
BARNS          J. S.                   030-28    BARNS          JUANITA
BARNS          J. S.                   030-30    BARNS          LEONIA
BARNS          J. S.                   030-27    BARNS          RUBIE K.
BARR           KENNETH/HELEN           345-10    BARR           KENNETH
BARRY          MAURICE E.              204-18    BARRY          MAURICE E.
BARRY          MAURICE E.              204-17    BARRY          RUTH
BARTLETT       GEO D/RUBY              252-18    BARTLETT       KATHY ANN
BARTLETT       GEO D/RUBY              252-16    BART;ETT       RUBY MARY
BASINGER       IKE                     367-17    BASINGER       EDITH
BASINGER       IKE                     367-18    BASINGER       ISAAC B.
BASINGER       J. B.                   003-18    BASINGER       JOSEPH B.
BASINGER       J. B.                   003-17    BASINGER       MISSOURIA E.
BASSINGER      A. R.                   363-17    BASSINGER      A. R.
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-20    BEAMER         EDNA
UNKNOWN                                267-04    BEAMER         ELIZABETH
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-16    BEAMER         ELMINA
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-18    BEAMER         ELSIE
BEAMER         H                      041W-23    BEAMER         ESTELL
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-19    BEAMER         HAROLD R.
BEAMER         H                      041W-26    BEAMER         HENRY R.
BEAMER         H                      041W-19    BEAMER         HUSTON
BEAMER         H                      041W-22    BEAMER         JANIE
BEAMER         MARVIN                  267-05    BEAMER         M MARVIN
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-17    BEAMER         P. F.
BEASLEY        ELMER                   379-13    BEASLEY        M. M.
BEIL           WILLIS A.               006-04    BEIL           ROSE
BEIL           WILLIS A.               006-05    BEIL           W. A.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-23    BELCHER        A. J.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-24    BELCHER        CHARITY
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-22    BELCHER        GEORGE M.
BELCHER        R. W.                  030-25*    BELCHER        R. W.
BELCHER        R. W.                  030-26*    BELCHER        R. W.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-17    BELCHER        STOKLEY
BELL           THERESA                039E-37    BELL           JAMES ADM
UNKNOWN                                352-02    BELT           WILLIAM
BERRY          J. E. MRS.              255-07    BERRY          GEORGIA
BERRY          J. E. MRS.              255-08    BERRY          JAMES E.
BERRY          L. D.                  039W-14    BERRY          RALPH M.
GUISINGER      W. T.                   034-09    BEWLEY         INFANT
BEWLEY         L. L.                   033-10    BEWLEY         JESSE
BEWLEY         W. D.                  033-14*    BEWLEY         MARY E.
GUISINGER      W. T.                   034-10    BEWLEY         NELLIE
BEWLEY         W. D.                  033-13*    BEWLEY         W. D.
BICKMORE       L. L.                   105-11    BICKMORE       LEW LOSEY
BICMORE        L. L.                   033-20    BICKMORE       MAME
BICKMORE       L. L.                   033-19    BICKMORE       MRS
CAMPBELL       C. L.                   231-07    BIGGERSTAFF    HOUSTON
BILLINS        JAMES M. SR.            252-13    BILLINS        BOBBY JOE
BILLINS        JAMES M. SR.            252-12    BILLINS        ROBERT
BILLINS        JAMES M. SR.            252-14    BILLINS        ROY J
BIZZLE         J. O.                  017W-06    BIZZLE         BETTY JOE
BIZZLE         VAL GENE               016E-04    BIZZLE         GREGORY S.
BIZZLE         J. O.                  017W-10    BIZZLE         JEWELL O.
BIZZLE         VAL GENE               016E-05    BIZZLE         LYNN E.
BIZZLE         VAL GENE               016E-01    BIZZLE         MARBIA E.
BLACK          H. B. MRS.              101-15    BLACK          ARMINDIA JANE
HAYES          JIM                    042E-60    BLACK          ERVIN D.
BLACK          H. B. MRS.              101-16    BLACK          HENRY BURT
BLACK          DONALD                  374-03    BLACK          JUSTIN D.
BLACK          CHARLIE                 268-10    BLACK          LAVONNA
BLAKE          NOBIIE                  379-09    BLAKE          FRANCIS
BLAKE          NOBIIE                  379-10    BLAKE          NOBIE C.
BLY            C. G.                   113-10    BLY            CHAR GIVENS
BLY            C. G.                   113-11    BLY            LOTTIS L.
BLY            C. G.                   113-09    BLY            MARY E. MOLLIE
BLY            C. G.                   113-13    BLY            RHOPER A SR.
BLY            C. G.                   113-12    BLY            ROSA LEE
HUFF           JOAN                    323-11    BOEN           JO-ELAINE
BOHANNON       W. F.                  042W-06    BOHANNAN       E. C.
BOHANNON       R. E./J. L.            042E-04    BOHANNAN       ELIZABETH
BOHANNON       R. E./J. L.            042E-01*   BOHANNAN       J. L.
BOHANNON       W. F.                  042W-02    BOHANNAN       J. L.
BOHANNON       W. F.                  042W-03    BOHANNAN       PATRICIA ANN
UNKNOWN                                380-09    BOHLEN         JAMES C.
HOGUE          L. A.                  228-10*    BOND           JIMMIE DALE
HOGUE          L. A.                  228-09*    BOND           MELANIE HOPE
HOGUE          L. A.                  228-09A    BOND           STEPHEN ANTHONY
BONE           GEORGE                  381-04    BONE           PAULINE
BORDEN         J. E.                   029-05    BORDEN         BLANCHE
BORDEN         J. E.                   029-03    BORDEN         LUTH CLIFFORD INF
BORDEN         J. E.                   029-01    BORDEN         LUTH EDITH INF
BORDEN         J. E.                   029-02    BORDEN         LUTH WOODRUW INF
BOURBONAIS     ROBERT                  008-05    BOURBONNAIS    BABY
BOURBONAIS     E. M.                   021-00    BOURBONNAIS    EDWARD
UNKNOWN                                254-11    BOURBONNAIS    MARY
BOUTWELL       JIM MRS.                112-14    BOUTWELL       JAMES A.
BOUTWELL       JIM MRS.                112-13    BOUTWELL       MARGARET A.
BOWLAN         H. C.                  040W-02    BOWLAN         ARLISS MAE
BOWLAN         H. C.                  040W-06    BOWLAN         H. C.
BOWLAN         H. C.                  040W-03    BOWLAN         LORAN WOODS
BOWLAN         H. C.                  040W-07    BOWLAN         VENA M.
UNKNOWN                                261-08    BOYDSTUN       ALLEN
UNKNOWN                                261-14    BOYDSTUN       ALVIN
BOYDSTUN       WILLIAM                 263-08    BOYDSTUN       EDITH
UNKNOWN                                261-13    BOYDSTUN       INA MAE
BOYDSTUN       WILLIAM                 263-07    BOYDSTUN       RILLA V.
BOYDSTUN       WILLIAM                 263-09    BOYDSTUN       WILLIAM
BRADFORD       C. M.                  041E-04    BRADFORD       CHAS M.
BRADFORD       C. M.                  041E-01    BRADFORD       DAISY ANN
BRANDON        CECIL                   374-06    BRANDON        M. C.
BRANSON        DAN                     006-06    BRANSON        DAN BABY
BRANTLEY       ARTHUR G                264-03    BRANTLEY       ARTHUR GRADY
BRANTLEY       ARTHUR G                264-01    BRANTLEY       VIRGIL F.
BREWER         FRANK                  042E-21*   BREWER         FRANK
BREWER         FRANK                  042W-22*   BREWER         FRANK
BREWER         FRANK                  042E-24*   BREWER         MARY C.
BREWER         FRANK                  042W-23*   BREWER         MARY C.
BREWINGTON     BERTHA/BEE              385-16    BREWINGTON     BEE
BREWINGTON     BERTHA/BEE              385-15    BREWINGTON     BERTHA
HARMON         A. H.                   340-16    BROCK          J. P.
BROOKS         LAWRENCE                034-29    BROOKS         BABY
BROOKS         LAWRENCE                034-30    BROOKS         BABY
BROOKS         BERT H.                 0-C-19    BROOKS         NADINE
BROOKS         BERT H.                 0-C-20    BROOKS         STEVE
WALLER         DINK                    111-24    BROTHERS       NORA LYONS
BROWN          CARL E.                 0-C-28    BROWN          ALLEN E.
BROWN          P. D.                   267-11    BROWN          ALVA
BROWN          RALPH                   114-06    BROWN          BELVA
SEATON         E. A.                   028-09    BROWN          BERTIE B.
BROWN          CARL E.                 0-C-30    BROWN          CARL E.
BROWN          RICHARD J.              228-17    BROWN          CHAS ROBERT
BROWN          RICHARD J.              228-16    BROWN          CHESTER
BROWN          P. D.                   267-13    BROWN          CLARENCE
BROWN          E. L.                   001-10    BROWN          DOVIE
SEATON         E. A.                   028-10    BROWN          EARL R.
UNKNOWN                                228-15    BROWN          EDITH F.
BROWN          E. L.                   001-11    BROWN          ELIZABETH L.
BROWN          RALPH                   114-09    BROWN          ELLA
BROWN          E. L.                   001-09    BROWN          EUWART
BROWN          FLETCHER                038-31    BROWN          FLETCHER
BROWN          GLADYS                  227-08    BROWN          GLADYS
BROWN          J. D. MRS.             040W-43    BROWN          IDA
BROWN          GLADYS                  227-09    BROWN          IVOR L.
BROWN          J. D. MRS.             040W-46    BROWN          JAMES D.
EATON          JULIA                   032-10    BROWN          JULIA EATON
BROWN          CHRIS/MICHELE           391-01    BROWN          JUSTICE
BROWN          FLETCHER                038-28    BROWN          LEONA LEOTA
BROWN          ROLAND                  109-15    BROWN          MARY
BROWN          P. D.                   267-12    BROWN          PETER DOZIER
BROWN          RALPH                   114-08    BROWN          RALPH E.
BROWN          ROLAND                  109-13    BROWN          RENA
BROWN           RICHARD J.             228-13    BROWN          RICHARD J.
BROWN          ROLAND                  109-14    BROWN          ROLAND
BROWN          RICHARD J.              228-14    BROWN          RUBY
BROWN          FLETCHER                038-29    BROWN          THETA LEOTA
BROWN          RALPH                   114-07    BROWN          TOMPIE
BROWN          E. L.                   001-12    BROWN          WILL
UNKNOWN                                351-07    BRUNK          GEORGE
BRYAN          RALPH                  041E-16*   BRYAN          ANNA
BRYAN          RALPH                  041W-15*   BRYAN          ANNA
BRYAN          RALPH                  041E-17*   BRYAN          BEECHER
BRYAN          RALPH                  041W-18*   BRYAN          BEECHER
BRYAN          L. B.                  041E-05*   BRYAN          ELIZABETH
BRYAN          L. B.                  041W-06*   BRYAN          ELIZABETH
BRYAN          L. B.                  041E-09*   BRYAN          HESTER
BRYAN          L. B.                  041W-10*   BRYAN          HESTER
BRYAN          LEROY                   266-21    BRYAN          IVA
BRYAN          L. B.                  041E-08*   BRYAN          JOHN S.
BRYAN          L. B.                  041W-07*   BRYAN          JOHN S.
BRYAN          W. A.                   112-07    BRYAN          MATILDA
BRADFORD       C. M.                  041W-03    BRYAN          OLLIE C.
BRYAN          LEROY                   266-22    BRYAN          RALPH
BRYAN          L. B.                  041E-12*   BRYAN          WALTER
BRYAN          L. B.                  041E-13*   BRYAN          WALTER
BRYAN          L. B.                  041W-11*   BRYAN          WALTER
BRYAN          L. B.                  041W-14*   BRYAN          WALTER
BRYAN          W. A.                   112-08    BRYAN          WILLIAM A.
BUCKMASTER     MARY E.                 248-04    BUCKMASTER     HARRY RAYMOND
BUCKMASTER     MARY E.                 248-03    BUCKMASTER     MARY E.
BUCKMASTER     JUDY                    344-08    BUCKMASTER     JUDY
COX            DIANE                  042W-19    BUIE           LOYD
BURNETT        GEORGE W.              039W-27    BURNETT        G. W.
BURNETT        GEORGE W.              039W-30    BURNETT        GEORGE M.
BURNETT        GEORGE W.              039W-26    BURNETT        LIZZIE W.
UNKNOWN                                269-07    BURNETT        MYRLE
UNKNOWN                                269-08    BURNETT        TONY
BURROUGH       ROY E.                  390-14    BURROUGH       ROY E.
BURROWS        GENE                    201-11    BURROWS        WILLIAM W.
BUSH           E. A.                   038-17    BUSH           DORA
BUSH           E. A.                   038-16    BUSH           E. A.
BUSH           E. A.                   038-15    BUSH           R. F. MRS.
BUTLER         JOHN                    110-06    BUTLER         EMILY JANE
BUTLER         JOHN                    110-07    BUTLER         JOHN WM
UNKNOWN                                369-01    BUTLER         SYLVESTER
CAESAR         STANLEY/GLADYS          377-08    CAESAR         GLADYS
CAESAR         STANLEY/GLADYS          377-09    CAESAR         STANLEY G.
CARTER         GLEN                    377-03    CAFFEY         PENNY
CALLIES        BILL                    255-17    CALLIES        BERTHA
CALLIES        EDNA                    115-14    CALLIES        EDNA
CALLIES        EDNA                    115-15    CALLIES        OTTO
CALLIES        BILL                    255-18    CALLIES        W. E.
CAMBRON        DEWEY                   245-18    CAMBRON        JAMES D.
CAMBRON        HOUSTON                 369-08    CAMBRON        JULIE M.
CAMBRON        DEWEY                   245-17    CAMBRON        SARAH M.
CAMERON        D. C.                   007-10    CAMERON        D. C.
CAMERON        D. C.                   007-09    CAMERON        D. C. MRS.
CAMPBELL       C. L.                   231-02    CAMPBELL       COYE
EMERY          FLORA                   008-16    CAMPBELL       HARREL E.
CAMPBELL       CHARLEY                 206-14    CAMPBELL       LORI ANN
CANNON         W. L.                  041W-34    CANNON         IBBIE
CANNON         W. L.                  041W-35*   CANNON         W. L.
CANNON         W. L.                  041W-38*   CANNON         W. L.
CHAMBLISS      LEO                     375-18    CANNON         WOODROW
CARICO         BONIFACE                375-09    CARICO         DORIS
CARLON         DEAN/MARY               346-03    CARLON         MICHAEL
CARNAL         PAT                     029-29    CARNAL         BERT
COFFMAN        L. E./CHRIS             114-24    CARNAL         LAURA MYRTLE
CARNAL         PAT                     029-28    CARNAL         PATRICK D.
COFFMAN        L. E./CHRIS             114-25    CARNAL         RUFUS ALVIN
CARPENTER      R. O. MRS.              103-06    CARPENTER      JOSEPHINE
CARPENTER      R. O. MRS.              103-04    CARPENTER      L. MURIEL
CARPENTER      LARRY                   259-16    CARPENTER      LISA KAY
CARPENTER      M. E.                   254-18    CARPENTER      MARVIN JACK
CARPENTER      R. O. MRS.              103-05    CARPENTER      ROSCOE
CARPENTER      R. O. MRS.              103-07    CARPENTER      ROSCOE H.
CARTER         H. L.                   377-01    CARTER         ALTA BELLE
CARTER         ORVAL/DOLLIE            361-01    CARTER         DOLLIE
CARTER         H. L.                   377-02    CARTER         HERBERT L.
UNKNOWN                                232-04    CARTER         RICHY P.
CARTER         W. C.                   232-10    CARTER         SCOTT
CARTER         W. C.                   232-12    CARTER         WILLIAM C.
RUSSELL        VERA                   040W-19    CATES          ORVAL
UNKNOWN                                349-02    CHAMBERS       SCHUYLER
CHAMBLIESS     LEO                     229-11    CHAMBLESS      OPAL
CHAMPION                              016W-14*   CHAMPION       MARY E.
CHAMPION                              016W-15*   CHAMPION       MARY E.
BORDEN         J. E.                   029-04    CHANCELLOR     BUCK INFANT
BORDEN         RELATIVE                029-06    CHANCELLOR     BUCK MABEL INF
WALKER         JULIUS E.               221-18    CHAPMAN        LORENE W.
CHATHAM        EVELYN                  322-06    CHATHAM        GEORGE G.
NIX            LEANN                   373-01    CHATMAN        NORMA L.
UNKNOWN                                238-04    CHATMAN        KERMIT B.
CHAUNCEY       JAMES                   024-02    CHAUNCEY       ANNA G.
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-21    CHAUNCEY       INF DAUGHTER
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-24    CHAUNCEY       INF SON
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-25    CHAUNCEY       INF SON
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-32*   CHAUNCEY       J. W.
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-33*   CHAUNCEY       J. W.
CHAUNCEY       J. W.                   024-16    CHAUNCEY       J. W.
CHAUNCEY       JAMES                   024-03    CHAUNCEY       JAMES
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-28    CHAUNCEY       JOHN
CHAUNCEY       J. W.                   024-15    CHAUNCEY       LOUISA
CHAUNCEY       JOHN W.                016E-29    CHAUNCEY       MRS.
STELL          J. W.                   002-02    CHEATHAM       THEO
TERREL         JEFF                   015W-02*   CHEW           BILLY R.
TERREL         JEFF                   015W-03*   CHEW           BILLY R.
CHEW           R. N.                  015W-07    CHEW           INFANT
CHEW           R. N.                  015W-10    CHEW           R. N.
GUNN           J. F. MRS.              035-29    CHILDERS       J. P.
THOMPSON       LEONA                   264-10    CHRISTIAN      COLONEL
THOMPSON       LEONA                   264-11    CHRISTIAN      LEONA
GALLEMORE      W. H.                  040W-31    CLARK          CHARLIE
CLARK          J. J.                   226-01    CLARK          ELELYN
GALLEMORE      W. H.                  040W-27    CLARK          J. J.
UNKNOWN                                226-02    CLARK          JAMES J.
GALLEMORE      W. H.                  040W-30    CLARK          LUDEALIA
CLAYTON        CHARLES                 326-05    CLAYTON        JACKIE DON
CLINARD        EARL R.                 003-15    CLINARD        ANNA
CLINDAR        CHARLES L.              108-17    CLINARD        CAROL VIRG
CLINARD        CHARLES L.              108-14    CLINARD        CHARLES L.
CLINARD        CHARLEY                 108-12    CLINARD        DONALD CHARS.
CLINARD        EARL R.                 003-14    CLINARD        EARL R. JR.
CLINARD        EARL R.                 003-16    CLINARD        EARL R. SR.
CLINARD        CHARLES L.              108-13    CLINARD        FAYE
CLINARD        W. T.                   038-05    CLINARD        MRS.
CLINARD        W. T.                   038-06    CLINARD        W. T.
CLINE          J. R.                   036-29    CLINE          JOHN R.
CLINE          J. R.                   036-30    CLINE          JOSEPH
UNKNOWN                                00C-14    CLINE          MAXINE
CLINE          J. R.                   036-31    CLINE          MINNIE
CLOSE          R. N.                   232-01    CLOSE          DONALD
CLOSE          R. N.                   232-02    CLOSE          GLADYS
CLOSE          R. N.                   232-03    CLOSE          R. HARLIN
CLUCK          W. I.                   206-08    CLUCK          GOLDIE
CLUCK          W. I.                   206-09    CLUCK          WILLIAM I.
COATS          REV                    013W-39    COATS          J. M.
COATS          REV                    013W-38    COATS          LIZ
COCHRANE       DALE                    202-18    COCHRANE       DALE
COCHRANE       E. W.                   032-02    COCHRANE       EDWIN WM
COCHRANE       E. W.                   032-03    COCHRANE       EDWIN WM
COCHRANE       E. W.                   032-04    COCHRANE       ERNEST R.
COCHRANE       E. W.                   032-06    COCHRANE       INFANT
COCHRANE       E. W.                   032-05    COCHRANE       LAWRENCE
EATON          JULIA                   032-11    COCHRANE       MAUDE J.
COCHRANE       E. W.                   032-01    COCHRANE       ROBERT BRUCE
COFFIN         O. G.                   009-07    COFFIN         INFANT
COFFMAN        CHARLIE C.              249-10    COFFMAN        CHARLIE
COFFMAN        CHARLIE C.              249-09    COFFMAN        FERN
COLE           ARTHUR                 040E-56*   COLE           ARTHUR
COLE           ARTHUR                 040E-57*   COLE           ARTHUR
COLE           ARTHUR                 040W-55*   COLE           ARTHUR
COLE           ARTHUR                 040W-58*   COLE           ARTHUR
AMES           INEZ                    008-04    COLE           DELORUM
COLE           ARTHUR                 040E-61*   COLE           LEANDER
COLE           ARTHUR                 040W-62*   COLE           LEANDER
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-14    COLE           MILDRED
COLE           ARTHUR                 040E-60*   COLE           MRS.
COLE           ARTHUR                 040W-59*   COLE           MRS.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-15    COLE           RAYMOND
HARGRAVE       LINDSEY MR.             113-08    COLEMAN        ARCHIE E.
COLEMAN        MR.                     036-01    COLEMAN        EDWARD
COLEMAN        MR.                     036-03    COLEMAN        ELLERY
COLEMAN        NATH                   039W-02    COLEMAN        F. M.
COLEMAN        NATH                   039W-07    COLEMAN        G. M.
COLEMAN        MR.                     036-02    COLEMAN        GRACIE
COLEMAN        NATH                   039W-03    COLEMAN        SARAH
COLEMAN        NATH                   039W-06    COLEMAN        THEODORE
COLLINS        PAT                     372-14    COLLINS        DONETTA
JOHNSON        ROBERT L.               232-13    COLLINS        ORA LEE
COLSON         A. E./LORRAC            374-15    COLSON         ALBERT
WHITTET        N. G.                  041E-44    COMBS          LILLIAN W.
COMBS          W. L.                   104-12    COMBS          STEVEN
COMBS          W. L.                   104-13    COMBS          WILBURN L.
UNKNOWN                                337-18    CONLEY         TROY
UNKNOWN                                369-18    COOK           FRANCIS
COOK           LIZZIE                 012W-27    COOK           JAMES F.
COOK           THOMAS III              346-09    COOK           KATHERINE
COOK           TOM                     020-14    COOK           MABEL
COOK           T. J.                   205-16    COOK           T. J.
UNKNOWN                                346-10    COOK           THOMAS
JACKSON        ELIZABETH              012W-23    COOK           WILLIAM C.
COOPER         G. A.                   108-01    COOPER         G. A.
COOPER         G. A.                   108-02    COOPER         MAE B.
COOPER         OSCAR                   258-11    COOPER         OSCAR THOMAS
COOPER         W. T.                   255-01    COOPER         REBECCA ANN
COOPER         EARNIE                  101-05    COOPER         THOMAS LOUIS
PRICE          JOHN                    035-24    COOPER         W. T.
CORNWALL       C. B.                   002-18    CORNWALL       EUGENE INF
MCGOWAN        FLORA                   103-18    COTNER         FRANCIS A.
BROWN/COUTURE  N & G/GRAY              375-15    COUTURE        GRAYCE
COX            RAMONA                  336-18    COX            ALVA
COX            A. R.                   022-15    COX            ARTHUR ROBERT
COX            A. R.                   022-16    COX            BERT R. SR.
COX            NOVALEE                041E-20    COX            BOBBY E.
COX            CARL                    115-05    COX            CARL
COX            A. R.                   022-12    COX            CLARA
COX            MARY LOU                248-12    COX            CLINTON C.
COX            DELMER                  246-04    COX            DELMER
COX            GUY                     106-06    COX            ELSIE MAE
COX            LEO H.                  243-16    COX            ERNEST R.
COX            DELMER                  246-05    COX            FREDDIE R.
COX            GUY                     106-05    COX            GENEVA
COX            GUY                     106-07    COX            GUY
COX            LOUIS V.                208-14    COX            HATTIE
COX            GUY                    106-05A    COX            JACK R.
COX            STEVEN                  386-07    COX            JACKIE S.
COX            HUEY                    243-18    COX            JAMES E.
COX/ROBERTS    WM R./JERRY             335-01    COX            JERALD L.
COX            W. M.                   266-03    COX            JOHN HENRY
COX            LEO H.                  243-12    COX            JOHN RILEY SR.
COX            LEO H.                  243-14    COX            LEO H.
COX            LOUIS V.                208-15    COX            LOUIS V.
COX            LILLY                  041E-21    COX            LILLIE MAE
COX            LONO                    236-05    COX            LONO
COX            MARY LOU                248-11    COX            MARY LOU
COX            DELMER                  246-03    COX            MAXINE
UNKNOWN                                368-03    COX
COX            LEO H.                  243-15    COX            MYRTLE I
COX            DONE                    0-A-10    COX            NANCY JOYCE
COX            A. R.                   022-13    COX            NELLIE D
COX            GUY                     106-08    COX            NOVA LEE
COX            CAK                     115-03    COX            PAUL RAYMOND
COX            RAMONA                  336-17    COX            RAMONA
COX            J. R.                  243-11     COX            VERA B.
COX            LILLIE                 041E-24    COX            W. G.
COX            GUY                     106-09    COX            WILLIAM D.
COZART         JESS                   109-09*    COZART         ODELL
COZART         JESS                   109-10*    COZART         ODELL
UNKNOWN                                4104-2    CRAFT          DAVID L.
RIMER          A. B.                   238-12    CREEKMORE      DWAIN D.
HUFF           LEE/CATHER              323-08    CROSBY         LOYD W.
CROSSER        EUGENE                  348-07    CROSSER        JACK
UNKNOWN                                320-02    CUNHA          PAUL
CURRIE         ANNA L.                 383-05    CURRIE         ANNA LOUIS
GUISINGER      W. T.                   035-04    CURRIE         JOHN
UNKNOWN                                371-07    DANYEUR        WALTER
THOMPSON       FRANK                   264-05    DARBY          JOSEPH
HOLCOMBE       DONNA                   390-08    DAVIS          CORINNIA
DAVIS          GEORGE D.               031-19    DAVIS          GEORGE D.
HELFRICH       ULA                     266-08    DAVIS          IMOGENE
UNKNOWN                                372-09    DAVIS          JESSIE D.
ROBERTS        LLOYD                   267-10    DAVIS          JIM FURLIS
DAVIS          J. W. HEIRS             208-01    DAVIS          JOHN W.
UNKNOWN                                230-08    DAVIS          KIEFFER
DAVIS          M. L. MRS.             016W-06    DAVIS          MARTIN L.
DAVIS          MAUD MCCOY              229-08    DAVIS          MAUDE
DAVIS          MAUD MCCOY              229-09    DAVIS          PAUL CAMPBELL
SPARKS         GORMAN                  269-16    DAY            JACK
DE PRIEST      CHARLES                 379-02    DE PRIEST      CHARLES
DODSON         LAWRENCE                007-14    DE PRIEST      E. D.
DE PRIEST      M. F.                   007-16    DE PRIEST      FRANCES MERT
DE PRIEST      JOHN                    363-05    DE PRIEST      JOHN N.
DE PRIEST      CHARLES                 379-01    DE PRIEST      MABLE
DE PRIEST      M. F.                  007-15A    DE PRIEST      WESLEY
DEAN           J. F.                   027-17    DEAN           J. T.
DEAN           J. F.                   027-16    DEAN           MARTHA J.
DEAN           J. F.                   027-15    DEAN           NELLIE
WARD           BOB L.                  223-01    DEARDORF       GEORGE S.
WARD           BOB L.                  223-02    DEARDORF       PATRICIA
DEARDORF       ROBIN                   361-18    DEARDORFF      DAVIS
DEARDORF       DOROTHY                 242-18    DEARDORFF      ELDON GRANT
DEARDORF       DOROTHY                 242-17    DEARDORFF      LONNIE
DEARDORF       ROBIN                   361-16    DEARDORFF      TRACY
DEATHERAGE     DEBRA                   318-05    DEATHERAGE     TOMMY
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-15    DENISON        ELLA B.
DENNISON       PAUL                    210-15    DENNISON       PAUL
DENNISON       PAUL                    210-14    DENNISON       STELLA B.
DICKERSON      J.                     042W-62    DICKERSON      JOE JR.
CLABORN        DONNIE                  348-10    DICKERSON      TAYLOR
ROOKER         ROY                     111-26    DINKINS        GARY MERLE
DIXSON         ROLAND E.               232-06    DIXSON         MARY
DIXSON         ROLAND E.               232-07    DIXON          ROLAND E.
DOBBS          E. L.                   256-17    DOBBS          EDITH
DOBBS          E. L.                   256-18    DOBBS          ELMER LEFORD
DOBBS          L. D.                   255-20    DOBBS          FRIEDA MARTHA
DOBBS          L. D.                   255-19    DOBBS          LEAFORD D.
DODRILL        A. A.                   211-18    DODRILL        ALBERT A.
DODRILL        JOE                     111-13    DODRILL        I. A.
DODRILL        JOE                     111-16    DODRILL        JOSEPH
DODRILL        JOE                     111-15    DODRILL        OLIVE
DODSON         LAWRENCE                007-15    DODSON         INFANT
BLACK          H. B. MRS.              101-14    DOTSON         MATTIE
DOOLEY         WILDA                   374-05    DOOLEY         CLAYTON
COZART         JESS                    109-11    DOSSEY         ANNA
DOSSEY         J. H.                   031-31    DOSSEY         CHARITY
DOSSEY         H. H.                   227-12    DOSSEY         EFFIE
DOSSEY         H. H.                   227-13    DOSSEY         HARLEY H.
DOSSEY         H. W.                   263-17    DOSSEY         HARVE W.
DOSSEY         H. E.                   204-16    DOSSEY         HUGH E.
DOSSEY         YVONNE                  201-01    DOSSEY         JERRY WAYNE
COZART         JESS                    109-12    DOSSEY         JOHN H.
DOSSEY         H. W.                   263-16    DOSSEY         MAMIE D.
DOSSEY         W. B.                   263-15    DOSSEY         WILLIE B.
CORNWALL       CALVIN C.               266-01    DOTSON         CLARA LIKENS
DOWDY          FRANK                   033-07    DOWDY          FLOYD W.
DRAKE          A. B. MRS.              002-12    DRAKE          ADDIE B.
DRAKE          A. B. MRS.              002-11    DRAKE          NOVELLA S.
DREW           WALTER                  366-10    DREW           WALTER
DUBOISE        E. W.                   001-01    DUBOISE        A. B.
DUBOISE        E. W.                   001-04    DUBOISE        BLANCHE L.
DUBOISE        E. W.                   001-03    DUBOISE        ELZE W.
DUBOISE        JOHN                    032-28    DUBOISE        JOHN
DUBOISE        MAGGIE                 042E-12    DUBOISE        MAGGIE M.
DUBOISE        MAGGIE                 042W-11    DUBOISE        MAGGIE M.
DUBOISE        E. W.                   001-02    DUBOISE        MISSY CORDELI
DUBOISE        MAGGIE                 042E-13*   DUBOISE        P. FRANK
DUBOISE        MAGGIE                 042W-14*   DUBOISE        P. FRANK
COOPER         G. A.                   108-03    DUFF           CECIL A.
DUNN           JOHN E.                011E-20    DUNN           CORA
UNKNOWN                                386-09    DUNN           JESSIE
DUNN           JOHN E.                011E-21    DUNN           JOHN E.
DUNN           T. L.                  011W-22    DUNN           THOMAS L.
DYE            REBA P.                 338-18    DYE            ELMER JR.
DYE            REBA P.                 338-17    DYE            REBA
EATON          JULIA                   032-18    EATON          CHARLEY
EATON          EARL                    208-18    EATON          EARL
EATON          EARL                    208-17    EATON          EDNA
EATON          JULIA                   032-09    EATON          HOWARD
UNKNOWN                                265-08    EAVES          FANNIE
EDGIN          ELLA MAE                269-10    EDGIN          GORE M.
ELLIS          JESSE                   342-06    ELLIS          JESSE
MADDOX         TROY                    371-10    ELLIS          KENNETH M.
EMBREY         HERSHEL R. A.           261-01    EMBREY         PATRICIA LYNN
ERTEL          JUANITA                 248-17    ERTEL          JUANITA
ESTILL         R. S.                   220-13    ESTILL         BONNIE
ESTILL         R. S.                   220-14    ESTILL         RICHARD S.
EVANS          WILL                    033-22    EVANS          EVE'S FATHER
EVANS          WILL                    033-21    EVANS          TRAVIS
EVAN           BILL                    260-15    EWAN           IRENUS
EVAN           BILL                    260-14    EWAN           WILLARD
FALLIN         THETA BEIL              006-03    FALLIN         MICHAEL L.
FARNHAM        L. A.                   372-11    FARNHAM        LINN
FEEMSTER       ALBERT                  110-10    FEEMSTER       ALBERT C.
HESKETT        RAYMOND                 214-04    FEEMSTER       ARVEL
FEEMSTER       ALBERT                 017W-23    FEEMSTER       CATHERINE
FEEMSTER       ALBERT                 017W-26    FEEMSTER       GEORGE
UNKNOWN                                214-03    FEEMSTER       HELEN B.
FEEMSTER       ALBERT                  110-09    FEEMSTER       NANNIE
FELKER         KEN                     115-02    FELKER         MICHELLE
FILLMAN        FRANK                   102-04    FILLMAN        BILLY RAYMOND
FILLMAN        FRANK                   102-01    FILLMAN        ELEANOR
FITE           ROBY                    265-21    FITE           JOHN TOM
HALL           MRS.                   042E-36*   FITE           WM ARTHUR
HALL           MRS.                   042W-35*   FITE           WM ARTHUR
FONDREN        E. P.                   258-09    FONDREN        ETTA
FONDREN        E. P.                   258-10    FONDREN        JOHNNIE P.
HALL           MRS.                   042E-40*   FORD           ARTHUR
HALL           MRS.                   042W-39*   FORD           ARTHUR
UNKNOWN                                324-06    FOREMAN        JAMES
UNKNOWN                               4123-01    FORTNER        MARION
HUGGINS        SHIELA M.               364-04    FOSTER         BETTY J.
CEM ASSN       DALE                    367-11    FOSTER         DARCILYNN
HIGDON         LELAND                  002-16    FOSTER         DOROTHY N.
ROOFFENER      FLOSSIE                 254-09    FOSTER         JOHNNY
NINEMIRE       B. F.                   004-12    FOSTER         THOMAS TEAT
FRAKES         S. A.                  018E-21*   FRAKES         PHILLIP
FRAKES         S. A.                  018E-24*   FRAKES         PHILLIP
FRAKES         S. A.                  018E-20    FRAKES         REBECCA
FRAKES         S. A.                  018E-17    FRAKES         SIDNEY
BEWLEY         W. D.                  033-11*    FRANKLLIN      BERTHA
BEWLEY         W. D.                  033-12*    FRANKLLIN      BERTHA
FRANKLIN       MRS.                   011E-13*   FRANKLIN       MRS.
FRANKLIN       MRS.                   011W-14*   FRANKLIN       MRS.
FREEMAN        CHARLES                 373-13    FREEMAN        CHARLES
UNKNOWN                                342-05    FREEMAN        THOMAS
PITMAN         VICTOR                  109-07    FRIZZELL       GEORGE
FRY            J. R.                   008-01    FRY            EUGENE RICHARD
FRY            M. F.                   010-05    FRY            INFANT
FRY            M. F.                   010-09    FRY            INFANT
DAVIS          MAUD MCCOY              113-24    FRY            WILLIAM B.
FULLERTON      F. M. MRS.              265-09    FULLERTON      FLAVE S.
FUNK           VESTAL/BETTY            362-18    FUNK           VESTAL
DUNN           JESSE                   386-05    GAGE           EDNA
ANDERSON       YVETTE                  350-02    GALKA          YVONNE
GALLEMORE      W. H.                  040W-38    GALLEMORE      SARAH
GAMBRELL       CLIFFORD                243-02    GAMBRELL       CLIFFORD
GANES          JOHN                    023-13    GANES          JOHN A.
GARNER         W. D.                  006-14*    GARNER
GARNER         W. D.                   006-11    GARNER         BELVA LOU
GARNER         JOE/MARY .              222-10    GARNER         CHARLEY D.
GARNER         W. D.                  006-13*    GARNER         CLARENCE
GARNER         J. R.                   006-20    GARNER         DOUGLAS G.
GARNER         E J BUDDY               385-08    GARNER         E J BUDDY
GARNER         ELISHA                  0-B-02    GARNER         ELISHA
GARNER         HELEN                   217-06    GARNER         HELEN
GARNER         J. R.                   006-16    GARNER         JANE
GARNER         WILLARD                 259-11    GARNER         JEWEL
GARNER         JOE/MARY L.             222-09    GARNER         JOE BERNICE
GARNER         W. D.                  006-15*    GARNER         JOHN
GARNER         J. R.                   006-18    GARNER         LOUISA COX
GARNER         ANDREW                  218-13    GARNER         OLA M.
GARNER         MAE                     265-07    GARNER         PAUL D.
GARNER         J. R.                  006-18A    GARNER         RICHARD INFANT
GARNER         ELISHA                  0-B-01    GARNER         SUSIE
GARNER         WILLARD                 259-12    GARNER         VILLARD R.
GARNER         J. R.                   006-17    GARNER         W. A.
GARNER         HELEN                   217-07    GARNER         WILLIAM D.
STACY          R. D.                   262-01    GARRISON       SARAH E.
FREEMAN        THOMAS                  343-07    GASSEN         ELIZABETH
GASTELUM       BERTIE J.               362-16    GASTELUM       BERTIE
GAYLER         DAVID                  358-01A    GAYLER         FLETCHER
GEISLER        NAX                    015W-27    GEISLER        DORIS
GEISLER        NAX                    015W-26*   GEISLER        INFANTS (3) &L23
GEISLER        NAX                    015W-23*   GEISLER        INFANTS (3) &L26
GEISLER        NAX                    015W-30    GEISSLER       MAX
GELRUTH        H. W.                  014W-14    GELRUTH        HENRY W.
GELRUTH        H. W.                  014W-11    GELRUTH        JEWELL EFFIE
GENTRY         W. L.                   036-10    GENTRY         BERTHA LEE
GENTRY         W. L.                   036-17    GENTRY         FRANCIS
GUISINGER      W. T.                   035-05    GENTRY         LILLIE M.
GETTYS         ADA MAY                039W-22    GETTYS         IDA MAE
GETTYS         ADA MAY                039W-19    GETTYS         MARVILLA C.
GEURIN         J. E. ELMER             235-12    GEURIN         ELMER J.
GEURIN         J. E. ELMER             235-11    GEURIN         MARY SUE
GEURIN         J. E.                   231-17    GEURIN         RUBY NELL
GIBBONS        E. V.                  009-20*    GIBBONS        E. V.
THOMPSON       H. O. MRS.             0-A-20A    GIBBONS        E. V. MRS.
GIBBONS        E. V.                  009-20A    GIBBONS        E. V. MRS.
GIBBONS        E. V.                   009-19    GIBBONS        HAZEL
GIBBONS        JOHN                    008-19    GIBBONS        SALLY
GIBBONS        E. V.                   009-18    GIBBONS        SARAH E.
GIBSON         DORIS JEAN             018W-34    GIBBON         DORIS JEAN
GIBSON         MARION EDDIE            241-12    GIBSON         MARION
GIBSON         MARION EDDIE            241-11    GIBSON         VIOLA
UNKNOWN                                324-17    GILBERT        ROSALINE
GINN           MOSES                  035-25*    GINN           MOSES
GINN           MOSES                  035-26*    GINN           MOSES
STAPP          VERNA                   104-09    GIST           EMMA
STAPP          VERNA                   104-10    GIST           WILLIAM D.
GIVENS         ROY/JACKIE              320-04    GIVENS         KYLA DAWN
GOBER                                  030-09    GOBER          THOMAS
GODWIN         ALBERT MRS.             231-15    GODWIN         ALBERT LEROY
GODWIN         ALBERT MRS.             231-16    GODWIN         ALBERT LEROY
GODWIN         ESTHER/GAR              214-18    GODWIN         L. Z.
GODWIN         ALBERT MRS.             231-14    GODWIN         NELLIE
GOLDEN         ANNA                    033-18    GOLDEN         ANNA
GOLDEN         J. C.                   023-15    GOLDEN         J. C.
GOLDEN         ANNA                   033-17*    GOLDEN         WILLIAM H.  &L16
GOLDEN         ANNA                   033-16*    GOLDEN         WILLIAM H. & L17
GOODMAN        G. T.                  039W-42    GOODMAN        SUSSIE EMMA
COX            LEON/PAT                358-12    GOODWIN        GARY
GOSSETT        FLOYD/NELDA             371-14    GOSSETT        FLOYD
BEAMER         P. F                    001-14    GRAHAM         A. L.
BEAMER         P. F.                   001-13    GRAHAM         WILLENA
UNKNOWN                                372-14    GRANGE         DONALD
GRANGER        ROBERT T.               308-07    GRANGER        BILL
GASAWAY        SHIRLEY                 216-01    GRANT          FLOYD
RICHEY         W. F.                  005-14*    GRAY           LAURA M.
GUILES         ALLEN                  017E-24    GRIEGO         ALLENE L.
GRIFFIN        CHARLES/JOANN           319-05    GRIFFIN        MICHELLE
GRIGGS         J. W.                   003-01    GRIGGS         ETTIE MAY
GRIGGS         J. W.                   003-02    GRIGGS         JOHN
GRIGGS         W. G.                  039E-49    GRIGGS         MELVIN GUY
GRIGGS         W. G.                  039E-45    GRIGGS         NELLIE M.
GRIGGS         W. G.                  039E-48    GRIGGS         WILLIE
GRINNELL       JOANN                   387-05    GRINNELL       TWINS
GUISINGER      W. T.                   035-06    GUISINGER      MARTHA
GUISINGER      W. T.                   035-07    GUISINGER      W. T.
GULLEY         J. T.                   031-17    GULLEY         ANGELLO
GULLEY         LEO                     269-24    GULLEY         BILLY GENE
GULLEY         LEO                     269-25    GULLEY         CATHERINE
GULLEY         J. T.                   031-13    GULLEY         FLORENCE
GULLEY         J. T.                   031-15    GULLEY         J. T.
GULLEY         J. T.                   031-14    GULLEY         JAMES A.
GULLEY         LEO                     269-26    GULLEY         LEO
GULLEY         J. T.                   031-16    GULLEY         TELITHA
GUNN           J. F. MRS.              035-31    GUNN           JOSEPH
HAILE          T. A. MRS.              113-14    HAILE          DORA E.
HAILE          T. A. MRS.              113-15    HAILE          THOMAS A.
HAISLIP        J. C.                   107-09    HAISLIP        CHARLES AL
RAMSEY         CHARLIE                013W-35    HAISLIP        EWELL B.
HAISLIP        BURNESS                017W-02*   HAISLIP        L. G.
HAISLIP        BURNESS                017W-03*   HAISLIP        L. G.
HALBERT        WARD                    361-12    HALBERT        WARD
HALE           H. F.                  018W-02    HALE           FRANKIE FAY
HALE           J. F.                   114-03    HALE           GENEVA
HALE           J. F.                   114-02    HALE           J. F. PLUTE
BROWN          RALPH                   114-05    HALE           JACK
HALE           J. F.                   114-01    HALE           JEWEL
HALEY          CLYDE J. MS             223-09    HALEY          CLYDE JUEL
SPENCER        E. D.                   105-01    HALEY          IVAN
HALL           CLAUDE                  373-03    HALL           CLAUDE
HALL           MRS.                   042E-37*   HALL           HATTIE C.
HALL           MRS.                   042W-38*   HALL           HATTIE C.
BRANTLEY       NORA                    105-20    HALL           HENRY
HALL           R. H.                   205-17    HALL           JOSIE
HALL           LEONARD                 253-14    HALL           LEONARD
BRANTLEY       NORA                    105-19    HALL           LOUISE ELLEN
HALL           CLAUDE                  373-02    HALL           PLEASANT
HALL           R. H.                   205-18    HALL           RUSSELL
HALL           MRS.                   042E-41*   HALL           WM ARTHUR
HALL           MRS.                   042W-42*   HALL           WM ARTHUR
HAMILTON       LARRY                   322-03    HAMILTON       SHARON V.
HAMPTON        L. A.                  019-08*    HAMPTON        A. E.
HAMPTON        L. A.                   019-05    HAMPTON        CLARA Y.
HAMPTON        L. A.                   019-03    HAMPTON        EDDIE
HAMPTON        WADE                    020-04    HAMPTON        HENRY WADE
HAMPTON        L. A.                  019-09*    HAMPTON        J. M.
MCMILLON       VIVIAN                  243-10    HAMPTON        JESSE Y.
HAMPTON        L. A.                   019-04    HAMPTON        LEONARD
HAMPTON        L. A.                   019-06    HAMPTON        LEONARD A.
HAMPTON        WADE                    020-02    HAMPTON        LEONARD G.
MCMILLON       VIVIAL                  243-08    HAMPTON        MAY G.
HAMPTON        WADE                    020-03    HAMPTON        MINNIE G.
HANEY          SAM                    015E-17*   HANEY          HARRIETT
HANEY          SAM                    015W-18*   HANEY          HARRIETT
HANEY          SAM                    015E-21*   HANEY          MOTHER
HANEY          SAM                    015W-22*   HANEY          MOTHER
HANEY          SAM                    015W-15    HANEY          ROZELLA ASHES
HANEY          SAM                    015E-20*   HANEY          SAM
HANEY          SAM                    015W-19*   HANEY          SAM
HANSON         OLA                     306-08    HANSON         ALFRED NEAL
HARDER         EDWARD L.               204-02    HARDER         LOUIS J.
HARDER         EDWARD L.               204-03    HARDER         MINNIE MAY
HARDER         EDWARD L.               204-04    HARDER         PERRY J.
HARMON         A. H.                   340-18    HARMON         ALVIN
UNKNOWN                                340-17    HARMON         WILMA
UNKNOWN                                215-10    HARRIS         ALVEY
UNKNOWN                                331-13    HARRIS         DORIS
UNKNOWN                                111-09    HARRIS         JIM
HARRIS         DORIS                   331-12    HARRIS         JOHN H.
HARRIS         NACY/BECKY              357-18    HARRIS         ROBERT G.
HARRISON       W. C.                   325-10    HARRISON       ETTA
COOK           TOM                     020-15    HARRISON       JOHN
COOK           TOM                     020-16    HARRISON       SUSAN
UNKNOWN                                034-23    HASBEL         IMA JEAN
HASH           JAMIE C.                382-06    HASH           JAMIE
HATFIELD       J. W.                   005-18    HATFIELD       ALFRED
HATFIELD       J. W.                   005-20    HATFIELD       EMMA
HATFIELD       J. W.                   005-19    HATFIELD       J. W.
UNKNOWN                                203-04    HAYDEN         GLENN
DAVIS          MAUD MCCOY              113-26    HAYES          AMERICA K.
HAYES          TOM                    040E-04    HAYES          BETTY JO
HAYES          WM/THELMA               334-01    HAYES          DAVID
HAYES          TOM                    040E-08    HAYES          DORA
SMITH          LUM                     034-05    HAYES          HALEY GENE
HAYES          HAROLD                  229-16    HAYES          HAROLD
HAYES          HAROLD                  229-15    HAYES          JEANETTE
HAYES          JIM                    042W-59    HAYES          JIM
HAYES          JIM                    042W-58    HAYES          MARY ANN
HUDSON         PAUL A. MRS.            219-11    HAYES          ROSE B.
CLARKSON       JIM (ROSS)              201-14    HAYES          SHERRY G.
HAYES          NM/THELMA               334-02    HAYES          THELMA
HAYES          TOM                    040E-09    HAYES          TOM
DAVIS          MAUD MCCOY              113-27    HAYES          W. M.
THRASHER       A. B.                   027-13    HAYS           J. W.
DOSSEY         DELBERT/MARY            339-01    HAYS           LEONA BARNETT
THRASHER       A. B.                   027-11    HAYS           SYLVESTER
KILGORE        W. A.                  039E-12    HEAD           CORA JANE
HEAD           IDOUS/JEWEL             347-18    HEAD           IDOUS
HEAD           IDOUS/JEWEL             347-17    HEAD           JEWEL
GRIGGS         W. G.                   038-26    HEATH          KATHLEEN
HELD           M. A.                   227-11    HELD           MARTIN A.
HELD           MARTY                  383-01*    HELD           MARTY
HELD           MARTY                  383-02*    HELD           MARTY
HELD           M. A.                   227-10    HELD           MARY L.
HELFRICH       LA                      266-07    HELFRICH       CHARLES A.
HELM           JEWELL                  266-24    HELM           JEWELL RAY
HELM           JEWELL                  266-25    HELM           ULYSSES S.
HEMBREE        BEVERLY                 258-06    HEMBREE        KEVIN JOHN
JOHNSTON       RALPH                   267-18    HEMBREE        WOODROW
HENDERSHOT     FLORENCE                029-25    HENDERSHOT     ALLEN
HENDERSHOT     FLORENCE                209-24    HENDERSHOT     CHESTER
HENDERSHOT     GROVER                  003-08    HENDERSHOT     INFANT
HENDERSHOT     G.                      028-17    HENDERSHOT     INFANT
HENDERSHOT     FLORENCE                029-26    HENDERSHOT     INFANT
HENDERSHOTT    E. D.                   256-09    HENDERSHOTT    DAVID ELMER
HENDERSHOTT    E. L.                   257-10    HENDERSHOTT    ELEROY
HENDERSHOTT    E. L.                   257-09    HENDERSHOTT    GOLDIE
HENDERSHOTT    G. H. MRS.              113-19    HENDERSHOTT    GROVER H.
HENDERSON      C. M.                   209-12    HENDERSON      ANTHONYH
HENDERSON      C. M.                   209-16    HENDERSON      CECIL
HENDERSON      DAVE                    218-17    HENDERSON      CLARE
HENDERSON      DAVE                    106-15    HENDERSON      DAVID HANEY
HENDERSON      DAVE                    026-11    HENDERSON      ELIZIE T.
HENDERSON      C. M.                   106-16    HENDERSON      GEORGE T.
HENDERSON      DAVE                    209-14    HENDERSON      HORACE
HENDERSON      DAVE                    031-01    HENDERSON      INFANT TRIPLET
HENDERSON      DAVE                    031-02    HENDERSON      INFANT TRIPLET
HENDERSON      DAVE                    031-03    HENDERSON      INFANT TRIPLET
HENDERSON      DAVE                    026-12    HENDERSON      JAMES
HENDERSON      DAVE                    106-17    HENDERSON      JOHN
UNKNOWN                                336-13    HENDERSON      KENNETH
HENDERSON      DAVE                    106-14    HENDERSON      LULA MAE
WINKLER        DOROTHY                 218-18    HENDERSON      ROBERT LEE
UNKNOWN                                328-13    HENDREX        ADA
UNKNOWN                                328-14    HENDREX        MERLE
HENIN          HENRY                  015E-33    HENIN          ROBERT LEE
HAMPTON        L. A.                   019-07    HENIKE         LIZZIE H.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-12    HENRY          JOHN L.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-13    HENRY          TOMMIE B.
HERRING        N. H.                   021-12    HERRING        DUTCH
HERRING        N. H.                   021-11    HERRING        HICKMAN
HERRING        N. H.                   021-09    HERRING        NORMAN
HESKETT        C.                     014W-26    HESKETT        HAROLD
HESKETT        RAYMOND                 214-08    HESKETT        RAYMOND
HESTER         S. A. MRS.              247-12    HESTER         CHARLES E.
HESTER         S. A. MRS.              247-11    HESTER         SARAH A.
HEWES          W. H.                   030-07    HEWES          W. H. MRS.
HICKS          M. S.                   029-07    HICKS          LOLA M.
HIGDON         DOYLE                   386-12    HIGDON         DOYLE
HIGDON         RAY                     387-09    HIGDON         GERTRUDE
HIGDON         LELAND                  002-20    HIGDON         LELON
HIGDON         M. W.                   265-24    HIGDON         LULU
HIGDON         M. W.                   265-25    HIGDON         MARTIN W.
HIGGONS        VIRGIL                  101-04    HIGGINS        INFANT
HILDRETH       C. M.                   034-24    HILDRETH       COLEAN E.
HILDRETH                               038-25    HILDRETH       INFANT
COX            DIANNE                 017E-21    HILL           BRENDA C.
HILL           CURNEY                  218-15    HILL           CARL W.
HILL           T. J. JR                229-04    HILL           EDITH O.
HILL           W. R.                   210-02    HILL           ETHEL
HILL           R.                      008-15    HILL           JAMES A.
HILL           R.                     008-12`    HILL           JIM
HILL           JOHNIE                  208-05    HILL           JOHNIE
WALLACE        I. J.                   106-02    HILL           LOU MRS.
HILL           R.                      008-13    HILL           MINNIE F.
HILL           R.                      008-11    HILL           RICHARD
HILL           R.                      008-14    HILL           RICHARD
HILL           T. J.                   363-08    HILL           T. J. JR.
HILL           T. J.                   363-07    HILL           TERRY LYNN
HILL           T. J. JR.               229-05    HILL           THOMAS J.
HILL           RALPH                   208-10    HILL           VERNON
HILL           W. R.                   210-03    HILL           WILLIAM R.
TISON          J. F.                  018W-03    HINES          THOMAS W.
ROBERTS        LLOYD                   267-06    HOFACRE        BETTY LITTLE
LAKE           DUANE/CHRIS             389-15    HOLCOMBE       BRANDON
UNKNOWN                                319-18    HOLLOWAY       CAREEL
DRAKE          A. B. MRS.              002-09    HOLLOWAY       RODDIE
DRAKE          A. B. MRS.             002-109    HOLLOWAY       SHELLY D.
HOLMES         ELMER                   210-04    HOLMES         CORA MAE
WHITESIDE      J. R.                   210-07    HOLMES         LUCILLE
HOLT           E. N.                   0-B-06    HOLT           E. N.
HOLT           E. N.                   0-B-05    HOLT           EMMA
HOOD           SHIRLEY                 335-14    HOOD           BILLY G.
HOOD           QUINCY MRS.            013W-26    HOOD           GLADYS
HOOD           F. C.                   259-18    HOOD           GLADYS CAROLE
HOOD           QUINCY MRS.            013W-27    HOOD           J. HUGH
HOOD           QUINCY MRS.            013W-30    HOOD           LILLIE MAY
HOOD           QUINCY MRS.            013W-31    HOOD           QUINCY
HOOD           MARTHA                  366-18    HOOD           RAYDON
HOOD           F. C.                   259-19    HOOD           THURMAN M.
HORTON         MARIE                   107-03    HORTON         HENRY B.
HORTON         MARIE                  107-03A    HORTON         LAWRENCE B.
HORTON         MARIE                   107-04    HORTON         MARIE A.
CLINARD        EARL R.                 003-13    HOTZE          LEAFORD
HOUSE          L. D.                   225-11    HOUSE          JEAN
HOUSE          L. D.                   225-12    HOUSE          LESLIE D.
BREWER         BARBARA                 384-07    HOUTZ          ORAN
COX            CARL                    115-04    HOWARD         MARGIE MARIE
KENNETT        C. W.                  039W-59    HUBBARD        GRANDMA
KENNETT        C. W.                  039W-62    HUBBARD        INFANT NANCY'S
KENNETT        C. W.                  039W-62A   HUBBARD        NANCY
HUFF           LEORA                   238-02    HUFF           ALBERT J.
HUFF           W. A.                   207-16    HUFF           ALFRED W.
HUFF           LEE/CATHER              323-09    HUFF           CATHERINE
HUFF           G. W.                  039W-18    HUFF           GEORGE W.
HUFF           JIM MRS.                238-06    HUFF           JAMES HENRY
HUFF           LEE                    040E-20    HUFF           LAWRENCE
HUFF           LEE                    040E-13    HUFF           LEE INFANT
HUFF           LEORA                   238-04    HUFF           LEORA
HUFF           J. S.                  039W-15    HUFF           MARTHA J.
HUFF           W. A.                   207-17    HUFF           ROSIE
HUFF           W. A.                   207-18    HUFF           WILLIAM
JONES          SHARON                  388-12    HUGHES         ALBERT
JONES          SHARON                 388-12A    HUGHES         CHRISTOPHER
HUGHES         FRED                    253-03    HUGHES         FRED
HUGHES         FRED                    253-02    HUGHES         LORRAINE
HUNT           MELVIN                 015E-13    HUNT           INFANT
HUTCHENS       W. C.                   215-11    HUTCHENS       W. C.
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-03    JACKSON        ALEXANDER
JACKSON                                037-05    JACKSON        CHARLIE
JACKSON                               037-01*    JACKSON        CLARA
JACKSON        J. R.                   003-20    JACKSON        CUMMIE
JACKSON        W. D.                   268-04    JACKSON        DAVE
JACKSON        W. D.                   268-03    JACKSON        DONA
JACKSON        JAMES W.                377-11    JACKSON        HATTIE
JACKSON        J R.                    003-19    JACKSON        J. R.
JACKSON        DAVE                    107-17    JACKSON        JAMES J.
JACKSON        JAMES W.                377-12    JACKSON        JAMES W.
JACKSON                                037-03    JACKSON        JULIA
JACKSON        DAVE                    107-16    JACKSON        JULIA
COOK           LIZZIE                 012W-26    JACKSON        MARY COOK
JAMES          YANCEY L.               211-14    JAMES          YANCEY L. III
SEIKEL         JOE                     024-07    JARBOE         JOE FRANCIS
ROERS          W. R.                   025-10    JARVIS         DANIEL
JARVIS         ELVA                    337-04    JARVIS         MARION
UNKNOWN                                344-13    JENKINS        CHARLIE MAC
JENNINGS       JOHN/THELMA             341-02    JENNINGS       THELMA
ROSS           LEE                     022-09    JOHNS          MAUD JACKSON
JOHNSON        FRANK                   219-08    JOHNSON        FRANK E.
JOHNSON        IRA                     020-12    JOHNSON        INFANT
JOHNSON        ROBERT L.               232-17    JOHNSON        KEVIN
JOHNSON        ROBERT L                232-16    JOHNSON        ROBERT
JOHNSON        ROBERT A.               253-12    JOHNSON        ROBERT A.
JOHNSON        ROBERT A.               253-11    JOHNSON        RUBY H.
JOHNSON        ROBERT L.               232-18    JOHNSON        TRAVIS M.
JOHNSTON       LAWRENCE                267-23    JOHNSTON       BERT INFANT
JOHNSTON       LAWRENCE                267-22    JOHNSTON       DAVID GLEN
JOHNSTON       ELDON                   0-C-02    JOHNSTON       ELDON
JOHNSTON       J. A.                   036-04    JOHNSTON       EVA
JOHNSTON       W. A./WALTER            220-07    JOHNSTON       IDAHO M.
HARTZOG        JAMES                   216-06    JOHNSTON       IONE
UNKNOWN                                OC-Q1     JOHNSTON       IRENE
JOHNSTON       J. A.                  036-06*    JOHNSTON       JOHN A.
JOHNSTON       J. A.                  036-07*    JOHNSTON       JOHN A.
JOHNSTON       LAWRENCE                267-21    JOHNSTON       LAWRENCE
JOHNSTON       W. A.                   216-10    JOHNSTON       LESLIE
JOHNSTON       CLINT                   268-05    JOHNSTON       MARY
JOHNSTON       RALPH JR.              039E-32    JOHNSTON       PATRICIA
JOHNSTON       RALPH                   267-17    JOHNSTON       RALPH
JOHNSTON       J. A.                  036-08*    JOHNSTON       REBECCA
JOHNSTON       CLINT                   268-06    JOHNSTON       SAMUEL
JOHNSTON       W. A./WALTER            220-08    JOHNSTON       WILLIAM A.
BROWN          J. P./MARY              203-01    JOLLY          ALICE L.
JOLLY          JIMMY                   203-03    JOLLY          NEAL
BROWN          J. P./MARY              203-02    JOLLY          WILLIAM D.
JONES          ERIC                    389-17    JONES          ALBERTA
JONES          B. G.                   256-05    JONES          DELLA JO
BARRETT        SUE                    016E-20    JONES          DELLA S.
JONES          G. H.                   009-08    JONES          EARNEST
JONES          G. H.                   009-09    JONES          EARNEST
JONES          GROVER                  026-14    JONES          GROVER
JONES          W. J.                  039E-21    JONES          HANNAH
JONES          JOHN W.                 249-18    JONES          JOHN WILLIAM
JONES          L. C.                   026-16    JONES          LOTTIE JEWEL
JONES          JOHN W.                 249-17    JONES          MANDA A.
JONES          L. C.                   026-17    JONES          R. G.
JONES          MARY                    389-18    JONES          RAYMOND ERIC
JONES          ALVA                    218-12    JONES          WILBURN M.
JONES          B. G.                   256-06    JONES          WILLIAM O.
JONES          W. J.                  039E-24    JONES          WILL JACKSON
JORDON         ROY                     109-06    JORDON         ROY B.
KARNS          RUBY G.                 237-01    KARNS          DANIEL EARL
KARNS          CLYDE                  227-18A    KARNS          JULIE RENEE
KEENE          LUKE                    365-17    KEENE          AMIE R.
KEENE          LUKE                    365-18    KEENE          LUKE
KEENER         J. A.                   241-17    KEENER         FLORA
KEENER         J. A.                   241-18    KEENER         JOHN A.
KELLEY         HENRY LEE               019-10    KELLEY         JOSEPH
CARPENTER      LILLIE MUR              103-14    KELLY          C. J. JR.
CARPENTER      LILLIE MUR              103-15    KELLY          CLAIR J. SR.
KELLY          V. L.                   101-20    KELLY          JAMES L.
KELLY          V. L.                   101-19    KELLY          MARY JUNE
KEMBERLIN      G. W.                   009-01    KEMBERLIN      ELLEN K.
KEMBERLIN      G. W.                   009-02    KEMBERLIN      INFANT
KENNEDY        A. L.                   027-04    KENNEDY        A. LINK
KENNEDY        WILSON                 041W-47    KENNEDY        CARRIE A.
KENNEDY        WILSON                 041W-50    KENNEDY        DAVID R.
KENNEDY        A. L.                  027-06*    KENNEDY        GEORGE
KENNEDY        A. L.                  027-07*    KENNEDY        GEORGE
JOHNSTON       REBECCA                 027-08    KENNEDY        JOHN
KENNEDY        A. L.                   027-05    KENNEDY        MAUD
KENNEDY        A. L.                   027-09    KENNEDY        R. B.
KENNEDY        A. L.                   027-03    KENNEDY        SARAH
KENNEDY        A. L.                   027-02    KENNEDY        WANDA BETH
KILGORE        W. A.                  039E-16    KILGORE        AMANDA LOUISE
KILGORE        W. A.                  039E-13    KILGORE        ANDREW
KILGORE        W. A.                  039E-09    KILGORE        OLLIE
KING           BENNY                   318-01    KING           BENNY JR.
KING           JACK                    002-05    KING           CLAUDIA MABEL
KING           JACK                    002-03    KING           DELPHIA
KING           HEIRS                  018E-25    KING           ELLEN
KING           JACK                    002-04    KING           JACK
KINGERY        VERNON                  204-10    KINGERY        JAMES VERNON
UNKNOWN                                240-45    KINNAMON       SHARON
KINNETT        C. W.                   023-01    KINNETT        C. W.
SNEED          FRED                    105-12    KIRBY          MINNIE
DRAKE          A. B. MRS.              002-14    KIRKHAM        CLIFFORD W.
KIRKHAM        T. W.                   038-10    KIRKHAM        T. W.
KIRKPATRICK                           042E-32*   KIRKPATRICK    PEARL M.
KIRKPATRICK                           042W-31*   KIRKPATRICK    PEARL M.
KNABE          A. B.                   101-02    KNABE          AUGUST
KNABE          A. B.                   101-01    KNABE          ELMIRA A.
DUNN           T. L.                  011W-19    KNAPP          LINDA
KNIGHT         BILLY/NORMA             388-11    KNIGHT         BILLY A.
KOSTER         HARRY A.                212-12    KOSTER         HARRY A.
KROUSE         S. I.                  018E-33    KROUSE         GUSSIE L.
JONES          L. C.                   026-15    KRUMTUM        J. C. MRS.
LACKEY         JOE N.                  367-04    LACKEY         JENNIFER R.
LACKEY         HERSHALL                366-04    LACKEY         ROBERT R.
LACKEY         JIMMY                   365-05    LACKEY         STEPHANIE
LAMB           CARL/LILLIE             340-02    LAMB           CARL
JENKINS/LAMBERTFAYE/CHAR               344-17    LAMBERT        GLORIA M.
LAMBERT        LUNICE                 042E-61    LAMBERT        INFANT
LAMBERT        ELMER                   032-31    LAMBERT        LUCILE
LANE           HOMER                   0-C-10    LANE           HOMER
LANE           HOMER                   0-C-09    LANE           SARAH EMELINE
LANG           DARRELL/ANN             357-05    LANG           JOE
LANGENEGGER    JIM                     367-07    LANGENEGGER    JIM
LANGENEGGER    JIM                     367-05    LANGENEGGER    JIMMY
LARGE          HERBERT                 255-04    LARGE          ELLA VICTORIA
LARGE                                 012E-16    LARGE          GILBERT
LARGE          HERBERT                 255-05    LARGE          JACKIE
LARGE                                 012E-17    LARGE          JENNY C.
TROLLINGER     RALPH                  011W-07*   LARGE          JUNE ANGEL
LARGE          L. J.                   252-04    LARGE          L. J.
LARGE          HERBERT                 387-08    LARGE          LAWRENCE G.
LARGE          L. J.                   252-03    LARGE          NETTIE BASING
LARGE          G.                     012E-28*   LARGE          RAY
LARGE          G.                     012E-29*   LARGE          RAY
LARGE          G.                     012E-32    LARGE          RICHARD
LARGE          G.                     012E-32*   LARGE          WILLIAM
LARGENT        KENNETH R.              379-03    LARGENT        GLADYS JEAN
COX            A. R.                   022-14    LARQUE         EMMA
LASHER         MILDRED                 341-05    LASHER         MILDRED (WOODRUFF)
BEWLEY         W. D.                  033-15*    LAWRENCE       SARAH C.
LAWS           PATSY                   365-03    LAWS           KEVIN LEE
LAWSON         GEORGE                  105-17    LAWSON         GEORGE
LEONARD        LOLA                    037-28    LEONARD        FAYETT P.
LEONARD        LOLA                    037-29    LEONARD        LOLA
LEONARD        F.                      038-27    LEONARD        NEICE
LEONARD        OPAL                    340-08    LEONARD        OPAL
UNKNOWN                                238-03    LESSLEY        GEORGIA
LIKENS         HARMON                  033-03    LIKENS         ETHEL
LIKENS         HARMON                  033-04    LIKENS         G. WASHINGTON
LIKENS         LEO  MRS.               217-12    LIKENS         GERALDINE
LIKENS         WALTER                  108-05    LIKENS         JEAN
CORNWALL       CALVIN C.               266-02    LIKENS         JOHN
HEWES          W. H.                   030-06    LIKENS         JOHN CAROL
LIKENS         HARMON                  024-17    LIKENS         MARTHA
LIKENS         WALTER                  108-07    LIKENS         MYRTLE
LIKENS         J. D.                   031-20    LIKENS         ORETTIS C.
LIKENS         ROSCOE                  259-08    LIKENS         ROSCOE
LIKENS         HARMON                  033-02    LIKENS         SALLIE MAY
LIKENS         WALTER                  108-06    LIKENS         VERNON
LIKENS         WALTER                  108-08    LIKENS         WALTER F.
LIKENS         HARMON                  033-01    LIKENS         WILLIAM
LILES          RAYMOND/JANICE          237-17    LILES          JANICE
LINDSEY        BILL/JEWEL             013E-36    LINDSEY        JEWEL
LINDSEY        BILL/JEWEL             013E-37    LINDSEY        WILLIE
LINN           FAYE                    263-13    LINN           DON
LITSEY         CORABEL                 375-02    LITSEY         JAMES
LITTLE         COY                     342-12    LITTLE         COY
LITTLE         L. O. MRS.              008-08    LITTLE         LUVENIA O.
LITTLE         L. O. MRS.              008-09    LITTLE         M. B.
LITTLE         L. DAVID                345-13    LITTLE         MICHAEL
LITTLE         L. O. MRS.              008-07    LITTLE         ROY R.
SPENCER        ED                      105-03    LOMAN          BOBBY GENE
LOMAN          HENRY                   109-03    LOMAN          BONNETTA
LOMAN          S. J.                   242-13    LOMAN          ELSIE
LOMAN          H. N.                   205-02    LOMAN          H. NEWT
LOMAN          HENRY                   109-04    LOMAN          HENRY
LACKEY         JIMMY/ILA               368-02    LOMAN          JESSE
LOMAN          S. J                   105-04*    LOMAN          JOHN W.
LOMAN          S. J.                  105-05*    LOMAN          NANCY J.
LOMAN          S. J.                   242-14    LOMAN          STANLEY
LOMAN          HENRY                   109-01    LOMAN          WENDELL DON
BURNETT        GEORGE W.              039W-23    LOMSKI         JOHN PAUL
UNKNOWN                               371-13A    LOSAWYER       AMY MAULDIN
LOSSING        WILLARD R.              037-22    LOSSING        ERNEST
LOWN           MARY                    325-08    LOWN           ELBERT
LUCY           D. G.                   213-15    LUCY           CLARA
LUCY           D. A. MRS.              237-04    LUCY           DAVID ANTHONY
LUCY           D. A. MRS.              237-05    LUCY           DAVID ANTHONY
LUCY           D. G. MRS.              213-14    LUCY           JENNIE
LYONS          FORD                    029-31    LYONS          FORD
LYONS          LENORA                  237-14    LYONS          HARLEY J.
LYONS          FORD                    029-30    LYONS          MAGGIE
UNKNOWN                                371-09    MADDOX         TROY JR.
RICKEY         CHAR/VIOLA              251-06    MADISON        GEORGE
RICKEY         CHAR/VIOLA              251-05    MADISON        NELLIE P.
COX            CHRIS                   217-10    MAGBY          MARTHA
MAINES         THOMAS E.               106-13    MAINES         THOMAS LEE
MALONE         J. K.                   038-23    MALONE         A. L.
MALONE         J. K.                   038-24    MALONE         D. A.
MANKIN                                 034-16    MANKIN         JACKY
MANKIN         BILLY                   034-17    MANKIN         JOHN
ROGERS         W. R.                   325-15    MANKIN         JUANITA
MANKINS        BILL                    101-09    MANKINS        ALVIN L.
MANKINS        BILL                    101-08    MANKINS        ANNA
UNKNOWN                                390-12    MANKINS        LESTER
MOORE          T. M.                   035-15    MARLETT        EDITH S.
MARRS          B. E.                   029-13    MARRS          ELMER
MARRS          T. J.                   030-05    MARRS          HARLIE T.
MARRS          T. J.                  016W-27    MARRS          MAGGIE
MARRS          T. J.                   030-04    MARRS          SCOTT
MARRS          T. J.                  016W-30    MARRS          T. J.
UNKNOWN                                363-10    MARTIN         CURTIS
MARTIN         J. A.                   363-12    MARTIN         JESSE A.
NELSON         F. M.                   009-04    MARTIN         MARY
MARTIN         ELMO/BLANCH             361-06    MARTIN         ROGER G.
MARTIN         ALVIN                   103-03    MARTIN         SARAH
MARTIN         C. W.                   363-09    MARTIN         THELMA
ROMO           S. P.                   103-16    MARTINEZ       MARY ESTHER
UNKNOWN                                389-14    MASON          KENNETH
MASTERS        GERTRUDE                233-18    MASTERS        LEON C.
MASTERS        GERTRUDE                234-18    MASTERS        ROBERT LEE
MASTERS        GERTRUDE                234-17    MASTERS        TERRY
MATHEWS        CURTIS                  372-05    MATHEWS        PEGGY
MAULDIN        VERNON                  0-B-16    MAULDIN        ALICE
UNKNOWN                                350-08    MAULDIN        BILLY DEAN
MAULDIN        JOHN                    267-24    MAULDIN        DOTTIE MAE
MAULDIN        JOHN                    267-25    MAULDIN        JOHN
MAULDIN        JOHNNY/BETTY            338-01    MAULDIN        JOHNNY
MAULDIN        VERNON                  0-B-15    MAULDIN        JOHNNY A.
MAULDIN        BRAD                    338-03    MAULDIN        MONICA
UNKNOWN                                O-B-17    MAULDIN        VERNON
UNKNOWN                                O-C-06    MCALISTER      MINNIE
MCALISTER      JEFF                    0-A-07    MCALISTER      THOMAS J.
MCATEE         J. D.                   038-03    MCATEE         J. D.
MCCANTS        C. W./CARRIE            209-02    MCCANTS        C. W.
MCCANTS        C. W./CARRIE            209-01    MCCANTS        CARRIE JANE
MCCLUNG        NELL                    339-14    MCCLUNG        MILUS
KENNEDY        WILSON                 041W-51    MCCOLLOUGH     ARTHUR
KENNEDY        WILSON                 041W-46    MCCOLLOUGH     MARY JENNIE
KENNEDY        WILSON                 041W-43    MCCOLLOUGH     REMULOUS
MCCOLLOUGH     ANNIE                   031-09    MCCOLLOUGH     W. T.
MCCOY          IRENE                   216-03    MCCOY          ELMER F.
MCCOY          GUY MRS.               017W-19    MCCOY          GUY
MCCOY          J. Y.                  021-15*    MCCOY          J. Y.
MCCOY          J. Y.                  021-14*    MCCOY          MARY / J. Y.
MCCOY          J. Y.                  021-13*    MCCOY          MARY VIRGINIA
WHITE          GLENN B MS             017W-11    MCCOY          MINNIE
WHITE          GLENN B MS             017W-14    MCCOY          THOMAS G.
MCDANIELS      JENIE                  039E-20    MCDANIELS      DAN
MCDANIELS      MAY                    018W-30    MCDANIELS      MAY
BELCHER        MOLLIE                 018W-31    MCDANIELS      RAY
MCDANIELS      JENIE                  039E-17    MCDANIELS      RONDA
MCGLOCKLIN     RUTH                    231-08    MCGLOCKLIN     RUTH
MCGOWAN        FLORA                   103-19    MCGOWAN        FLORA
MCGOWAN        FLORA                   103-20    MCGOWAN        ULYS
MCGUIRE        GEO DON                 253-01    MCGUIRE        INFANT
ROOMS          F. C. MRS.              207-06    MCGUIRE        MURRAY BUDDY
MCINTYRE       GILROY                  038-11    MCINTYRE       BELLE
MCINTYRE       GILROY                  038-12    MCINTYRE       GILROY
BOWERS         ORA                     364-09    MCKEAGG        ANN MARGIE
MCMILLON       VIVIAN                  242-10    MCMILLON       BRUCE
MCMILLON       VIVIAN                  242-07    MCMILLON       TIMOTHY
MCNULTY        H. W.                   212-13    MCNULTY        LEETOVAH
MCPHERSON      BILLY                   205-03    MCPHERSON      BILLY
MEANS          D. H.                   244-02    MEANS          D. H.
MEANS          D. H.                   244-04    MEANS          DAVID H.
MEANS          WILL                    024-11    MEANS          ELIZA L.
MEANS          D. H.                   244-05    MEANS          JUANITA
MEANS           D. H.                  244-03    MEANS          KATE L.
MEANS          D. H.                   244-06    MEANS          RUSSELL
MEANS          WILL                    024-10    MEANS          WILLIAM EWING
MEGEE          ZORA MRS.               237-16    MEGEE          HARVE W.
MEGEE          ZORA MRS.               237-15    MEGEE          ZORA
MEGENITY       W. B.                   028-16    MEGENITY       SARAH
MEGENITY       W. B.                   028-15    MEGENITY       W. B.
MELTON         JENNY                   305-06    MELTON         DENNIS
HENDRIX        CARL MRS.               104-11    METZGER        ETHEL W.
METZGER        WILLIAM                 010-10    METZGER        INFANT
MEXICAN        LABORER                014W-03    MEXICAN        INFANT
MILLER         AL                      384-04    MILLER         AL
MILLER         H. C.                   026-09    MILLER         CLOVIA E.
BERRY          JAMES                   321-02    MILLER         EULA
MILLER         H. C.                   026-10    MILLER         HENRY C.
MILLER          H. T.                  113-02    MILLER         HENRY T.
ROOKER         ROBET H.                0-C-04    MILLER         JOHN M.
MILLER         H. T.                   113-01    MILLER         MARTHA A.
MILLER          DICK MRS.              033-24    MILLER         NOKA
MILLER          DICK MRS.              033-23    MILLER         RICHARD
ROOKER         ROBERT H.               0-C-03    MILLER         RUBY
MILLS          ANNA                    209-03    MILLS          ANNIE
MILLS          ANNA                    209-04    MILLS          J. C.
MITCHELL       BILLY R.                371-01    MITCHELL       BRUCE J.
MODENA         CLYCE                   377-17    MODENA         CLYDE
MODENA         CLYDE                   377-16    MODENA         EDITH
MONTEZ         NANCY                   322-02    MONTEZ         REYNOLDO
MOORE          ED                      247-05    MOORE          A. E.
MOORE          ED                      247-04    MOORE          BERTHA
MOORE          ED                      102-12    MOORE          BILLY RAY
MOORE          EDGAR E.                202-01    MOORE          EARNEST L.
MOORE          EDGAR E.               202-02*    MOORE          EDGAR E.
MOORE          EDGAR E.               202-03*    MOORE          EDGAR E.
MOORE          EUGENE/E.               201-02    MOORE          ELLA
MOORE          EARL                    259-17    MOORE          ELMER D.
MOORE          EUGENE/E.               201-03    MOORE          EUGENE R.
MOORE          DONALD                  209-11    MOORE          GEORGE L.
MOORE          ED                      102-13    MOORE          LUCRETIA
MOORE          RILEY E.                257-15    MOORE          LULU B.
MOORE          T. M.                   035-16    MOORE          MAMIE
SHAW           MARY                    007-19    MOORE          MARY SHAW
MOORE          T. M.                   035-19    MOORE          ORAN W.
MOORE          RILEY E.                257-16    MOORES         RILEY E
MOORE          ED                      102-14    MOORE          ROY M.
MOORE          T. M.                   035-17    MOORE          T. M.
KNABE          A. B.                   101-03    MOORE          TANDY T.
MOORE          T. M.                   035-14    MOORE          THOMAS
MOORE          VIRGIE                  102-16    MOORE          THOMAS J.
MOORE          DONALD                  209-10    MOORE          VERA
MOORE          VIRGIE                  102-15    MOORE          VIRGIE ANN
LAWSON         GEORGE                  102-20    MORE           LESLIE C.
LAWSON         GEORGE                  102-19    MORE           MAURICE
MORRIS         WILLIAM L.              029-18    MORRIS         A. F. MRS.
GIST           EMMA STAPP              230-01    MORRIS         ADDIE
MORRIS         GEORGE                  029-20    MORRIS         CLARENCE ARTH
MORRIS         WILLIAM L.              029-16    MORRIA         CORA E.
MORRIS         WILLIAM L.              029-19    MORRIS         H. D.
MORRIS         OSCAR                  039W-31    MORRIS         LOL
MORRIS         MARVIN L.               008-02    MORRIS         MARVIN L.
PRICE          JOHN                    035-21    MORRIS         THELMA
MORRIS         WILLIAM                 029-17    MORRIS         W. L.
MOSIER         JUANITA                 219-06    MOSIER         C. WAYNE
MOSIER         JUANITA                 219-03    MOSIER         CHANDREA
MOTLEY         JOHN I.                 254-07    MOTLEY         GENE
MOTLEY         BETTY                   305-05    MOTLEY         W. C.
MOWERY         OLIVER                 012E-33*   MOWERY         OLIVER
MOWERY         OLIVER                 012E-36*   MOWERY         OLIVER
MULLICAN       MILDRED                 360-08    MULLICAN       M. C.
SMITH          JESS                    036-24    MUSGROVE       GRACIE
GASKILL        FUNERAL CH             014W-02    MYERS          HARDY
NABORS         DON                     208-11    NABORS         DONEL
NASH           ILA P.                  215-18    NASH           GEORGE W.
NASH           ILA P.                  215-14    NASH           GEORGE
NASH           ILA P.                  215-17    NASH           ILA P.
NATION         GERALD                 011E-09    NATION         ALPHA
NATION         GERALD                 011W-11    NATIONS        DONALD SR.
CONES          E. B.                   0-C-26    NEAL           BLANCHE
NEAL           MARY                   037-14*    NEAL           C. G.
NEAL           MARY                   037-15*    NEAL           C. G.
NEAL           E.                      037-24    NEAL           EDWIN
CONES          E. B.                   0-C-27    NEAL           JACK N.
NEAL           MARY                    037-16    NEAL           JAMES R.
NEAL           MARY                    037-12    NEAL           L. N.
NEAL           MARY                    037-13    NEAL           MARY
NEAL           E.                      037-23    NEAL           MOLLIE
NEAL           E.                      037-11    NEAL           S. R.
BELCHER        R. W.                   030-10    NEALY          JOHN T.
LANGENEGGER    JIM                     367-08    NELSON         CECIL
NELSON         F. M.                   009-06    NELSON         INFANT
NELSON         S.                      007-01    NELSON         IRA
NELSON         LEONA/LUCILLE           339-18    NELSON         LEON
NELSON         F. M.                   009-05    NELSON         RITA MARIE
NELSON         S.                      007-02    NELSON         SOREN
NEW            ROBERT H.               245-06    NEW            JEAN
NEWBY          AUDREY                  240-10    NEWBY          JAMES W.
SMITH          LESLIE                  036-12    NEWTON         ELZORA
NINEMIRE       B. F.                   004-20    NINEMIRE       B. F.
SMITH          J. M.                   025-02    NINEMIRE       BLUE F. JR.
NINEMIRE       B. F.                   004-19    NINEMIRE       EMMA R.
SMITH          J. M.                   025-01    NINEMIRE       PEARL
NOLAN          MARY MAXINE            014E-40    NOLAN          CLARENCE
NOLAN          H. C.                  040W-23    NOLAN          CORNELIA
NORRELL        JULIA ANN               349-14    NORRELL        ROY
NORRIS         RAYMOND                385-01*    NORRIS         RAYMOND
NORRIS         RAYMOND                385-02*    NORRIS         RAYMOND
THOMPSON       LEONA                   264-12    NYBERG         LOLA T.
O'BRYANT       J. J.                  013W-19    O'BRYANT       ALMA
O'BRYANT       J. J.                  013W-23    O'BRYANT       GLEN E.
O'BRYANT       J. J.                  013W-22    O'BRYANT       JOHN J.
O'BRYANT       JAMES                   008-17    O'BRYANT       ORA
OGG            TERRI                   371-12    OGG            DAVID
OGLE           SANDRA                  330-16    OGLE           T. ANTHONY
UNKNOWN                                036-15    OLIVER         DELLA
SIMMONS        BUD                     032-27    OLIVER         MATTIE
ORGANT         FORREST                 202-13    ORANGE         FORREST
ORR            C. W.                   265-01    ORR            CHARLEY W.
ORR            C. W.                   265-02    ORR            CLARA M.
ORR            JESSE                   214-16    ORR            CLAYTON S.
ORR            C. W.                   265-03    ORR            CLIFTON CHAR
ORR            JESSE                   214-15    ORR            JESSE E.
OSBORN         J. A./FRIEDA            238-13    OSBORN         FRIEDA A.
OSBORN         J. A./FRIEDA            238-14    OSBORN         JULIAN A.
OSBORNE        ELIZABETH               365-07    OSBORNE        ELBERT J.
OSTRANDER      HATTIE                 042W-54*   OSTRANDER      ARNOLD
OSTRANDER      HATTIE                 042W-55*   OSTRANDER      ARNOLD
OSTRANDER      HATTIE                 042E-49*   OSTRANDER      EDWARD
OSTRANDER      HATTIE                 042E-53*   OSTRANDER      FLOYD INFANT
OSTRANDER      HATTIE                 042E-52*   OSTRANDER      LEE RICHARD
OSTRANDER      HATTIE                 042E-48*   OSTRANDER      PETER
OVERTURF       WESLEY                  038-07    OVERTURF       WESLEY
OWENS          S, A, NRS,             012W-03    OWENS          SOLON A. JR.
ROESCH BROS    FUNERAL CH             014W-39    OWENS          WILLIAM J.
PAGE           F                      039W-47    PAGE           FINIS
PAGE           SPERGEON               040E-48    PAGE           GLEN
BARLETT        GEO D./RUBY             252-15    PAINTER        MARTHA L.
PAMER          J. L                   015E-08    PAMER          INFANT
PARK           JOHN                    230-04    PARK           HELEN
PARK           JOHN                    230-05    PARK           JOHN
PARKER         H. E.                   381-01    PARKER         BESSIE
PARKER         H. E.                   381-02    PARKER         HOMER
PARKER         CONNIE                  224-16    PARKER         SHEENA N.
PATTERSON      J. L.                  013E-25    PATTERSON      LOUIS T.
PATTERSON      J. L.                  013E-24    PATTERSON      MARTHA A.
PATTERSON      O. B.                   378-12    PATTERSON      OTIS B.
BROOKS         BERT H.                 0-C-11    PATTON         BILL
PATTON         C. C.                   111-02    PATTON         BIRCHIE
PATTON         C. C.                   111-07    PATTON         C. CURNEY
PATTON         C. C.                   111-03    PATTON         ED
PATTON         C. C.                   111-06    PATTON         HAZEL
BROOKS         BERT H.                 0-C-13    PATTON         JACK K.
PATTON         C. C.                   111-05    PATTON         JOE WINDFRED
PATTON         ED                      037-20    PATTON         JOHN K.
PATTON         ED                      037-19    PATTON         MATTIE NEAL
PATTON         ED                      037-21    PATTON         MILDRED
PENNINGTON     JAMES                   031-29    PENNINGTON     ELNORA M.
PENNINGTON     JAMES                   031-30    PENNINGTON     JAMES T.
PETRICEK       W. L.                  013W-10    PETRICEK       DAVID
PETRICEK       T. J.                   005-06    PETRICEK       INFANT
PETRICEK       JAKE                    247-08    PETRICEK       JAKE
PETRICEK       W. L.                  013W-11    PETRICEK       JOYCE
PETRICEK       W. L.                  013W-07    PETRICEK       MARK
PETRICEK       JAKE                    247-07    PETRICEK       MATTIE
PHELPS         CLIFFORD L.             362-01    PHELPS         CLIFFORD
PHELPS         FRANK                   105-08    PHELPS         FRANK
LIKENS         WALTER                  108-09    PHELPS         JOHN L.
PHELPS         FRANK                   105-07    PHELPS         LIZZIE A.
WINTER         MARVIN MRS.             220-16    PHILLIPS       DAISY J.
PHILLIPS       EARL MRS.               106-10    PHILLIPS       EARL
PHILLIPS       TAMPA MRS.              034-28    PHILLIPS       TAMPA MRS.
WIEGERT        CLIFFORD                114-15    PICKARD        DAVID RAY
PICKARD        J. H.                   022-02    PICKARD        FRED W.
PICKARD        J. H.                   022-03    PICKARD        J. H.
PICKARD        GURTUE                  115-13    PICKARD        JAMES LEE
PICKARD        KENNETH                 381-14    PICKARD        KENNETH A.
PICKARD        GURTUE                  114-13    PICKARD        LEON WM
PICKARD        LEROY                   334-10    PICKARD        LEROY
PICKARD        LEROY                   334-09    PICKARD        LEROY JR.
PICKARD        M. W.                   007-12    PICKARD        LIVONIA
PICKARD        J. H.                   022-01    PICKARD        M. E.
PICKARD        LEE MR/MRS              114-19    [OCLARD        MARY
PICKARD        M. W.                   007-13    PICKARD        MOOD
PICKARD        VIRO                   039E-33    PICKARD        MYRTLE OLGA
WIEGERT        CLIFFORD                114-14    PICKARD        OREN LEE
PICKARD        GURTUE                  114-11    PICKARD        WILLIE MAE
PIERSON        W. C.                   023-17    PIERSON        INFANT
PIKE           MICH/MYRTL              374-08    PIKE           RICHARD
PINKSTON       L. L.                   020-01    PINKSTON       L. L. CAPT.
PINKSTON       L. L.                  020-01A    PINKSTON       L. L. MRS.
GENTRY         W. L.                   036-11    PTIMAN         FREDDIE
PITMAN         VICTOR                  101-10    PITMAN         NARCISSA
PITMAN         VIC                     324-01    PITMAN         VICTOR
PLUMLEY        A. F.                   113-23    PLUMLEY        A. F.
PLUMLEY        J. A.                   031-24    PLUMLEY        ANNIE
PLUMLEY        A. F.                   113-21    PLUMLEY        RANKLIN B.
PLUMLEY        J. A.                   031-25    PLUMLEY        J. A.
PLUMLEY        A. F.                   113-22    PLUMLEY        MARGARET
JENKINS/LAMBERTFAYE/CHAR               344-16    [POE           GEORGE D.
JENKINS/LAMBERTFAYE/CHAR               344-15    POE            VERA M.
POFF           ALVIS                   251-18    POFF           ALVIS
BROWN                                  024-14    POFF           SHIRLEY ANN
POOLE          ART                     249-05    POOLE          ARTHUR
POOLE          ART                     249-07    POOLE          DON A.
POOLE          ART                     249-08    POOLE          DOUGLAS E.
POOLE          JOE                     009-12    POOLE          JOHNNIE FERL
DRAKE          KERMIT                  115-16    POUNDERS       DERRY U.
JOHNSTON       J. A.                   036-05    POWELL         SAMARIA
PATTERSON      O. B.                   378-10    PRICE          DALLAS A.
PRICE          DAVE                    257-08    PRICE          DAVE J.
PRICE          JOHN                    035-23    PRICE          JOHN P.
PATTERSON      O. B.                   378-09    PRICE          LELA A.
PRICE          LENA                    227-01    PRICE          LENA
PRICE          J. J. III               216-16    PRICE          LUDELLA
PRICE          JOHN                    035-22    PRICE          MARY E.
TROLLINGER     RALPH MRS.              216-09    PRICE          SUSIE
PRICE          LENA                    227-02    PRICE          VERNON T.
WINTER         MARVIN MRS.             220-15    PRICE          WILLIAM T.
PRICE          DAVE                    257-07    PRICE          ZORA RENA
PRINCE         VELMA                   268-25    PRINCE          ALBERT J.
KUPCZYNSKI     ELIZ ROGERS             218-16    RAINES         BERTHA
RAINEY         H.                     012E-37    RAINEY         FLOYD
RAINEY         H.                     012E-40A   RAINEY         W. H.
RAINEY         H.                     012E-40*   RAINEY         WESLEY
RAINEY         H.                     012E-40    RAINEY         WILLIE H.
RAMSEY         LEROY/ANNABEL           370-01    RAMSEY         ANNABELLE
RAMSEY         CLARENCE                205-08    RAMSEY         CLARENCE
RAMSEY         CHARLIE                 205-12    RAMSEY         JAMES R.
RAMSEY         R. L.                   263-05    RAMSEY         NELLIE
RAMSEY         R. L.                   263-06    RAMSEY         RICHARD LANG
RAMSEY         R. L.                   263-04    RAMSEY         WESLEY SCOTT
RANDALL        DOY                     034-25    RANDALL        BERTHA
RANDALL        URIAH                   034-21    RANDALL        DOLLY
RANDALL        DOY                     034-26    RANDALL        DOY
RANDALL        URIAH                   034-20    RANDALL        MYRTLE
RANDALL        URIAH                   034-22    RANDALL        URIAH
RAY            DAN/GERT                380-15    RAY            DAN
RAY            EMMA LEE               012W-34    RAY            EMMA LEE
RAY            DAN/GERT                380-14    RAY            GERTRUDE
AUSTIN         PAULA                   368-05    RAY            J. R.
ROERS          W. R.                   025-13    RAY            LENARD
RAY            W. B.                   038-21    RAY            LOUIE
RAY            EMMA LEE               012W-35    RAY            JOUIS J.
ROGERS         W. R.                   025-12    RAY            MARY E.
ROGERS         W. R.                   025-11    RAY            MARY SUE
RAY            EMMA LEE               012W-31    RAY            SAM
RAY            S. G.                  012W-39    RAY            SAMY GEAN
RAY            W. B.                   038-22    RAY            W. B. MRS.
REDDING                                019-01    REDDING
REDDING        GLEN                   018W-11    REDDING        ALBERT L
REDDING        R. H.                  011W-27    REDDING        ALICE FAY
REDDING        W. H.                  011E-37*   REDDING        ART
REDDING        W. H.                  011E-40*   REDDING        ART
REDDING        W. H.                  011W-39A   REDDING        BABY
REDDING        GLEN                   011E-28    REDDING        DAN HUGHES
REDDING        W. H.                  011W-38    REDDING        INA
REDDING        W. H.                  011E-36    REDDING        R. H.
REDDING        GLEN                   018E-12    REDDING        RAYMOND
REDDING        W. H.                  011W-39    REDDING        WILLIAM HENRY
SHIVERS        RILEY                   247-14    REDING         CARL
REECE          TROY                    251-10    REECE          MARK
REECE          TROY                    251-11    REECE          TROY JR.
REED           EDDIE                   370-10    REED           BETTY
REED           LOUIS                   038-01    REED           INFANT
REED           LEWIS                   038-02    REED           INFANT
REED           A. R.                   115-01    REED           JANUS ALORD
REED           JOHN                    004-11    REED           MARGARET
UNKNOWN                                320-13    REED           NORA MERLE
PAGE           F.                     039W-43    REEDER         MARY ANN
REID           LOREN                   235-04    REID           LOREN
RHODES         THURMAN                 207-10    RHODES         THURMAN
RICHARDS       C. L.                  016E-13    RICHARDS       ADA B.
RICHARDS       C. L.                  016E-16    RICHARDS       CLAUD L.
RICHARDS       E. B.                   256-14    RICHARDS       DONNIE LYNN
RICHARDS       BOB                     265-17    RICHARDS       EVELYN DORIS
COLSTON        ED/WANDA                329-17    RICHARDSON     WANDA
RICHEY         W. F.                   005-16    RICHEY         LORA N.
RICHEY         PAUL G.                 004-15    RICHEY         PAUL G.
HATFIELD       J. W.                   005-17    RICHEY         W. F.
RICKEY         VIOLA                   251-04    RICKEY         WM. CHARLES
RIMER          A. B.                   239-12    RIMER          CECIL R.
RIMER          A. B.                   238-08    RIMER          FOY MARION
RINGER         W. H.                   110-03    RINGER         CARL J.
RINGER         W. H.                   110-02    RINGER         ELSIE
RINGER         JIM                     002-07    RINGER         ROSIE
RINGER         W. H.                   110-01    RINGER         W. H.
WARREN/RIVES   ALMA/HAZEL              223-11    RIVERS         HAZEL
ROBERSON       CHARLENE                323-18    ROBERSON       DWIGHT
ROBERSON       MELVIN                  268-07    ROBERSON       ELLIE N.
ROBERSON       MELVIN                  268-08    ROBERSON       MELVIN
ROBERTS FND    BRIAN                   389-01    ROBERTS        ALICE
ROBERTS FND    BRIAN                   389-13    ROBERTS        BRIAN
ROBERTS        I. F.                   009-11    ROBERTS        HOWARD EUGENE
ROBERTS        LLOYD                   266-10    ROBERTS        IVAN FURLIS
ROBERTS        J. C.                   256-20    ROBERTS        JOHN C.
ROBERTS        J. C.                   256-19    ROBERTS        MAY L.
ROBERTS        LLOYD                   266-09    ROBERTS        MINNIE L.
RODGERS        J. W.                  042W-10*   RODGERS        CHARLOTTE
RODGERS        J. W.                  042E-09*   RODGERS        CHARLOTTE S.
RODGERS        J. W.                  042E-08*   RODGERS        JOHN W.
RODGERS        J. W.                  042W-07*   RODGERS        JOHN W.
ROGERS         CHESTER                 268-21    ROGERS         APPY
ROGERS         A. E.                  018W-19    ROGERS         ARTHUR
ROGERS         CHESTER                 268-22    ROGERS         CHESTER
ROGERS         ELIZABETH               217-18    ROGERS         GENE S.
ROGERS         W. F.                   384-09    ROGERS         LUNELL
ROGERS         W. R.                   025-16    ROGERS         MARY N.
ROGERS         W. F.                   384-10    ROGERS         W. F.
ROGERS         W. R.                   025-17    ROGERS         W. R.
ROLLAND        VIRGIE                  111-12    ROLAND         CLARENCE
BROWN          FLETCHER                038-30    ROLAND         LILLIE A.
BROWN          RALPH                   029-12    ROLAND         SUSAN R.
ROOFFENER      FLOSSIE                 254-10    ROOFFENER      EARL
ROOFFENER      FLOSSIE                 254-08    ROOFFENER      FLOSSIE
ROOKER         J. R.                   115-30    ROOKER         AUDREY M.
ROOKER         DEWEY                  113-29*    ROOKER         BESSIE E.
ROOKER         ROY                     111-28    ROOKER         CLEDA
ROOKER         DEWEY                  113-30*    ROOKER         DEWEY B.
ROOKER         L. C.                   032-20    ROOKER         FLORENCE
ROOKER         FRED                    112-31    ROOKER         FRED LEE
ROOKER         H. C.                   114-29    ROOKER         H. C.
ROOKER         L. C.                   032-19    ROOKER         HASKELL
ROOKER         J. E.                   383-15    ROOKER         JACK
ROOKER         J. R.                   115-31    ROOKER         JOHNNIE R.
ROOKER         L. C.                   032-21    ROOKER         L. C.
ROOKER         J. O.                  017W-07    ROOKER         MARCIA
ROOKER         H. C.                   114-28    ROOKER         MAUDE
ROOKER         FRED                    112-30    ROOKER         PEARL
ROOKER         ROY                     111-29    ROOKER         ROY R.
ROOMS          F. C. MRS.              207-04    ROOMS          ALPHA M.
ROOMS          F C. MRS.               207-15    ROOMS          FRANK C.
ROPER          F. M. MRS.              258-07    ROPER          FRANCIS M.
ROPER          F. M. MRS.              258-08    ROPER          ROY
ROSE           BILL                    112-11    ROSE           BILL
ROSE           BILL                    112-10    ROSE           FRANCIS
ROSE           J. L.                  042E-44*   ROSE           GEORGE P.
ROSE           J. L.                  042E-45*   ROSE           GEORGE P.
ROSE           J. L.                  042W-43*   ROSE           GEORGE P.
ROSE           J. L.                  042W-46*   ROSE           GEORGE P.
ROSE           M. R.                   019-13    ROSE           JOSEPH
ROSE           BILL                    112-12    ROSE           JOSEPH MARTIN
ROSE           M .R.                   019-12    ROSE           MARY
ROSS           CHARLEY                 022-17    ROSS           A. A.
ROSS           CHARLEY                028-06*    ROSS           ADA MAY
ROSS           CHARLEY                028-07*    ROSS           ADA MAY
ROSS           CHARLEY                 028-08    ROSS           CHARLIE E.
ROSS           CHARLEY                 028-05    ROSS           CLARA ALBERTA
ROSS           W. O.                   236-13    ROSS           EUNICE
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-10    ROSS           FRANCIS
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-09    ROSS           FREDDIE
ROSS           GEORGE MRS.             383-07    ROSS           GEORGE
ROSS           HARVEY                  261-12    ROSS           HARVEY
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-06    ROSS           IDA
ROSS           GEORGE                  210-16    ROSS           JOHN THOMAS
ROSS           LEE                     022-07    ROSS           LEE
ROSS           LEE                     022-06    ROSS           LELA E.
JACKSON                               037-02*    ROSS           LILLIE INFANT
ROSS           CHARLES                 236-09    ROSS           LISA ANN
ROSS           LEE                     022-08    ROSS           M. J. MRS. SCOTT
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-07    ROSS           OLLIE
ROSS           LEE                     022-05    ROSS           RICHARD
ROSS           LEE                     022-10    ROSS           SCOTT
ROSS           W. O.                   236-12    ROSS           WM OLIVER
ROUGHTON       E. F./DELLA             363-15    ROUGHTON       DELLA
ROUGHTON       E. F/DELLA              363-16    ROUGHTON       EDWIN
ROUGHTON       JANICE                  361-10    ROUGHTON       REVIS
RUSCHE         CARL                   039W-55    RUSCHE         CARL
RUSCHE         CARL                   039W-54    RUSCHE         ESTHER MINNIE
RUSH           N. J. MRS.             029-14*    RUSH           J. E.
RUSH           N. J. MRS.             029-15*    RUSH           J. E.
RUSSELL        MARGARET                366-08    RUSSELL        ROBERT M
RUTHERFORD     J. W.                   111-19    RUTHERFORD     CORA E.
RUTHERFORD     J. W.                   111-20    RUTHEFORD      JOHN W.
GOOLSBY        ROSE MARIE             012E-05    RYAN           BARBARA ANN
UNKNOWN                                012-05    RYAN           BILL
RYAN           J. L.                   036-20    RYAN           CHARLEY
RYAN           J. L.                   036-21    RYAN           EDGAR
SANDERS        ELMER H.                257-14    SANDERS        ELMER HILL
SANDERS        GRACIE                  216-14    SANDERS        V. G.
SANDLIN        W. T. MR/MRS.          013E-32    SANDLIN        W. T.
SAULS          JUNIOR/AUDREY           360-14    SAULS          ERNEST JUNIOR
SAULS          CLEO                    231-13    SAULS          R. W.
SAUNDERS       ANNIE                   255-15    SAUNDERS       ANNIE
SAUNDERS       ANNIE                   255-16    SAUNDERS       LUCIAN S.
WAGONER        ADAM                   039E-52    SCANLIN
WAGONER        ADAM                   039E-53    SCANLIN        SON
SCARBROUGH     C. E.                   246-13    SCARBROUGH     CHARLES E.
SCARBROUGH     GLEN                    0-B-03    SCARBROUGH     JOCIE
SCARBROUGH     C. E.                   246-12    SCARBROUGH     NORA LEE
SCARBROUGH     GLEN                    0-B-04    SCARBROUGH     RYMOND
TUBBS          ORLIE L.                384-15    SCARBROUGH     WOODRUW
STEVENS        CHARLES                 005-10    SCHULZ         C, C, MRS,
STEVENS        CHARLES                 005-08    SCHULZ         JOHN T.
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-04    SEALS          HENRY P.
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-02    SEALS          JOHN W.
ROSS           OLLIE                   004-01    SEALS          LIZ JACKSON
SEATON         E. A.                   028-11    SEATON         EVERT
SEATON         H. M.                   029-10    SEATON         FRANK H.
SEATON         H. M.                   029-09    SEATON         HENRY M.
SEATON         H. M.                   029-08    SEATON         MARY M.
SEEBECK        JOHN MRS.               255-14    SEEBECK        JOHN
SEEBECK        JOHN MRS.               255-13    SEEBECK        OLGA
ROOKER         L. C.                   032-22    SEIKEL         BESSIE ROOKER
SEIKEL         JOE                     024-08    SEIKEL         INFANT JOE
SEIKEL         LEO V.                  369-17    SEIKEL         LEO V.
METZGER        O. H.                   258-01    SELF           DORA ALABAMA
SELLERS        A. R.                   373-15    SELLERS        MAUDIE A.
SEWELL         HELEN                   036-26    SEWELL         HELEN
SHACKELFORD    OLLIE M.                212-02    SHACKLEFORD    L. M.
SHANNON        J. D.                   113-04    SHANNON        HERSHELL P.
SHANNON        J. D.                   113-06    SHANNON        J. D. DR.
SHANNON        J. D.                   113-05    SHANNON        VELMA
SHANNON        J. D.                   113-03    SHANNON        VINCENT G.
SHAW           MARY                    007-17    SHAW           BARTLETT
GODWIN         LESTER L.               201-04    SHAW           NELLIE
DUBOISE        E. W.                   001-05    SHIELDS        DOVIE
DUBOISE        E. W.                   001-07    SHIELDS        TERRY
SHVERS         RILEY                   247-17    SHIVERS        JEWELL E.
SHIVERS        RILEY                   247-16    SHIVERS        RILEY L.
SHOCKLEY       LARRY                  015E-16    SHOCKLEY       DELILAH M.
SHOCKLEY       D. W.                   209-07    SHOCKLEY       PAULA ANN
MOTLEY         GENE I.                 254-04    SHOMAKER       FRANKIE
MOTLEY         GENE I.                 254-05    SHOMAKER       MARY LOU
RICHEY         W. F.                   005-14    SHREINER       AMOS RAY
RICHEY         W. F.                   005-15    SHREINER       CHARLES RAY
RICHEY         W. F.                   005-13    SHREINER       LAURA E.
SHUFFIELD      JOHN                    385-17    SHUFFIELD      CALLIE
SHUFFIELD      JOHN                    385-18    SHUFFIELD      JOHN M.
UNKNOWN                                392-08    SIKES          HERMAN D.
SIMMONS        JOSH                    009-15    SIMMONS        JOHN
SIMMONS        F. O.                   032-07    SIMMONS        LISH
SIMMONS        JOSH                    009-16    SIMMONS        MAMMIE
SIMMONS        F. O.                   032-12    SIMMONS        MRS.
SIMPSON        JACK/JOYCE              322-09    SIMPSON        JACK
SIMPSON        J. E.                   234-14    SIMPSON        JAMES E.
SIMPSON        J. E.                   234-13    SIMPSON        MARIE
SIMS           OLA MAE                 366-02    SIMS           JOHN LEWIS
SIMS           OLA MAE                 366-01    SIMS           OLA M.
ROBINGSON      RUTH                    246-10    SLAGLE         CECIL W. JR.
ROBINSON       RUTH                    246-11    SLAGLE         TOMMY S.
SLATE          B. J.                   265-23    SLATE          B. J.
SLATE          PAUL                    268-16    SLATE          DEANA S.
SLATE          B. J.                   265-22    SLATE          HATTIE
SLATE          PAUL                    268-18    SLATE          PAUL
UNKNOWN                                317-16    SMITH          ANGELINE
SMITH          GROVER C.               037-30    SMITH          ANGIE A.
SMITH          CHARLIE A.              343-18    SMITH          CHARLIE
SMITH          D. C.                   230-15    SMITH          DELPHIN C.
SMITH          EARNIE                 042W-15*   SMITH          EARNIE
MILLER         H. T.                   111-01    SMITH          ELLA
SMITH          EARNIE                 042E-16*   SMITH          ERNIE
JUKNOWN                               041E-32*   SMITH          GEORGE
UNKNOWN                               041W-31*   SMITH          GEORGE
SMITH          JESS                   264-17*    SMITH          GROVER C.
HOGUE          L. A.                   228-12    SMITH          HELEN
SMITH          HOLLIS                  345-16    SMITH          HOLLIS
SMITH          J. M.                   025-04    SMITH          JAMES DENNIE
SMITH          J. M.                   025-07    SMITH          JAMES MONROE
SMITH          JESS                   036-23*    SMITH          JESS K.
UNKNOWN                                230-14    SMITH          LENORA
UNKNOWN                               4122-01    SMITH          LEO
SMITH          SAM                     003-07    SMITH          LOUISA JANE
SMITH          LUM                     034-07    SMITH          LUM
UNKNOWN                                343-17    SMITH          MADGE
SMITH          JESS                   036-22*    SMITH          ODESSA A.
SMITH          OSCAR                   034-02    SMITH          OSCAR MRS.
SMITH          J. M.                   025-05    SMITH          PEGGY ORA J.
UNKNOWN                                352-18    SMITH          RADA
SMITH          WILLIAM H.              021-17    SMITH          ROBERT
SMITH          GROVER C.               037-31    SMITH          ROBERT D.
SMITH          EARNIE                 042E-17*   SMITH          SALLIE
SMITH          EARNIE                 042W-18*   SMITH          SALLIE
SMITH          SAM                     003-06    SMITH          SAM ISAAC
SMITH          J. M.                   025-08    SMITH          SARAH LUOLA
SMITH          H. O.                  020-10*    SMITH          SHERMAN B.
SMITH          H. O.                  020-11*    SMITH          SHERMAN B.
STOCKTON       LARRY                   240-11    SMITH          SUDA V.
SMITH          VERNON                  345-18    SMITH          VERNON
SMITH          J. M.                   026-01    SMITH          W. L.
SMITH          J. M.                   025-06    SMITH          WILLIAM D.
SMITH          WILLIAM H.              021-16    SMITH          WILLIAM H.
SMITH          VERNON                  345-17    SMITH          WILLINE R.
UNKNOWN                                102-06    SMOTHERS       ALMA
THOMPSON       CHARLIE                 102-05    SMOTHERS       RAY
SMOTHERS       R. W.                   227-15    SMOTHERS       REX
SNYDER         BEN/IRENE               370-04    SNYDER         BEN
SOOTER         J. F.                   003-12    SOOTER         LANITA
SOTO           JOSE G.                 215-16    SOTO           JOSE GALVIN
SOUTHERLAND    ORA                     236-15    SOUTHERLAND    LENA L.
SOUTHERLAND    ORA                     236-16    SOUTHERLAND    ORA
SPARKS         GORMAN                  269-20    SPARKS         ALTON CURTIS
SPARKS         GLADYS                  241-07    SPARKS         JOHN D.
SPARKS         SARAH A.                031-23    SPARKS         SARAH A.
PAGE           F.                     039W-46    SPARKS         VIRGINIA PAGE
UNKNOWN                                234-01    SPENCE         AUDREY
SPENCE         R. L.                   233-16    SPENCE         R. L.
SPENCE         R. L.                   233-01    SPENCE         TEDDY JOE
SPENCER        ED                     105-01A    SPENCER        ELTE
SPENCER        ED                      105-02    SPENCER        EUCLE
SPINKS         KATHLEEN                386-14    SPINKS         BILLY G.
SPINKS         JOHN                    359-18    SPINKS         TRENTON J. K.
STACY          ROY                     262-16    STACY          CLELESTIA
UNKNOWN                                262-02    STACY          CORA
HERRING        N. H.                   021-10    STACY          EVA
STACY          ROY                     262-17    STACY          ROY
STACY          ROY                     262-15    STACY          WILLIAM MARK
FREEMAN        THOMAS                  343-10    STAHL          ELIZABETH
STAMPER        JAMES M.               012W-15    STAMPER        INA MAY
STANDIFER      RUTH                    222-12    STANDIFER      PALMER
STANDIFER      RUTH                    222-11    STANDIFER      RUTH
STAPP          VERNA                   104-05    STAPP          EDMOND C.
JOHNSON        ROBERT A.               253-09    STAPP]         EDNA
STAPP          VERNA                   104-01    STAPP          GID H.
STAPP          VERNA                   104-04    STAPP          HELEN L.
STAPP          VERNA                   104-03    STAPP          LEONA J.
STAPP          VERNA                   104-07    STAPP          NEWMAN
STAPP          VERNA                   104-02    STAPP          VERNA MRS.
STEPHENS       GROVER C.               032-24    STEPHENS       INFANT
STELL          BILL                   039E-41    STELL          J. W.
STELL          J. W.                   002-01    STELL          JOE LINN
STELL          BEN MRS.                248-13    STELL          MENERVA C.
STELL          BEN MRS.                248-14    STELL          MOSES B.
STELL          BILL                   039E-40    STELL          NETTIE
WILLIAMS       W. L.                   110-17    STENSAAS       JOHN
STEPHENS       C. R. MRS.             016W-19    STEPHENS       C. R.
STEVENS        MARGARET                257-20    STEVENS        CHARLES A.
STEVENS        CHARLES                 005-11    STEVENS        CHARLES JR.
STEVENS        EUGENE                  253-16    STEVENS        EUGENE
STEVENS        J. M.                   225-06    STEVENS        J. M.
STEVENS        J. M.                   225-05    STEVENS        LITTIE BELLE
STEVENS        GARY                    342-17    STEVENS        MASON
STEVENS        OTIS/MERLE              257-18    STEVENS        MERLE E.
STEVENS        OTIS/MERLE              257-17    STEVENS        OTIS
STEVENS        SIDNEY                  380-03    STEVENS        PEARL
REDDING        MARY                   018E-01A   STEWART        BILL
STEWART        JOE                     035-10    STEWART        INFANT
STEWART        F. P.                   037-08    STEWART        ISREAL W.
STEWART        JOE                    035-12*    STEWART        MELVIN
STEWART        JOE                    035-13*    STEWART        MELVIN
STEWART        F. P.                   037-09    STEWART        SALLIE
STEWART        JOE                     035-11    STEWART        VIVIAN
BERRY          GEORGIA                 256-08    STITES         TERRY
STOCKTON       ABB                     109-11    STOCKTON       D. A.
STOCKTON       LARRY                   239-15    STOCKTON       DOROTHY
STOCKTON       E. D.                  240-16*    STOCKTON       ELMER DEWITT
STOCKTON       LARRY                   239-18    STOCKTON       RETHA
STOCKTON       E. D.                  240-15*    STOCKTON       VELMA RUBY
ALLEN          T. . MRS.               240-18    STOCKTON       WILLIAM H.
UNKNOWN                                349-17    STOCKWELL      JAMES R.
THOMPSON       FAYE                    244-18    STONE          AUSTIN V.
STONE          RHEA/JOE                0-B-08    STONE          JOSEPH
SMITH          JOHN M.                018W-23*   STORY          CLERAMAN
SMITH          JOHN M.                018W-26*   STORY          CLERAMAN
STRINGER       A. C.                   038-04    STRINGER       A. C.
COX            RAMONA                  379-18    STUBBS         HARRY A.
SULLINS        W. T./ETHEL             004-16    SULLINS        ETHEL
SULLINS        WALLACE                 030-01    SULLINS        INFANT
SULLINS        WALLACE                303-01A    SULLINS        MONTE LEE
SULLINS        W. T./ETHEL             004-17    SULLINS        WALLACE
SULLIVAN       THEO                    360-18    SULLIVAN       LARRY
SULLIVAN       L. F.                   260-11    SULLIVAN       LEONARD
SULLIVAN       THEO                    360-16    SULLIVAN       LETA
SULLIVAN       THEO                    360-15    SULLIVAN       THEO
SULLIVAN       L. F.                   260-10    SULLIVAN       WILLIE LEE
SUMMERS        A. L.                   269-12    SUMMERS        ANVILLE L.
SUMMERS        A. L.                   269-11    SUMMERS        DORETHA
SUMMERS        R. L.                   269-14    SUMMERS        R. L.
SUMMERS        EMMA                    367-03    SUMMERS        TOMMY G.
SMITH          LUM                     034-03    SWANK          EMMA
SMITH          LUM                     034-04    SWANK          ROBERT HARRY
SWINNEY        TIM                     345-14    SWINNEY        DUSTIN
TABER          ESTHER                  327-16    TABER          CHARLES JR.
UNKNOWN                                305-02    TADE           CHARLES D.
TAGGART        P. M.                  017E-28    TAGGART        INFANTS (2)
TAGGART        J. A.                   028-13    TAGGART        J. A.
TAGGART        J. A.                   028-14    TAGGART        LAURA
OWENS          S. A. MRS.             012W-02    TALMON         MINNIE OWEN
UNKNOWN                                370-18    TANKSLEY       ODIE
PIERCE         PAULINE                 370-17    TANKSLEY       ZYREE
UNKNOWN                                389-16    TATE           BILLY J.
TAYLOR         E. B.                  039W-10    TAYLOR         DORA E.
COLEMAN        NATH                   039E-01    TAYLOR         EMERY
COLEMAN        NATH                   039E-04    TAYLOR         F. B.
TAYLOR         J. J.                   105-09    TAYLOR         JESSE J.
COLEMAN        NATH                   039E-08    TAYLOR         JESSE N.
COLEMAN        NATH                   039E-05    TAYLOR         LAURA
TAYLOR         L. H.                   266-05    TAYLOR         LONNIE H.
TAYLOR         L. H.                   266-04    TAYLOR         LOVA
TAYLOR         J. J.                   105-10    TAYLOR         NANCY ELIZ
LITSEY         J. A.                   237-06    TAYLOR         VOLNEY H.
WILLIAMS       BETTY ERREL             107-10    TERREL         CECIL SAM
TERRELL        J. A.                   263-11    TERRELL        J. A.
TERRELL        J. A.                   263-10    TERRELL        VERNA I.
TOMPKINS       VIRGINIA                216-12    THOMPKINS      JOHN W.
TOMPKINS       VIRGINIA                216-11    THOMPKINS      VIRGINIA
UNKNOWN                                376-18    THOMPSON       BILL
UNKNOWN                                204-08    THOMPSON       BILLY G.
THOMASON       C. E.                   214-02    THOMPSON       CARTHEL E.
THOMPSON       CHARLIE                 102-07    THOMPSON       CHARLIE
THOMPSON       CLAUD MRS.              219-17    THOMPSON       CLARA
THOMPSON       CLAUD MRS.              219-18    THOMPSON       CLAUD L.
THOMPSON       H. O. MRS.              0-A-19    THOMPSON       CORA LEE
THOMPSON       LESTER                  203-15    THOMPSON       ELIZABETH
GARNER         J. R.                   006-19    THOMPSON       FAYE INFANT
THOMPSON       RUTH                    264-14    THOMPSON       HASKELL C.
THOMPSON       H. O. MRS.              0-A-20    THOMPSON       HERBERT O.
THOMPSON       IDA                     110-12    THOMPSON       I. L.
THOMPSON       IDA                     110-11    THOMPSON       IDA J.
THOMPSON       FRANK                   264-09    THOMPSON       JOHN F.
THOMPSON       JOHNNIE/SUE             349-09    THOMPSON       JOHNNY
THOMPSON       LESTER                  203-16    THOMPSON       LESTER
THOMPSON       ERNEST                  257-01    THOMPSON       LISA RENNE
THOMPSON       CHARLIE                 102-08    THOMPSON       MARTHA E.
THOMPSON       HERBERT                 010-11    THOMPSON       MILDRED L.
THOMPSON       FAYE                    244-16    THOMPSON       P. FAY
THOMPSON       RANK                    264-08    THOMPSON       THELMA J.
THOMPSON       ROSE                    360-06    THOMPSON       TRUMAN
THOMPSON       CHARLIE                 102-09    THOMPSON       WILLIAM E.
THORNTON       OTIS WAYNE              347-02    THORNTON       LAURA MICHELLE
THORNTON       OTIS                    345-04    THORNTON       OTTIS
UNKNOWN                                235-13    THORNTON       SHIRLEY
THRASHER       ANDREW                 003-10*    THRASHER
THRASHER       ANDREW                 003-11*    THRASHER       ANDREW B.
THRASHER       JACK                    265-16    THRASHER       BILLY GENE
THRASHER       EMMETT                 014W-10    THRASHER       EMMETT A.
THRASHER       HOMER                   258-20    THRASHER       HOMER
THRASHER       JACK                    229-02    THRASHER       JACK
THRASHER       ANDREW                 003-09*    THRASHER       KATIE
THRASHER       JACK                    229-01    THRASHER       LYDIA
THRASHER       HOMER                   258-14    THRASHER       MARK ALLEN
THRASHER       A. B.                   027-12    THRASHER       PAUL K.
THRASHER       HOMER                   258-19    THRASHER       SARAH ANN
PATTON         ED                      037-18    THRELKELD      PRUDENCE
THURBER        THOMAS                  034-18    THURBER        THOMAS
TICE           POLLY A.                034-01    TICE           POLLLIE
TISON          J. F.                  018E-04    TISON          ALTON J.
TISON          J. F.                  018W-06    TISON          CHARLES
SPARKS         GORMAN                  269-19    TISON          CURTIS TODD
TISON          J. F.                  018E-08    TISON          JOHN THOMAS
UNKNOWN                                305-02    TISON          JULIUIS WAYNE
TISON          J. F.                  018W-07    TISON          KATHERINE JOE
TISON          ALTON                  018E-05    Tison          MATTIE BELL
TREAT          HAROLD                  380-17    TREAT          HOWARD
TREAT          HAROLD                  380-16    TREAT          ORA
GARNER         W. D.                   006-12    TREE
TROLLINGER     RALPH                  011E-08*   TROLLINGER     INFANT
TROLLINGER     RALPH                   026-08    TROLLINGER     INFANT
TROLLINGER     RALPH                   253-04    TROLLINGER     RALPH
TUBBS          ORLIE L.                384-17    TUBBS          ORLIE
TUCKER         W. W./KOLETA            388-18    TUCKER         RICHARD H.
MOORE          G. L.                   260-09    TURNER         DOLLY
TYSON          HARRY                   259-01    TYSON          BETTY
TYSON          DAN/MARIE               371-18    TYSON          DAN
UNKNOWN                                005-12    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                008-03    UNKNOWN
NORDMAN        L. A.                   008-20    UNKNOWN
UNKONWN                                009-03    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                009-13    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                009-14    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                009-17    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                010-01    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                010-02    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                010-03    UNKNOWN
BOORE          MAXINE                  010-04    UNKNOWN
BAKER          O. C.                   010-06    UNKNOWN
HAYES          JOE                     010-07    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                010-12    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                010-13    UNKNOWN
READING        MR.                     010-15    UNKNOWN
READING        MR.                     010-16    UNKNOWN
READING        MR.                     010-17    UNKNOWN
READING        MR.                     010-18    UNKNOWN
READING        MR.                     010-19    UNKNOWN
READING        MR.                     010-20    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011E-16*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011E-17*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011E-24*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011E-25*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011W-15*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011w-18*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011w-23*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011w-26*   UNKNOWN
WALTERS        MRS.                   011W-31    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011W-34    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               011w-35    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-08    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-09    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-12    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-13    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-20    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-24    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               012E-25    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               013E-17    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               013E-20*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               013E-21*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               013E-28    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               014W-15    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               014W-19    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               014W-38    UNKNOWN
MCDONNEL       ALMA                   016E-17    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               016W-02*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               016W-07    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               016W-10    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               016W-11    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               016W-22*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               016W-23*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               017E-01*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               017E-04*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018E-09*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018E-13*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018E-16*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018W-10*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018W-14*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018W-15*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               018W-27    UNKNOWN
ROSE           MR.                     019-14    UNKNOWN
ROSE           MR.                     019-15    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                020-06    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                021-05    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                022-11    UNKNOWN
PIERSON        W. C.                   023-11    UNKNOWN
GARNER         S. J.                   030-11    UNKNOWN
EPPERSON                               032-13    UNKNOWN
EPPERSON                               032-14    UNKNOWN
EPPERSON                               032-15    UNKNOWN
LIKENS         HARMON                  033-05    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               034-12*    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               034-13*    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                034-14    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                034-15    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                035-08    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                035-20    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                035-28    UNKNOWN
COX            MR.                     036-13    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                036-25    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                036-27    UNKNOWN
BAKER          O. C.                   037-27    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                                038-13    UNKNOWN
BUSH           A. R.                  039E-36    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               039W-34    UNKNOWN
GOODMAN        G. T.                  039W-38    UNKNOWN
GOODMAN        G. T.                  039W-39    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040E-12*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040E--16   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040E-17*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040E-21*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040E-53*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-11*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-18*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-22*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-39    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-42    UNKNOWN
COLE           ARTHUR                 040W-47    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-50*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               040W-51*   UNKNOWN
COLE           ARTHUR                 040W-54*   UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               041W-39    UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN                               013E-33*   UNKNOWN        CHILD
UNKNOWN                               013W-34*   UNKNOWN        CHILD
WHITEHEAD      BILL                    021-08    UNKNOWN        INFANT
THOMAS         GERTRUDE                268-01    UNKNOWN        INFANT
THOMAS         GERTRUDE                268-02    UNKNOWN        INFANT
VAN HOOK       JOHN                    356-17    VAN HOOK       VEDA
VANDIVER       R. F.                   031-04    VANDIVER       JEWEL
VANNOY         BILL                    356-14    VANNOY         SHAWNA
VAREY          ZENAS                   245-02    VAREY          IDA
VAREY          HERMAN                  265-14    VAREY          MOLLIE MAE BLY
VAREY          HERMAN                  265-13    VAREY          PAUL H.
VAREY          ZENAS                   245-03    VAREY          ZENAS
LARGE          L. J.                   252-01    VILLIAMS       LAURA
UNKNOWN                                380-11    VINCENT        EDWARD L.
UNKNOWN                                380-10    VINCENT        MARY A.
DARBY          CORDIE                  264-04    WAGNON         FREDDIE
WAGONER        ADAM                   039E-61*   WAGONER        ADAM
WAGONER        ADAM                   039E-56    WAGONER        G. W.
WAGONER        ADAM                   039E-26*   WAGONER        O. MRS.
WAGONER        ADAM                   039E-60*   WAGONER        O. MRS.
BARNS          J. S.                   030-29    WALKER         ADDIE
WALKER         O. C.                   269-01    WALKER         LENORA
WALKER         JULIUS E.               221-09    WALKER         NEVA E. MRS.
WALKER         O. C.                   269-02    WALKER         OLIVER C.
WALLACE        I. J.                   106-01    WALLACE        ARTIE M.
WALLACE        I. J.                   106-03    WALLACE        ISAAC JOE
WALLACE        I. J.                   106-04    WALLACE        JAMES WES
BEAMER         WANDA JO                260-03    WALLACE        JESSIE
BEAMER         WANDA JO                260-04    WALLACE        MARVIN G.
WALLACE        PATSY                   360-10    WALLACE        TOM
WALLER         DINK                    029-27    WALLER         INFANT
WALLER         DINK                    111-21    WALLER         WALTER TERRY
UNKNOWN                                317-04    WALLS          DONALD
WALTERS        MRS.                   011E-32    WALTERS        BILL
WANKE          THEODORE H.             324-17    WANKE          MONA
HUTCHENS       W. C.                   215-06    WARD           BILLY GLENN
REECE          TROY                    251-12    WARD           DEBORAH D.
WARD           THEDA D.                344-03    WARD           EARL SR.
HALEY          CLYDE J. JR.            223-07    WARD           SHARON
BLAKE          NOBIE                  379-09A    WARD           STEVE
WARD           THEDA D.                344-02    WARD           THEDA
ORANGE         FORREST                 202-11    WARE           BRENDA
ORANGE         FORREST                202-12*    WARE           DESTRY/LACY
WARREN/RIVERS  ALMA/HAZEL              223-10    WARREN         ALMA
WILHELM        WALT/PEGGY              339-08    WASHBURN       WALTER S.
BONE           GOERGE                  381-03    WATSON         ALLEN
WATTS          JAMES D. MR.            216-18    WATTS          JAMES D.
WATTS          M. W./FRANC             213-18    WATTS          M. W.
WEATHERSBEE    ED                      007-07    WEATHERSBEE    A. E.
WEATHERSBEE    E. J. MRS.              006-08    WEATHERSBEE    A. G.
WEATHERSBEE    E. J. MRS.              006-10    WEATHERSBEE    E. J.
WEATHERSBEE    E. J. MRS.              006-09    WEATHERSBEE    EVARUE
WEBB           OLNIE                   103-01    WEBB           STANLEY JAMES
HALEY          CLYDE J. JR.            223-06    WEBSTER        JEREMIAH
WEESE          A. E.                   241-16    WEESE          ALBERT
WEESE          A. W.                   241-13    WEESE          ARTHUR
WEESE          J. C. MRS.             042E-29*   WEESE          JAMES C.
WEESE          J. C. MRS.             042W-30*   WEESE          JAMES C.
WEESE          J. C. MRS.             042E-28*   WEESE          MARY
WEESE          J. C. MRS.             042W-27*   WEESE          MARY
COX            LONO                    236-01    WEST           LA DONNA
COX            LONO                    236-02    WEST           MARTY J.
WEST           WILLARD                 387-04    WEST           WILLARD
WEST           WILLARD                 387-03    WEST           ZELMA
WESTON         L. M. MRS.             040E-29    WESTON         AMANDA A.
WESTON         L. M. MRS.             040E-32    WESTON         LUTHER M.
WESTON         MARION                 040E-36    WESTON         MARION
WESTON         MARION                  213-03    WESTON         MARRION
WESTON         MARION                 040E-33    WESTON         MARTHA JANE
WHITE          HARRY                   105-15    WHITE          ANGIE
WHITE          HARRY                   105-16    WHITE          HARRY
WHITE          R. J. MRS.              255-10    WHITE          JOSEPHINE V.
WHITE          HARRY                   105-14    WHITE          LEWIS
JOHNSTON       RALPH JR.              039E-29    WHITE          LOTTIE
WHITE          R. J. MRS.              255-11    WHITE          RUFUS J.
WHITEHEAD      BILL                    021-06    WHITEHEAD      ANNA CHRISTINA
FEEMSTER       ROY                     246-15    WHITEHEAD      DALE LEE
WHITEHEAD      WILLIE                  265-04    WHITEHEAD      DORTHULA
WHITEHEAD      RAY                     220-01    WHITEHEAD      HAZEL M.
WHITEHEAD      WILLIE                  265-05    WHITEHEAD      JOHN W.
WHITEHEAD      RAY                     220-02    WHITEHEAD      RAY
WHITEHEAD      BILL                    021-07    WHITEHEAD      SUSAN
WHITEHEAD      BILL                    379-17    WHITEHEAD      WINFORD
WHITESIDE      R. J.                   210-11    WHITESIDE      ARGIE
UNKNOWN                                210-05    WHITESIDE      HAZEL
WHITESIDE      R. J.                   210-12    WHITESIDE      JACKIE D.
WHITESIDE      BATTIE/SUS              363-03    WHITESIDE      JOSEPH B.
WHITESIDE      P. K.                   210-06    WHITESIDE      PEARL K.
WHITESIDE      R. J.                   210-10    WHITESIDE      R. J.
WHITLEY        J. H.                             WHITLEY        JAMES H.
WHITLEY        J. H.                             WHITLEY        PEARL
WHITTET        A. M.                  041E-56*   WHITTET        ARTHUR M.
WHITTET        A. M.                  041E-57*   WHITTET        ARTHUR M.
WHITTET        N. G.                  041E-52    WHITTET        BILL
WHITTET        A. M.                  041W-62*   WHITTET        DELORES
WHITTET        A. M.                  041W-55    WHITTET        EDWARD
WHITTET        N. G.                  041E-49    WHITTET        GEORGIA
WHITTET        GLADYS                 041E-61    WHITTET        GLADYS
WHITTET        HAZEL                   377-10    WHITTET        HAZEL
WHITTET        N. G.                  041E-53    WHITTET        J. EDWARD
WHITTET        N. G.                  041E-45    WHITTET        JOHN E.
WHITTET        GLADYS                 041E-60    WHITTET        JOSEPHINE
WHITTET        A. M.                  041W-59    WHITTET        LOUISA A.
WHITTET        A. M.                  041W-58    WHITTET        MABEL
WHITTET        N. G.                  041E-48    WHITTET        N. G.
PICKARD        . W.                    007-11    WIEGERT        A. A. INFANT
WIEGERT        ALBERT                  206-12    WIEGERT        ALBERT
WIEGERT        CLIFFORD                343-12    WIEGERT        CLIFFORD
WIEGERT        ROSIE                   381-16    WIEGERT        GENE
WIEGERT        ALBET                   206-10    WIEGERT        LARRY R.
WIEGERT        ALBERT                  206-11    WIEGERT        RETHA
WIEGERT        CARROL                  238-15    WIEGERT        TIMOTHY DEAN
MCGLOCKLIN     RUTH                    231-11    WIEGERT        WILLIE H.
WILLARD        J. F.                   026-03    WILLARD        BERKLEY W.
WILLARD        J. F.                   026-02    WILLARD        EDITH ANN
WILLARD        J. F.                   026-04    WILLARD        ELLA B.
WILLARD        J. R.                  014W-35    WILLARD        J. R.
WILLARD        J. F.                   026-05    WILLARD        J. T.
WILLARD        J. F.                   026-06    WILLARD        JOE
TROLLINGER     RALPH                   026-07    WILLARD        OSCAR
WILLIAMS       W. A.                   112-20    WILLIAMS       BLANCHE M.
WILLIAMS       CECIL                   112-19    WILLIAMS       CECIL
WILLIAMS       RUTH                   015W-34    WILLIAMS       CHRISTOPHER
WILLIAMS       CLYDE                   247-02    WILLIAMS       CLYDE
WILLIAMS       W. A.                   112-23    WILLIAMS       DORA
WILLIAMS       G. H.                   216-07    WILLIAMS       ESTHER
WILLIAMS       W. R. DR.               037-26    WILLIAMS       GEORGE
UNKNOWN                                309-13    WILLIAMS       GLADYS
WILLIAMS       G. H.                   216-08    WILLIAMS       GUTHRIE H.
WILLIAMS       W. L.                   110-16    WILLIAMS       JOSEPHINE
WILLIAMS       W. A.                   112-24    WILLIAMS       MARVIN L.
WILLIAMS       RUTH                   015W-31    WILLIAMS       RUTH
WILLIAMS       SHORTY                  023-16    WILLIAMS       SHORTY
WILLIAMS       W. R. DR.               037-25    WILLIAMS       W. R. DR.
WILLIAMS       W. L.                   110-15    WILLIAMS       WILLIS
WILLIAMS       W. A.                   112-22    WILLIAMS       WM ARDEN
WILLIS         TRACEE                  348-02    WILLIS         RICHARD
WILLIS         PEARL                   385-14    WILLS          LOYD
WILLIS         PEARL                   385-13    WILLS          PEARL
WILSON         E. V.                   033-26    WILSON         A. J.
WILSON         MINNIE                  264-16    WILSON         EARNEST V.
WILSON         MINNIE                  264-15    WILSON         MINNIE L.
WILSON         E. V.                   033-25    WILSON         ROVILLA
WILSON         E. V.                   034-27    WILSON         ROY LEE
JOHNSON        ROBERT A.               253-10    WILSON         SUDEE ANN
WINCHESTER     J. L./ETHEL             023-06    WINCHESTER     ETHEL
WINCHESTER     J. L./ETHEL             023-07    WINCHESTER     J. L.
UNKNOWN                                017-29    WINKLER        DOROTHY
WINTER         MARVIN MRS.             220-18    WINTER         MARVIN
WINTON         HERSCHEL                387-11    WINTON         JEWEL
WOLFE          ERVIN                   028-01    WOLFE          LOICE
WOOD           O. A.                   248-05    WOOD           CLARA B.
WOOD           O. A.                   248-06    WOOD           ORY A.
WOOD           JERRY                   114-21    WOOD           R. M.
COFFMAN        L. E./CHRIS             114-23    WOOD           ROBERT M. II
WOODRUFF       EDDIE                  011E-04    WOODRUFF       DOYLE
KING           PHYLLIS                011W-03    WOODRUFF       EDDIE LEE
WOODRUFF       ETHEL                   371-10    WOODRUFF       ETHEL B. (GLOVER)
GODWIN         A. L.                   260-08    WOODRUFF       GEORGE GRAY
WOODRUFF       EDDIE                  011E-01    WOODRUFF       INFANT
WOODRUFF       JOHN/ZOLA               372-13    WOODRUFF       JOHN W.
GODWIN         A. L.                   260-07    WOODRUFF       LULU (BLEVINS)
WOODS          JOE/FLOY                330-11    WOODS          JOSEPH
WRAY           T. C.                   033-31    WRAY           CECIL B.
WRAY           T. C.                   033-27    WRAY           CLARA B.
WRAY           T. C.                  033-29*    WRAY           THOMAS G.
WRAY           T. C.                  033-30*    WRAY           THOMAS G.
WRAY           T. C.                   033-28    WRAY           WILLIE L.
WRIGHT         JENNIE                  103-17    WRIGHT         JENNIE
WRIGHT         J. R.                   104-19    WRIGHT         JOHN R.
WRIGHT         J. R.                   104-20    WRIGHT         MARY A.
DODRILL        JOE                     111-14    WRIGHT         PEARL DODRILL
WRIGHT         CTIS                    248-07    WRIGHT         RUTH M.
WRIGHT         MARY V.                 219-14    WRIGHT         WOODROW O.
WRISTON        JAMES                   388-07    WRISTON        JAMES
YOST           W. M.                   268-14    YOST           MABLE
YOST           W. M.                   268-15    YOST           WILLIAM
BRYAN          W. A.                   112-06    ZAFFOS         PAUL
ZYLKS                                 038-18*    ZYLK           GRNDMTHR
ZYLKS                                 038-20*    ZYLKS          INFANT SISTER
ZYLKS                                 038-19*    ZYLKS          MOTHER