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Denton/Denten Cemetery

Also known as: Holsonbake Cemetery

Cleveland Co., OK

Located: Southeast of Corbett and is in very poor repair, the owner of the property, Mr. & Mrs. Holasek, reported that some years ago the cemetery was vandalized and a large amount of the head stones were removed and several were damaged. There are a great number of headstones broken beyond repair and moved throughout the cemetery.   Submitted by: Linda Bonham Hamner lindacb@flash.net June 1999

Across the dirt road from this location is a solitary grave in the front yard of a new model house:
Elmer Lawrence Couch Dec 27, 1935
Nov 14, 1997
U.S. Air Force Korea
Starting at the north east corner with Row 1, rows run north and south (but are not in a straight line)
Row 1
Unknown   Empty Base Headstone not present
Henry G. Austin  Dec 27, 1896
Feb 06, 1899 
Son Of R.L. and Lattie Austin Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
Row 2
Hicks   Marble Stone laying flat with W.S. Hicks or Hix Scratched in the stone (there are many fragments laying around this, unable to piece together)
Oma Thomas Nov 11, 1896
Dec 02, 1899
Daughter of M.C. Thomas 
Sleep Baby Years Will Not Be Long, Till I Kiss Them Lips Among The Heavenly Throng 
Georgie Hoggard  Aug 18, 1892
Feb 04, 1894 
Daughter of I.M. and P.D. Hoggard 
Georgie You Have Left Us The Loss We Deeply Feel, But Tis God That Has Bereft Us, He Can ???
C.B. Camp  Dec 21, 1853
Jan 17, 1899 
Husband of S.E. Camp
God Required and Saved My Sole and Took It Home Above
Matilda Pinner Feb 12, 1836
Jan 01, 1894 
Wife of David Pinner
Holy Bible Book Devine Precious Treasures Thou Art Mine
Row 3
Jenny E. Millsap  Apr 24, 1898
Nov 09, 1898 
Baby Of N.B. and J,E. Millsap 
Asleep In Jesus
Janne E. Millsap  Mar 09, 1881
May 06, 1898 
Dear Wife of N.B. Millsap 
I Am Waiting In Yonder World
Logan Millsap  Feb 11, 1833
Dec 24, 1894 
Masonic Emblem 
Remember Friend As You Pass By, As You Are Now So Once Was I, As I Am Now So You Will Be, Prepare For Death And Follow Me
Mary E. Camp  Aug 22, 1881
Nov 29, 1894 
Daughter of O.D. and S.E. 
Camp Christ Has Blessed My Soul
W. T. Camp  Jan 02, 1888
Oct 18, 1897 
Son of O.D. and S.E. Camp 
Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
Row 4
Robert H. Brown  Nov 08, 1894
Nov 07, 1898 
Son of J.J. and L.E. Brown 
Our Darling One Has gone Before To Greet Us On The Blissful Shore
Glearsey Evans  Aug 17, 1894
Aug 02, 1905 
Wife of G.W. Evans 
As A Wife Devoted, As A Mother Affectionate, As A friend ever Kind and True, A True Mother To All
George R. Lasiter  Apr 18, 1854
Oct 30, 1899 
Gone But Not Forgotten
ROW #6
Lizzie Bennett  Sep 24, 1865
Jan 12, 1899 
Wife of James Bennett 
He Took The ? From A World of Care , An Everlasting Bliss To Share
James E. Bennett  May 18, 1898
Jan 29, 1899 
Son of James and Lizzie Bennett 
Gone But Not Forgotten
Frank Bennett  Dec 30, 1895
Feb 17, 1899 
Son of James and Lizzie Bennett 
Budded on Earth To Bloom In Heaven
Vicy Mitchener  died 
Oct 03, 1892 
age 1 month 22 days 
Daughter of M.F. and Eliza Mitchener
Mary Jewel Padgett  Sep 28, 1909
Oct 17, 1909 
Daughter of J.C. and M.A. Padgett 
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven
Willie Padgett  Jun 15, 1908
Jun 21, 1909 
Son of J.C. and M.A. Padgett 
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven
Cecil Myers  Sep 20, 1898
Jan 01, 1900 
Son Of J.W. and E.M. Myers
Reverend L.D. Holsonblake  May 05, 1844
Sep 21, 1901 
Gone but not forgotten.
Unknown   Foot stone, Initials M. P., Head stone crumbled.
W. G. Vincent  Nov 06, 1846
Jan 05, 1895
Emma Jane Gower  died 
Jun 26, 1896 
Age 28 years 10 Months 12 Days 
Gone But Not Forgotten
Eva Jane Sharrock  Jun 15, 1891
Sep 03, 1899 
Just As The Morning Of Her Life Was Opening Into Day, Her Young and Lovely Spirit Passed From Earth and Grief Away
Alice Leona Dosier  Jul 02, 1899
Oct 26, 1901 
Sleep On Sweet Babe and Take Thy Rest God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best
Williams  Jun 20, 1892
Dec 02, 1895 
Son of H.W. and N.E. Williams
In God We Trust (The Top Of this Stone Broken Off and Missing)
    Foot stone No Data
Quincy M. Adams  Jan 01, 1902
Jul 08, 1903 
Son of C.I. and Stella Adams (Headstone Loose From Base) 
W.S. Williams  Oct 13, 1854
Mar 05, 1900 
Son of W. and Elisa Beth Williams 
(Erected by the Woodman of the world) 
Gone But Not Forgotten Deeds Of Kindness Live Forever
Row 10
Birdie Williams  Jan 08, 1889
May 30, 1889 
Daughter of B.A. and S.F. Williams 
God Gave, He Took
Sarah Frances Williams  Mar 05, 1866
Apr 11, 1889 
Jesus Loves The Pure and Holy
Bird Coleman  Jan 21, 1824
Sep 14, 1888 
Gone But Not Forgotten
C.B. Adams  Feb 14, 1837
Apr 07, 1907
Row 11
Unknown   Headstone Broken Unable to piece together
Baby Son Higbee  Oct 28, 1898
Oct 28, 1898 
Son of L.B. and Carrie Higbee 
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven
Clandy Lowery Grandstaff  Jun 07, 1891
Mar 05, 1898 
Son Of W.J. and Mary Grandstaff 
At Rest In Heaven
Native Stone  No Data  
Norton V. Ott  Feb 18, 1899
Jun 21, 1899 
Son of D.M. and M.E. Ott 
Gone To Soon
Jane M. Ott  Dec 11, 1823
Jun 26, 1899 
She Lived A Christian and Died In Triumph Of A Living Faith
Maggie Ott  Apr 27, 1875
Sep 11, 1900 
Wife of D.M. Ott 
God Gave He Took
J.R. Pearson  Mar 15, 1876
Feb 20, 1893 
Son of S.M. and S.R. Pearson 
Sweet Lord Have I Heard Thee Calling, Come Follow Me and I See Thy Feet Falling, Lead Me To Thee, I Will Follow The Steps Of Jesus Where They Lead Me
Willie Rex  Apr 24, 1878
Jan 22, 1898 
Son of F.T. and M.A. Rex 
The Cross Is My Anchor
Claudus E. Myers Feb 26, 1887
Aug 01, 1893 
Son of P. and L.J. Myers
Peter Myers  Jun 06, 1855
Jul 16, 1909 
(Woodman of The World Log Type Headstone)
ROW 12
William Moore  Oct 15, 1897
Jul 27, 1899 
Son of E.L and E. Moore 
Saviour Lead Me (Headstone separate from Base)
Idel Martin  Oct 04, 1895
Feb 16, 1899 
Daughter of J.E. and Cordelia Martin 
Sleep Little One Your Sweetest Rest, God Called You He thought It Best
Josiefene Hatten  died 
Apr 09, 1893 
Age 12 Years 6 Months 22 Days 
Earth Contains ? (Illegible)
Nathan G. Tate  Feb 18, 1850
Feb 22, 1901 
Sleep On Dear Father and Take Thy Rest, God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best
Dolphie L. Tate  Jan 16, 1886
Feb 10, 1900 
How Peaceful The Slumber, How Happy The Wakening, For Death Is Only A Dream
Mary M. Bennett  Aug 22, 1832
Apr 14, 1895 
We Will Meet Again