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James Scullawl / Scullowle
Cherokee Co., Hulbert, Oklahoma

Mr. Joe M. LaHay, administrator, Muskogee, OK
Brother to MA #6781, William Scallowl, and claims through same source.

Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Washington, D. C.

I hereby make application for such share as me be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.

1. State Full Name:
English Name- James Scullawl
Indian Name- Jim

2. Residence- Hulbert

3. Town and Post Office- Hulbert

4. County- Cherokee Nation

5. State- Indian Territory

6. Date and Place of Birth- in the Old Cherokee Nation East, 76 years of age.

7. By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately:
In my own right and (?) Cherokee De-cul-qua-duh-ke, my sister- Guh-you-che-u 

*(Not sure of these names, very hard to read. Maybe his brother, William's miller application can shed some light on this. MA # 6781)

8. Are you married? NO

9. Name and age of wife or husband-

10. Give names of your father and mother, and your mother's name before marriage-

Father- English name-
Indian name- Oo-de-dur-er-he

Mother- English name-
Indian name- Takey
Maiden name-

11. Where were they born?
In the Cherokee Nation East.

12. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time

13. Date of death of your father and mother?
Father died about 1835 or 1836. Mother died about 1841 or 1841.

14. Were they ever enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where-
Not living at the time of the payment of 1851.

15. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and if not living, give date of death-

Sawn or Robbin

16. State English and Indian name of your grandparents on both father's and mother's side, if possible-

17. Where were they born? I THINK THE OLD CHEROKEE NATION EAST

18. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? NOT LIVING

19. Give names of all their children, and residence, if living; if not living, give dates of deaths.

Wakie or Polly

20. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where-
In the Indian Territory for all Cherokee payments and by the Dawes Commission for allotment of Cherokee lands.

21. To expedite identification, claimant should give the full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1835.


(Under this head the applicant may give additional information that he believes will assist in proving his claim).

In the payment for some cause I was left off the roll, I came to the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory in 1837 with a detachment headed by a Mr. Benge, I think his Christian name was John, his Cherokee name Trader of Riddle.

Note: Answers should be brief but explicit: the words 'yes' , 'no', and 'unknown' may be used in cases where applicable. Read the questions carefully.

I solemnly swear that the foregoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signed: James 'X' Scullowle

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of January 1907.

Signed: J. R. Garrett, Notary Public


(The following affidavit must be sworn to by two or more witnesses who are well acquainted with the applicant.)

Personally appeared before me Richard M. Wolfe and James Bird, who being duly sworn, on oath depose and say that they are well acquainted with James Scullowle, who makes the foregoing application and statements, and have known him for 20 years and 25 years, respectively, and know him to be the identical person he represents himself to be, and that the statements made by him are true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and they have no interest whatever in his claim.

Witnesses Signatures: James Bird and Richard M. Wolfe

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 14th day of January 1907.

Signed: J. R. Garrett, Notary public


Eastern Cherokee Enrollment
601 Ouray Building
Washington, D. C.
September 14, 1908

Application # 11279

James Scullowle,
Hulbert, Oklahoma

In the matter of your application for participation in the fund arising from the judgement of the Court of Claims in favor of the Eastern Cherokees, please take notice that H. W. Ketron, one of my authorized assistants, will be at Tahlequah, Oklahoma on Saturday, September, 26, 1908, at 9 o'clock a.m. for the purpose of taking testimony relative to your claim.

You should appear promptly before him, and if you have any witnesses you wish to have testify in your behalf you should also have them present at that time.

You can ascertain where the hearing will take place by making inquiry of the clerk of the District Court, or Capital Building.

If you are enrolled on the Final Rolls of Citizens of the Five Civilized Tribes, you should bring with you the number of your enrollment, and also the number of your Census Card. Bring this notice with you.

Very Respectfully,

Guion Miller, Special Commissioner



Muskogee, Oklahoma April 13, 1909

Mr. Guion Miller,
Special Commissioner of the Court of Claims
601 Ouray Building
Washington, D. C. 

Replying to your letter of April 10, (SAF 11279-6781), I advised you to-day that I was unable to identify James Scullawl as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

I have just received information which enables me to identify this person as James Skaloll whose name appears opposite No. 21290 on the approved roll of Cherokee citizens. I am informed that this person is dead, and if living, he would now be about 78 years of age. His residence at the time of his death was in the vicinity of Hulbert, Oklahoma.





February 5, 1909

Mr. Guion Miller,
Special Commissioner,
Washington D. C.

Dear Sir:
In the matter of the application #11272, James Scullowe, of Hulbert, Oklahoma, I will say as a brother of the above named applicant that James was dead at the time this notice came, and his estate was not administered upon at the time. It is now represented by an administrator and any information that you may need to establish his claim, I will say can be attended to the administrator. I will say that he being a brother of mine, he appears upon the same roll that my name appears. The whole family was enrolled at Ft. Gibson on the payment roll of 1852. This applicant was five or six years older at the time than I was, and we were placed upon the roll together, with our parents who were Adiar Scullowe and Betsy Scullowle. Any communications concerning this matter will be attended to with prompt attention by writing to my attorney at Claremore, Oklahoma. His name is E. C. Alberty. He will see that all additional testimony or facts needed in this case will be furnished the department as soon as it can be secured. Any matters upon which you will want the advise of the Administrator, address, Joe M. LaHay, Muskogee, Oklahoma. He is the legally appointed administrator of the James Scullowle estate, and he will do anything needed to further the interests of said estate. Should you need any other evidence, write to my attorney, and he will advise me, and we will get it at once. You can either write me in answer to this or my attorney. I send the notice with this letter to show that the same came to my brothers address.

Yours truly, William Scullowle

*Transcriber notes

Transcribed by Catherine Widener, 2003

Drennen Roll Group # 612-Saline District
Skul-lor-le Adam
Wee-te (William Scullawl)*
John (John Scullawl)

Drennen Roll Group # 613-Saline District
James (James Scullawl)-transferred to a new roll-orphan*

Drennen Roll Group # 614-Saline District
Aron Adam (Aaron Scullawl)-see duplicate page 80

Drennen Roll Group # 615-Saline District
-Ar-ta-hyor or Thomas Adam (Thomas Scullawl)

* William Scullawl, states that his brother, James, is 5 or 6 years older than he is, not sure just why that James is listed as being put on a 'new roll' and listed as an orphan, and William is not. On James' miller application, he states that his father is dead by 1835 or 1836, and his mother being listed as Takey and being dead about 1842. William claims that the mother is Betsy, as listed on the Drennen Roll Group-612.

*Transcribers Notes

Transcribed by Catherine Widener, 2003.

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