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Miller Application # 700

William Robbins

Oaks, Oklahoma

N. L. Nielsen, guardian

(Applicant claims through grandmother, Jane, enrolled in 1851 in Goingsnake District, 708. Claims through great-grandfather, Wiley G. Thornton, enrolled in 1851 in Goingsnake District, # 708. See Misc. Testimony # P. 3259)

Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Washington, D. C.


I hereby make application for such share as me be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.

1. State Full Name: William Robbins, minor

English Name-

Indian Name-

2. Residence- Oaks

3.. Town and Post Office- Oaks

4.. County: District 5

5.. State: Indian Territory

6.. Date and Place of Birth: 1896, Tahlequah District, Indian Territory

7.. By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately:

1. Johnson Robbins

8.. Are you married? NO

9.. Name and age of wife or husband- No

10.. Give names of your father and mother, and your mother's name before marriage-

Father- English name- Timothy Robbins

Indian name- Ah-le-ye-su-lo

Mother- English name- Rada Robbins

Indian name- no-white woman

Maiden name- Rada Carroll

11.. Where were they born?

Father-Goingsnake District Mother-North Carolina

12.. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time

Father-no Mother-no

13.. Date of death of your father and mother?

Father-1898 Mother-1898

14.. Were they ever enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where-

1893-4 Cherokee payment, District, Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory

15.. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and if not living, give date of death - No

16.. State English and Indian name of your grandparents on both father's and mother's side, if possible-

Father's Side Mother's Side

Johnson Robbins

Jon-sin Law-wane

Nancy Jane Robbins

Che-nee Law-wane

17.. Where were they born? Cherokee Nation East

18.. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?

Goingsnake District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory

19.. Give names of all their children, and residence, if living; if not living, give dates of deaths

1.. English name- Levi Robbins; Indian name- ; Residence- unknown death

2.. English name- Margaret Robbins; Indian name- ; Residence- unknown death

3.. English name-Allie Robbins; Indian name- ; Residence- unknown death

4.. English name- John Robbins; Indian name- ; Residence- unknown death

5.. English name- Josienine Robbins; Indian name- ; Residence- 1901 death

6.. English name- ; Indian name- ; Residence-

3.. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where-

1902-3 land by the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, Tahlequah District, IT

21. To expedite identification, claimant should give the full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1835.


(Under this head the applicant may give additional information that he believes will assist in proving his claim).

Note: Answers should be brief but explicit: the words 'yes' , 'no', and 'unknown' may be used in cases where applicable. Read the questions carefully.

I solemnly swear that the foregoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signed: Rev. N. L. Nielsen, guardian of said William Robbins, a minor

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of October, 1906

Signed: David E. Smallwood

Notary Public



(The following affidavit must be sworn to by two or more witnesses who are well acquainted with the applicant.)

Personally appeared before me J. T. Carroll and Elias Foreman , who being duly sworn, on oath depose and say that they are well acquainted with N. L. Neilsen gdn, of said William Robbins, said minor, who makes the foregoing application and statements, and have known 8 years and 7 years, respectively, and know him to be the identical person he represents himself to be, and that the statements made by are true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and they have no interest whatever in his claim.

Witnesses' Signatures: J. T. Carroll

Elias Foreman

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 1st day of October, 1906.

David E. Smallwood

Notary Public


Misc. Testimony P. 3259. William H. Thornton (MA# 19752):

"My name is William H. Thornton; I was enrolled by the Dawes Commission as a half blood Cherokee under the name of William H. Thornton, # 28990. I was born in Tahlequah District, 1877. I don't know the dates of my parents births; my father was born in Indian Territory and I think my mother was born in the Indian Territory; I claim my Cherokee blood through both of my parents; I have always understood that both of my parents were emigrant Cherokees; my grandfather on my father's side was name Wiley Thornton and my grandmother's name was Nancy Thornton; I claim Cherokee blood through both of the grandparents on my father's side; my grandfather on my mother's side was Board and my grandmother's name was Nancy Board. I think my grandparents were both born in North Carolina; my grandparents came to Indian Territory and it has always been my understanding that my grandparents came to the Indian Territory at the time of the emigration of the Cherokees; I don't know whether my parents were enrolled in 1851; I think my grandparents were enrolled in Goingsnake District; I was enrolled and drew the Strip payment in 1894; Joseph. James, John, William, Jane, Sally, and Ruth, and Betsy, Mary. are my brothers and sisters of my father; (See Goingsnake District # 708)"

Signed William H. Thornton, Stilwell, Okla., September 28, 1908


Grouped with...

701-Nancy Jane Robbins nee Thornton b. 1846 (grandmother)*

896-Joseph Thornton b. 1850-51 (uncle)*

2390-Charles Thompson Watt b. 1878 (first cousin once removed)*

8950-James Thornton b. 1865 (grandmother's ½ brother)*

24318-James Thornton b. 1865 (duplicate of above James Thornton)*

8954-Mary Knightkiller/Knight nee Scraper ½ cousin, once removed.)*

7484-Lizzie Palone nee Thornton b. 1869(1st cousin, once removed)*

6694-Henry Sixkiller b. 1873 (1st cousin, once removed)*

27427-Henry Sixkller (duplicate of 6694)*

11877-Susan Christie nee Thornton b. 1885 (1st cousin, once removed)*

17213-Nancy Jane White nee Thornton b. 1873 (1st cousin, once removed)*

26649-Delilah/Lillie May Thornton b. 1883 (1st cousin, once removed)*

24222-John Goodwin Jr. b. 1877 (1st cousin, once removed)*

(?)-this number could be (36105, 36103, 36175, 36173, 36183, or 36185, can't tell from the writing.)*

* Transciber notes

Transcribed by Catherine Widener, 2002


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