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Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes

Salisaw, Indian Territory

August 7, 1900

In the matter of the application of RANZIE HICKS for enrollment of himself, wife and children, as citizens of the Cherokee Nation, said HICKS being sworn by Commissioner Needles, testified as follows:

Q. What is your name? A. Ranzie Hicks.

On 1880 Roll, Page 637, # 519, as Arrunyie Hicks

On 1894 Roll, Page 665, # 1140 as Ranza

On 1896 Roll, Page 866, # 866 as Arrunyie Hicks

Q. What is your age? A. 33

Q. Your post office address? A. Vian

Q. Have you been recognized by the Cherokee Tribal authorities as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation? A. Yes, sir

Q. What district do you live in? A. Illinois

Q. How long have you lived there? A. Since '94

Q. Where did you live before? A. In Tahlequah

Q. How long have you been a continuous resident of the Cherokee Nation? A. Ever since I was born

Q. Did you ever live outside of the Cherokee Nation? A. No, sir

Q. What is the name of your father? A. Taylor Hicks.

Q. Is he living? A. Yes

Q. What's the name of your mother? A. Eliza

Q. Is she living? A. No, sir

Q. Does your name appear upon the 1880 Roll? A. Yes, sir

Q. Are you married? A. Yes, sir

Q. What is your wife's name? A. Mary M.

Q. How old is she? A. 23

Q. Is she a citizen by blood? A. No, sir

Q. Her father and mother are non-citizens? A. Yes, sir

Q. Have you any children under 21 years of age? A. Yes

Q. What are the names and ages? A. Rosa Lee, 5 years old.

On 1896 Roll, Page 866, # 838, as Rosa L.

Q. Next one? A. Henry T., 2 years old

Q. Next? A. Nancy J., 1 year old

Q. Are these children alive and living with you at this time? A. Yes

Q. Have you a marriage certificate? A. Yes, sir

Applicant's wife on 1896 Roll, page 929, # 78 as Molly.

Ranzia Hicks' name appearing upon the authenticated roll of 1880 as well as the census roll of 1896 and pay-roll of 1894, and he presents a marriage license and certificate in due form certifying that he was married to Miss M. M. Trapp on the 8th day of August, 1894; and the name of his wife, M. M. being found upon the census roll of 1896, and being duly identified by page and number as indicated in the testimony. And his child, Rosa Lee, 15 years of age, is found upon the census roll of 1896 and is fully identified. Having made satisfactory proof of their residence said Ranzie Hicks and his child, Rosa Lee, will be listed for enrollment by this commission as Cherokee citizens by blood, and his wife M. M. will be listed for enrollment as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation by intermarriage; and he presents certificate of birth for his two children, Henry T., and Nancy J., their name not appearing upon the roll of 1896, having been born since said rolls were made, they are hereby listed for enrollment as Cherokee citizens by blood.


AUGUST 7, 1900

1. Name: Ranzia Hicks Vian, Indian Territory

District-Saline Year-1880 Pg. 637 No. 519

Married citizen-

Married under what law- Date of marriage-

License- Certificate-

2.. Name- Mary M. Hicks

District- Illinois Year-1880 Pg. 929 No. 78

Citizen by blood- Mother's citizenship-

Intermarried citizen- Yes

Married under what law- Date of Marriage-

License- Certificate-


3. Rosa L. Hicks Dist.- Illinois Year-1896 Pg. 866 No. 838 Age-5

4. Henry T. Hicks Dist Year- Pg. No. Age-2

5. Nancy J. Hicks Dist Year- Pg. No. Age-1

No. 1 on 1880 Roll as Arranyie Hicks

No. 2 on 1896 Roll as Mary Hicks

No. 3 and 4 Affidavit of births applied

Transcribed by Catherine Widener, 2002


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