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[NARA shows # 29745]

Dennis B. Hibbs 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs 
Washington, D.C. 

I hereby make application for such share as may be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906 in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1906 and May 28, 1906 in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined. 

1. State full Name 
    English name: Dennis B. Hibbs 
    Indian name: Unknown 

2. Residence and Post Office: Contralia 

3 County: Cherokee Nation 

4. State: Indian Territory 

5. How old are you? 22 yrs. Born Feb. 18 1885 

6. Where were you born?: Cherokee Nation, Ind. Ter. 

7. Are you married? yes 

8. Name of wife or husband: Mary Hibbs, Age 16 yrs. 

9. To what tribe of Indians does he or she belong? White 

10.Name all your children who were living on May 28, 1906, giving their ages: 

Name Age Born 


11. Give names of your father and mother, and your mother's name before marriage: 

English name: James A. Hibbs
Indian Name: unknown 

English Name Mary A. Hibbs 
Indian Name: unknown
Maiden Name Mary A. Tyner 

12. Where were they born? 

Father: Alabama 
Mother Missouri 

13. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? 

Mother: not born at that time 

14. Date of death of your father and mother -- 

Father Living 
Mother 1876 

15. Were they ever enrolled for money annuities or other benefits? If so state 
when and where and with what tribe of Indians: Father is a Cherokee by blood 
and has shared in payments, is an allotee and has certificate of allotment. 

16. Name all of your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and residence if possible: 

Name Born Died 

(1) William Chambers April 8 1874 Vinita, Ind. Ter. 
(2) Elenor J. Hibbs Mar. 18 1882 Centralla, Ind. Ter. 
(3) Laura E. Hindrix May 5 1887 Blue Jacket, I.T. 
(4) Bertha A. Price Dec 18 1888 Estella, Ind. Ter. 
(5) Maggie M. Hibbs Sept 1 1890 Centralia, Ind. Ter. 
(6) Sarah I. Hibbs Dec. 17, 1892 
Leona E. Hibbs April 17 1895 Centralia, Ind. Ter. 

17. State English and Indian names of your grandparents on both father's and 
mother's side if possible: 

Fathers Side 
Newton J. Hibbs 
Katie Hibbs Nee Sanders 

Mother's side
Hyram Tyner
Martha Tyner

18. Where were they born? Cherokee Nation East 

19. Where did they reside in 1851 if living at that time? Cherokee Nation East 

20. Give names of all their children, and residence, if possible: 

(1) Reuben Tyner, Dead 
(2) John W. Tyner Campbell I.T. 
(3) Louis C. Tyner Wauhillau, I.T. 
(4) Sarah F. Hair Campbell, I. T. 
(5) Mary A. Hibbs Centralia, Ind. Ter. 
(6) Martha Smith Campbell, I. T. 
(7) Jefferson K. Tyner Miles, I.T. 
(8) Angeline Oer Campbell, I.T. 

21. Have you ever been enrolled of annuities, land or other benefits? If so state where and with what tribe Am a Cherokee by blood, and have received certificate of allotment 

22. To assist in identification, claimant should give the full English and Indian names, if possible of their parents and grandparents back to 1835: 

Grt. grt grandfather Dempsie Tyner, great grand parents, Louis and Mary Tyner 


(Under this head the applicant may give additional information that he believes will assist in proving his claims) 

For full particulars concerning this application refer to the application of my mother Mary A. Hibbs, No. 16243 

I solemnly swear that the foregoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief: 

Signature Dennis B. Hibbs 

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9 day of July , 1907. 

My commission expires Mar. 9th 1910 
M. L. Paden Notary Public 


(the following affidavit must be sworn to by two or more witnesses who are well acquainted with the applicant;) 

Personally appeared before me J. W. Tolivers and John S. Wagnon who being duly sworn, on oath depose and say they are well acquainted with Dennis B. Hibbs who makes the foregoing application and statements, and have known him for 2 and 3 years respectively, and know him to be the identical person he represents himself to be and that the statements made by him are true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and they have no interest whatever in his claim. 

Witness to mark 
Signature of witnesses 

J. W. Toliver 

John S. Wagnon 

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9 day of July , 1907 

My commission expires March 9, 1910 

Notary Public 

Submitted by Catherine Widener 


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