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Census Card Packet # 938

John Anderson Gonzales


Bunch, Indian Territory
August 2, 1900

Walter Sixkiller applies for the enrollment of John Anderson Gonzales as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, said Sixkiller being sworn by commissioner Needles, testified as follows:

Q. What is your name? A. Walter Sixkiller 
Q. What is your age? A. 45 
Q. Your postoffice address? A. Stilwell 
Q. You are a citizen of the Cherokee Nation? A. Yes 
Q. What District? A. Flint 
Q. You apply for the enrollment of John Anderson Gonzales, why can't he here today? A. He was sent to the Columbus, Ohio penitentiary for 7 years. 
Q. What is his age? A. 24 years old. 
Q. What is his postoffice address? A. I guess it is Columbus, Ohio, new state prison. 
Q. What was his residence before he went to Columbus, Ohio? A. Flint District 
Q. What was his office? A. Mayes, Indian Territory. 
Q. How long has be living in the Cherokee Nation? A. Born and raised there. 
Q. Lived there all the time until he was taken away? A. Yes. 
Q. What was the name of his father? A. We always called him Gonzales, a Mexican. 
Q. Is he living? A. No, sir. 
Q. What was the name of his mother? A. Rachel Pettit. 
Q. Is she living? A. No, sir. 
Q. What she a citizen by blood? A. Yes, sir. 

John A. Gonzales on 1880 roll, page 367, number 587 as Anderson Gunsalis.

On 1896 roll, (# 849-Flint District as Anderson Gonzales)*

*(This area is very hard to read, very blurred.)

Q. What proportion of Cherokee blood does he claim to have. A. Is a very small ????. *(I have him listed from his census card that he is Cherokee)

The case of John Anderson Gonzales appearing upon the authenticated roll of 1880 as well as the strip payment roll of '94 and payroll of '96, proof having been made as to his residence, he is (?) listed for enrollment by this commission as a Cherokee citizen by blood.

(stenographer notes.)

Sworn to and subscribed to before met his (?) day of August 1900.

*Transcriber notes

Transcribed by Catherine Widener, 2003

John Anderson Gonzales Dawes Roll # 2562, Census Card # 938 as John A. Gonzales

Miller Roll Rejected-see app. # 12435(test.) , # 12815, grandparents old settlers.


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