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Miller Application # 6240

Charley Fogg 
‘Ah-gar-yuh-la-quah Oo-cuh-ha-duh’
Stilwell, OK 

b. 1855 Indian Territory
m. Nancy Cochran

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Flint # 438 
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Claims Thru: 

Father: Fogg 'Oo-cuh-ha-dih' d. 1881
Mother: Joanna Rowe 'Chaw-coo-we' nee Duck d. 1904
Uncle: Bird
Uncle: Lar-wah-nuh
Uncle: Good Money
Great Aunt: Caw-he-na
Great Aunt: Che--cow-ie
Aunt: Te-tah-tee-as-kie
Grandmother: Yatsey Dick
Grandfather: Car-wo-ni
Aunt: Lizzie
Uncle: Ta-le-se
Uncle: Ah-dah-na-ste-lee d. bef. 1906
Uncle: Ah--ge-luh-ne-gar d. bef. 1906
Uncle: Ge-squah-ne-duh d. bef. 1906
Uncle: Wah-la-lu d. bef. 1906
Aunt: Se-ne-de-se d. bef. 1906
Aunt: Qua-de-se d. bef. 1906
Aunt: Betsy Could be the same as Qua-de-se
Aunt: Se-lee
Greatgrandfather: Wah-las-kee
Uncle: Suh-le-duh
1st Cousin: Dar-gee-a-luh
Greatgrandmother: Sar-duh-yu-a
Grandfather: Ah-ne-ga-yah-de-he
Great Aunt: Aa-lly

John Fogg d. 1903
Will Fogg
Bird Fogg b. 1875
Sarah Fogg
Mary Still nee Fogg

Submitted by Catherine Widener


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