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Miller Application # 1453

Linda Duval nee Elmore 


Great niece of # 383 (this canít be right, it is too hard to read)

Applicantís mother Tsau-gau-he, who was born since 1851 was a daughter of Aky in Flint # 321. Aky was daughter to Wutty in same group and step daughter of Dick Chuculate, her father was Eli Daughtery, Flint # 314. 

Dawes # 19306 Census Card # 8279
Miller # 10390 Application # 1453
Full Blood Cherokee

married Samuel Duval; married Jim Leaf

Sheet 2.

Grouped withÖ1455-Armstrong Elmore-Brent, OK7672-Emma Sconti nee Elmore Salisaw, OK

8111-Sarah Lasley (daughter of Emma Sconti)

See Testimony in # 8111

Note: Before grouping this claim, must hear from parties in regard to grandparents..

Note: Ok- Aky-Drennen Flint # 312

Sheet 3

1. State full name:

English name- Linda Duval

Indian name- Le-ne-de ( she has it also written in Cherokee)

2. Residence-Sequoyah District, Cherokee Nation

3. Town and post office-Sallisaw Indian Territory

4. County- Northern District

5. State- Indian Territory

6. Date and place of birth- age-29 yrs Sequoyah District

7. By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than on relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately;

Grandfather- Lowsey Firethrower, ---------Cutty, -----Sullesky (This would be Sale-Tisky)

Father-Buck Elmore

Uncle- Cah-ne-uah or Blackhaw

Aunt- Cinda

8. Are you married? Yes

9. Name and age of wife of husband- Sam Duval

10. Give names of your father and mother, and your motherís name before marriage:

English name- Buck Elmore 

English name- Tsau-gau-he (not born in 1851)
Indian name- Gah-leh-quah Tay-yu-ne-se 
Indian name- (This is written in Cherokee)
Maiden name- Te-gah-ner-stah-ta-he

11. Where were they born? Both born in old Cherokee Nation East

12. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?

Both in Flint District, Indian Territory

13. Date of death of your father and mother..

Father- about 1885 Mother- 1898

14. Were they enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where-

Father in 1851
Mother no yet born

15. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages , and if not living, the date of death-

1. Ah-gah-te-yah 6 or 7 mo. 1875

2. Ka-yu-gah or Emma Living

3. Linda applicant

4. Aggie Little or A-guy-ooster Living

16. State English and Indian name of your grandparents on both fatherís and motherís side, If possible:

Fatherís Side 
Motherís Side 
Grandpa Unknown Te-gah-nu-stah-ta-hu (Anderson 'De-gah-ner-stah-da-he' Firethrower)
Grandma Unknown Aggie or A-gu- (Flint # 321) 
Daughter of Wutty

17. Where were they born? In the Cherokee Nation East

18. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? Unknown

19. Give names of all their children, and residence, if not living give dates of deaths

(1) English name- Cho-cau-hu

Indian name- K A A (Cherokee spelling)

20. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so state when and where.

1881, 1883, Canít really readÖÖ.

21. To expedite identification, claimants should give the full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1835. 


Witnesses- Armstrong Elmore and Pickens Benge Signed (X) Linda Duval

October 13, 1906

Case No. 1453 Letter-

Sallisaw, Oklahoma 12-7-07

Hon. Guion Miller,

SiróHer reply to notice of November 1, 1907, in case No. 1453, allow me to state that:My grandfather on motherís side was Anderson Firethrower, English name-De-gah-ner-stah-he (Cherokee) Grandparents on fatherís side I never heard their names.Lowsey Firethrower was my motherís grandfather. My mother, Chau-gau-he has two brothers named Henry Daughtery and George Daughtery, and one sister named Nellie Leaf.

My father had one brother named Tallow., and one sister named Gau-tah-ne-he

Such in the family history as I know and have learned it.

Buck Elmore or Dau-yu-ne-se was my father.

Signed (X) Linda Duval December 10, 1907

Sequoyah County, Oklahoma

John Hannah wrote this letter.

Misc. Testimony # 7872 

Miller app. # 1453

Charlie Chuckerlate being first duly sworn through Tom Roach, interpreter, in behalf of Emma Scontie, Deposes and says:

That I am over 50 years of age. The mother of Emma Scontie and I are brother and sister. Emmaís motherís name is Too-kah. She may go by the name of Too-kah Chuckerlate sometimes. She is living near Tahlequah. Think her post office is Bunch or Marble City, Oklahoma. Moses Chuckerlate is a half brother of my father, Jess Chuckerlate. Mose was in and gave his testimony yesterday. He is a half brother on the fatherís side. Too-kah is about 70 years of age at present. Jess died since the war, about four or five years after the war. He died when I was very small. My Indian name is Dah-yah-len-nah. I have a brother named Alex, but he was not old enough to be enrolled in 1851. Emma Scontieís roll number by the Dawes Commission is 19314. None of my folks were Old Settlers. 

Charles Chuckerlate

September 18, 1906

Note on letteR: Canít locate these people on the roll. Look up appl. Of Too-kah. 

Testimony on 1453

Armstrong being first duly sworn, deposes and says::

That I am 33 years of age. I am a full blood Cherokee. I am a half brother of Emma Scontie on the fatherís side. My fatherís name was Buck Eldridge but was enrolled under the name of Buck Elridge. That is, that is the way he was enrolled in 1880. Donít know how he was enrolled in 1851. My father had a brother named Tuley Mayes. Oo-cah-now was his Indian name. If my father was living now, he would be about 60 years old. Daw-e-nee-sih Oo-cah-now was my fatherís name. 

Note on bottom (hand written) Also had another named Gar-lar-hee-nuh

See application of witness for motherís half brothers and sisters.

Submitted by Catherine Widener, December 2002.


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