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Miller Application # 20302

Gertrude Carroll nee Ambrose

Webb City, Missouri


Cousin to Miller app. # 1171- Lewis H. Scruggs

Minor child - Creta Carroll 8 months

Brother to Miller app. # 20314 - Fred Ambrose

Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Washington, D. C.

Sir: I hereby make application for such share as me be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.

1. State Full Name:

English Name - Gertrude Carroll

Indian Name - unknown

2. Residence - Webb City, Missouri

3. Town and Post Office - Webb City, Missouri

4. County - Jasper

5. State - Missouri

6. Date and Place of Birth - Jasper County, Missouri September 22, 1876

7. By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately:

Through my mother Miza Ambrose who is a daughter of Clarissa J. Loveless who is a daughter of Ann Parker. Ann Parkerís maiden name was Stubblefield, later married Scruggs then Parker.

8. Are you married? yes

9. Name and age of wife or husband - James O. Carroll

10. Give names of your father and mother, and your motherís name before marriage-

Father - English name - Lafayette Ambrose

Indian name -

Mother - English name - Miza Ambrose

Indian name -

Maiden name - Miza Herrell

11. Where were they born?

Father- Tennessee; Mother- Missouri

12. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time

Father- Not born yet; Mother- Not born yet

13. Date of death of your father and mother?

Father- July 29, 1896; Mother- Living

(Transcriber note: Seems questions 14 through 20 are missing, maybe I just didnít get them copied, Iím not sure about it)

14. Were they ever enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where-

15. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and if not living, give date of death-

16. State English and Indian name of your grandparents on both fatherís and motherís side, if possible-

Fatherís Side

Motherís Side

17. Where were they born?

18. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?

19. Give names of all their children, and residence, if living; if not living, give dates of deaths

(1) English name- ; Indian name- ; Residence-

(2) English name- ; Indian name- ; Residence-

(3) English name- ; Indian name- ; Residence-

(4) English name- ; Indian name- ; Residence-

20. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where:

21. To expedite identification, claimant should give full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1835-

My grandmother Clarissa J. Loveless first married Emerson Herrell later married J. Loveless

In Jefferson City, Missouri in 18??. My grandmother Ann Stubblefield Scruggs Parker Ďs brother was born in 1811 in East Tennessee and was admitted a citizen of Cherokee Nation in 1896.


My mother Miza Rinehart is a daughter of Claissa J. Loveless whoís maiden name was Scruggs. She is a daughter of Ann Parker whose maiden name was Ann Stubblefield, was admitted to the Cherokee Rolls in 1896. Her Roll number is 30824.

Signed - Gertie Carroll

March 14, 1907


Personally appeared before me A. M. Wallingford and Geo. Riffue (sp) who, being duly sworn on oath, deposes and says that they are well acquainted with Gertrude Carroll, who makes the foregoing application and statements, and have known her for 17 and 15 years, respectively, and know her to be the identical person she represents herself to be, and that the statements may by her, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and they have no interest whatever in this claim.


A. M. Wallingford

Geo. Reffie (sp)

March 14, 1907

M. M. James (notary public)

Submitted by Catherine Widener


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