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Basic Page Requirements


The tools provided here should make the Coordinator's job easier and less time consuming, as well as help us reach these goals.

Basic Requirements  (adopted Jan 2002)

Every OKGenWeb-ITGenWeb site must meet these requirements in order to be associated with the Project and linked on the State List.  

A Coordinator is required to:

  1. answer roll call (as the need arises)
  2. maintain a subscription to the OK-IT mailing list for discussion of OKGenWeb-ITGenWeb business
  3. maintain links to OKGenWeb-ITGenWeb and USGenWeb
  4. display OKGenWeb-ITGenWeb and USGenWeb logos on your main page
  5. maintain queries
  6. provide a history of the area and/or list of towns
  7. provide a link to the State List
  8. maintain a link to the Oklahoma Resources page
  9. update your site at least every three (3) months
  10. display your email on all pages
  11. display last updated and/or edited on all pages
  12. have no commercial advertising or selling on county pages

    Your site represents the OKGenWeb - ITGenWeb - USGenWeb Project. Respect our goals, refrain from displaying logos of similar projects on your main page.

A Coordinator is responsible for:

  1. notifying the SC when you will be unavailable for an extended time
  2. notifying the SC if you change your email address, mailing address or phone number
  3. maintaining your site to meet all of the basic requirements 

When changes are made in the basic guidelines/standards Coordinators will be notified through the OK-IT list and the online versions will be updated.

See Guidelines

Required Content
Required OKGenWeb Logo
& Link
Required or ITGenWeb Logo
& Link

(depending on which project you're a member of)

You may display both

Required USGenWeb Logo
& Link

other logos are available
Required Query Page This can be handled with an automated query system or with email to the coordinator and updated manually at least once per month. Message Boards and forms are acceptable.
Required History History of the area and/or links to the names and history of the towns and cities of your area.
Required State List

Every site must have a link to the County List maintained by the State Coordinator (http://www.okgenweb.net/state/countyall.htm). There should be a note telling visitors if they have an interest in adopting an area in Oklahoma they should visit the "Available" page. For example: "If you would like to adopt an OKGenWeb site, please visit here."

Required Resource Page

You must provide a link to the state resource page at http://www.okgenweb.net/state/resource/index.htm. Also, every site should provide some basic research help for their area. For example, many of the coordinators have provided a list of names, addresses and phone numbers for the county court clerk, library and genealogical and/or historical societies. Many have also provided a bibliography page showing the reference books available for their area. Lookup should be offered if you or your volunteers have received permission to do so from the book's author or publisher or if the reference books you have available meet the copyright policies of The USGenWeb Project.

Coordinators of ITGenWeb sites should provide links to modern county equivalents and coordinators of OKGenWeb sites should provide links to their ITGenWeb equivalents.

Required Site Updates You must add something new to the site at least once every three (3) months other than query updates (i.e., new information, new links, updated page design)
Required Your email address Your email address at the bottom of each page.
Required Last Updated Copy and Paste the following at the bottom of each page:
<!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED"-->
Required No Advertising No Commercial advertising or selling is permitted on OKGenWeb and ITGenWeb sites. Links to commercial pages or "sponsored by" statements such as "this page hosted by" with a link is acceptable. Visitors must not have to go through a commercial page to get pertinent information. Remember, the purpose of the project is to provide free genealogical and historical information for all.

Suggested Content

Although the following are "suggested" and are not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you consider adding them to your site for the convenience of those visiting your pages.


Website Copyright

It is recommended that you place a copyright notice on your page. However, data submitted by contributors remains their work. That includes queries, photographs, self-compiled data, etc., etc. You can't take it with you when you go.
    Copyright 19xx-2003 by OKGenWeb XX County
    Coordinator: [your name]

Remember to update yearly.

USGenWeb Copyright

It is the policy of The USGenWeb Project to obtain permission from the creator of the code, graphics, and backgrounds before using them on our pages unless they have been placed in the public domain. If you find yourself having used someone's code without their permission, please either obtain that permission or remove that feature from your pages.

Visitor Counter

Copy/Paste this code: <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counterord"-->

County Maillist

Include how to subscribe to the County Mail list. You will find the Oklahoma list here along with a page for each county list. You may link to that page to allow your visitors easy one stop subscribe - unsubscribe. 

Search Engine

WhatUSeek, PicoSearch, FreeFind are several that other coordinators use

Vote Logo

Vote Logo for County of the Month.
Image is
http://www.okgenweb.net/state/images/awlogo.gif and link to the nomination page at 

County Map

Color in your county with red
OKGenWeb graphics

OKGenWeb Projects



(Linking the to the "Resource" page is also an option rather than linking to each of these individual projects.)
Suggested   Maps-N-More http://www.okgenweb.net/state/
Suggested   OK Success Stories http://www.rootsweb.com/~okbeaver/
Suggested   OK Reunions http://www.rootsweb.com/~okkingfi/family.htm
Suggested   Oklahoma Cemeteries http://www.okgenweb.net/state/
Suggested   OKGenWeb Archives http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/
Suggested   OKBitsOKBits

Each county has an anchor link, example, if you have Pontotoc Co. the link would be http://www.rootsweb.com/~okbits/newsp.html

for Adair Co. the link would be

Suggested   PhotoGalleryPhotoGallery http://marti.rootsweb.com/photogallery/
Suggested   Township MapCounty Township Maps http://www.okgenweb.net/state/
Suggested   Indian Pioneer PapersIndian/Pioneer Papers http://www.okgenweb.net/state/
Suggested   Oklahoma MarriagesOklahoma Marriages http://marti.rootsweb.com/okmarr/
Suggested   Lawmen & OutlawsOK Lawmen & Outlaws http://marti.rootsweb.com/law/law.htm
Suggested   OK Land OpeningsOK Land Openings http://marti.rootsweb.com/land/oklands.html
Suggested   Oklahoma MilitaryOklahoma Military http://www.okgenweb.net/state/
Suggested   OK Funeral HomesOK Funeral Homes http://www.okgenweb.net/state/


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Linda Simpson, State Coordinator
Mel Owings, Assistant Coordinator