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Slave Narratives

The Slave Narrative Collection have been transcribed as they were written.
The language and descriptive portions are as the interviewer transcribed them for the narrative collection; writing the language as spoken by the people they interviewed 

Name Interviewed Archived
ADAMS, Isaac Tulsa W
ALEXANDER, Alice Oklahoma City W
ANDERSON, Sam Oklahoma City OHS
BANKS, Frances Boggy Depot OHS
BANKS, Phoebe Muskogee W
BANKS, Phoebe (Interview 2)      
BANKS, Sina McAlester OHS
BARBER, Mollie Muskogee OHS
BEAN, Joe Hulbert OHS
BEAN, Nancy Rogers Hulbert W
BEAN, Nancy Rogers (Interview 2)      
BEE, Prince Red Bird W
BELL, Eliza Muskogee OHS
BETHEL, William L. Oklahoma City OHS
BONNER, Lewis (Barner, L. B.) Oklahoma City OHS
BRIDGES, Francis Oklahoma City W
BROWN, John Tulsa W
BURNS, Robert H. Oklahoma City OHS
CARDER, Sallie Burwin W
CHESSIER, Betty Foreman Oklahoma City W
CLARIDY, George Washington Oklahoma City W
CLAY, Henry Fort Gibson OHS
COLBERT, Polly Colbert W
COLBERT, Polly (Interview 2)          
CUNNINGHAM, Martha (White) Oklahoma City NA                            
CONRAD, George Jr. Oklahoma City W
CURTIS, William McAlester W
DAVIS, Carrie E. Oklahoma City OHS
DAVIS, Lucinda   (Photo)    Tulsa W
DAWSON, Anthony (Photo) Tulsa W
DOUGLASS, Alice Oklahoma City W
DOWDY, Doc Daniel Oklahoma City W
DRAPER, Joanna Tulsa W
EASTER, Esther Mrs. Tulsa W
ELSEY, Eliza Fort Gibson OHS
EVANS, Eliza McAlester W
FARMER, Lizzie McAlester OHS
FIELD, John Tahlequah W
FOUNTAIN, Della McAlester W
GARDNER, Nancy Oklahoma City W
GARNES, Millie McAlester OHS
GEROGE, Octavia Oklahoma City W
GORDON, Nannie Muskogee OHS
GRAY, Nathan (Photo only)    
GRAYSON, Mary Tulsa W
JACKSON, Frank Muskogee OHS
JACKSON, Isabella Mrs. Tulsa W
JACKSON, Lizzie Muskogee OHS
JENKINS, Lewis Oklahoma City OHS
JOHNSON, Nellie Tulsa W
JOHNSON, Charlotte (Photo only)    
JORDAN, Josie Tulsa OHS
JORDAN, Sam Oklahoma City OHS
KING, George G. "Uncle" Tulsa W
KING, Martha McAlester W
KYE, George Fort Gibson W
LAWSON, Ben Oklahoma City W
LINDSAY, Mary Tulsa W
LOGAN, Mattie Mrs. Tulsa W
LOVE, Kiziah Colbert W
LUCAS, Daniel William Red Bird W
LUSTER, Bert Oklahoma City W
MACK, Marshall Oklahoma City W
MANNING, Allen V. Tulsa W
MAYNARD, Bob Weleetka W
McCRAY, Stephen Oklahoma City W
McNAIR, Chaney "Aunt" NA W
MONTGOMERY, Jane Oklahoma City W
NAVE, Cornelius Neely Fort Gibson OHS
OLIVER, Amanda Oklahoma City W
OLIVER, Salomon Tulsa W
PERRY, Noah Krebs OHS
PERRYMAN, Patsy Muskogee OHS
PETITE, Phyllis Fort Gibson W
PINKARD, Maggie Muskogee OHS
POE, Matilda McAlester W
PUGH, J. L. Oklahoma City W
PYLES, Henry F. Tulsa W
RATLIFF, Martha Ann Oklahoma City OHS
RAWLINGS, Alice Muskogee OHS
RAY, Joe Muskogee OHS
RICHARDSON, Chaney Fort Gibson W
RICHARDSON, Red Oklahoma City W
ROBERTSON, Betty Fort Gibson W
ROBINSON, Harriett Oklahoma City W
ROSS, Charley Gibson Station OHS
ROWE, Katie (Photo) Tulsa W
SCOTT, Annie Groves Muskogee OHS
SHEPPARD, Morris (Photo) Fort Gibson W
SIMMS, Andrew Sapulpa W
SIMON, George Tulsa OHS
SMITH, Alfred Oklahoma City OHS
SMITH, Liza Muskogee W
SMITH, Lou Platter W
SMITH, Mose Muskogee W
SMITH, R. C. Alderson W
SOUTHALL, James Alderson W
STARR, Milton Gibson Station OHS
STINNETT, J. W. Muskogee OHS
TENNEYSON, Beauregard West Tulsa W
THOMPSON, Johnson Fort Gibson OHS
THOMPSON, Victoria Taylor Muskogee OHS
THREAT, Jim McAlester OHS
VANN, Lucinda Muskogee OHS
WAGONER, Sweetie Ivery Muskogee OHS
WALTERS, William Tulsa W
WARD, Rochelle Allred (Ward, Rochelle Allred) Fort Gibson W
WATSON, Mollie Colbert W
WATSON, William W. Muskogee W
WEBB, Mary Frances McAlester W
WELLS, Easter Colbert W
WHITE, Charlotte Johnson Fort Gibson W
WHITE, John Sand Springs W
WILLIAMS, Charley  (Photo) Tulsa W
WILLIAMS, Hulda Tulsa W
WILLIAMS, Robert (Photo) Muskogee W
WILLIS, Charles Oklahoma City W
WILSON, Sarah Fort Gibson W
WOFFARD, Acemy Muskogee W
WOODS, Tom W. Alderson W

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