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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: April 14, 1938
Name: Joe Sequiche Morris
Post Office: General Delivery, Romana Oklahoma
Residence address:
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Information on Father: 
Information on Mother:
Field Worker: Jarvis  W. Tyner
Indian-Pioneer History Collection 
Vol. 107, Pages 128-132
This collection contains the following types of material:
A miscellaneous type of collection, bible, Indian Prophecy in form of a letter that is written in Red ink. 
His own Sculpture work. An old wooden spoon. Material deals with materials that were given to him by his
forefathers. Date: unknown.

Locations of collection: 
     In his home in Ramona [OK] where he exhibits his own work which he sells for a living.
Condition of Collection: Fair
Condition of Storage Place: Fair
What does the owner plan to do with this collection:
    Write a book of his own and they asked that it be placed in the University of Oklahoma.
Would he be willing to part with it?:
    He said No. I think if the right price would be given to him he would sell it.
Any other information about the collection, including itís history:
    He has translated the Indian Prophecy into English and I will send it later.
Does this owner know other people who have or might have collections: 
    Revard ó Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Legends are becoming more and more extinct among the young Indians of today. But they do not realize their own loss. They are too busy trying to keep up the their white neighbors while their own secrets and understandings of nature are put aside until they will completely be forgotten. They even forget their understandings and feelings toward each other. We scoff at the queer remedies made of herbs. We will not listen to the stories told by our own forefathers who were experienced in the hardships and heartaches caused by their white neighbors.

With the help of my mother I will translate an old letter written by me grandfather. It is a story handed down from generation to generation.

This is a copy of the document that was handed down to Joe MORRIS by his grandmother and she told him that it had been in their family for hundreds of years.

The White People that came across.
"This letter is to let you know of the first white people who came across the great water to set their foot on this country unwelcome. The red people became hostile in seeing these strange people on their soil. They attacked them and filled the branches with the blood of these strange foes. The white people came again and same thing happened. It seems as though some would escape every time. The third time they brought jewels, ornaments and various colored articles in which the red people was conquered. The Indians were already to make friends and they begin to grant lands. The white settlements began to grow and the Indians began to lose out of their privileges. The whites began to have meetings to discuss just what is do about the Indians. They even mentioned about burning the Indiansí homes so they could have more land in which to make their settlements". (part of this letter is torn and lost. Joe Morris)

"The first white man on the big ship that came across were seen by the Indians in 1292." (I believe a mistake was made in the letter. Probably meant 1492. There is a great deal of this letter lost and it is hard to make connections. Joe Morris) "In the year of 1620 a kind and sympathetic white man came to this country. The Indians greeted him with gifts of Indian corn. It was Wm. PENN. He talked to them in shade of an elm tree on the bank of a big river. He made treaties with the Indians and started the settlements under treaties in 1682." (Part of the third page is missing I have to skip some important facts due to the letter which have faded. Joe Morris)

"At this very moment you can see the curse that is put on the Indians in their wrong doing of the past. When the white people began to make the government the Indians did not like the idea until the white people told them that they would teach them how to make more modern things to use. The chiefs of all tribes appointed seven wise men to study this idea. The wise men did not think that it was wise and they prophesied that in years to come the Indians would almost be slaves and be driven about their country. The red people would head for destruction. The older and more experienced men began to worry and dreamed of what was going to be their fate. They sat up all night long smoking their pipes telling each other of their dreams."

These are the prophecies of the old men:
"The young Indian Children will not be obedient. They will not know the remedies made of herbs. They will be conceited. They will not know their own kin and there will be marriages in their own families. They will not know their clan. They will not grow normally. They will not believe the stories told about their own forefathers. Their mothers will cheated with their knowledge. All this will be leading to destruction of the Indian race. Because they not listen and believe the wiser and experienced forefathers. They will be driven to the west until they reach the great waters and they will be put aboard a ship that be made to sink."

(I have tried to translate this old letter for the benefit of the young Indians. And to those who have not learned the remedies I will print a few to get an idea of what they are.  Joe Morris)

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