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Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: January 18, 1937
Name: Henry C. Fisher
Post Office: Checotah, Oklahoma

Residence Address:
Date of Birth: March 16, 1862
Place of Birth: Fishertown, Creek Nation
Father: William Fisher
Place of Birth:
Information on father:
Place of birth:
Information on mother:
Field Worker: Carl Sherwood
Interview #:

Henry Fisher, who is a Creek Citizen by blood and a son of Honorable William Fisher, an old and highly esteemed Creek citizen, was born at Fishertown, Creek Nation, March 16, 1862.

Fishertown has been forgotten. Its location was about six or eight miles south and a little east of Checotah.

Frank Fisher was highly educated and possessed a progressive spirit. He attended the schools in Creek Nation until he arrived at the age of fourteen when he went to Clinton, Missouri, and attended the Franklin High School for two years; after which he attended Drury College, Springfield, Missouri.

He was married to Miss Lucy B. Willison, February 23, 1882. After his marriage Mr. Fisher became associated with his father in the general Mercantile business at Fishertown; which business was subsequently removed to Checotah in 1891. This business was discontinued in the early part of 1894.

Mr. Fisher was elected as a member of the House of Warriors of the National Council in 1895 for a term of four years.

In October, 1899, he was appointed National Auditor of the Muskogee Nation by Honorable Isparacher, principal chief, to complete the unexpired term of Honorable William Whitlow, deceased.

In November following he was elected by the National Council to succeed himself for a term of four years from December 5, 1899.

Aside from holding the important office of National Auditor, Mr. Fisher was a man who fully realized the importance of a speedy adjustment of affairs in the Territory and was quite anxious for the arrival of the time when titles to the land will be vested in individuals, instead of the Nation.

Besides owning a couple of large farms adjacent to the town of Checotah, he has a beautiful home.

Transcribed and contributed by Lola Crane <coolbreze@cybertrails.com> Sept. 2003

Transcriber's comment: In the third paragraph, you will note that there is reference to Frank Fisher. According to the genealogy of the Glenn-Tucker researchers, Frank Fisher was not a son or grandson of Henry Clay Fisher and Henry C. Fisher died March 22, 1931.
Henry Clay Fisher is well documented in the following books:
The Indian Territory, page 180
Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. 31, pp 247-254
Glenn-Tucker Genealogy Book, pp 4-53&54.

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