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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma 
LDS Microfiche #6016976 
Volume 111 - Cemeteries 

Cemeteries - Creek
Jas. S. BUCHANAN, field worker
March 9, 1937

Chouteau Trading Post Site
NW NW SW Sec 29, T16N, R19E, County of Wagoner

Location "A" according to history is site of what was known as Chouteau Trading Post which was established about 1825. With the assistance of J. M. GRAHAM and Hurt WEST, residents of the vicinity, I located a quantity of building stone, indications of house foundations, and just across a ravine, south of a piece of cultivated land, concealed by a dense growth of brush, we located an old well walled with stone. This well is about three foot in diameter and in good condition. About fifty foot south of the stone well, we located another old well, or which appeared to be one and had caved in, and near it was what appeared to be the remains of a foundation of a house. This location is just below the rock reefs in the Verdigris river below Okay, very deep water and high river bank, gradually sloping down to the river, making an ideal place for a boat landing.

Location "B", at this place I contacted a man by the name of J. M. KEEVES, a recluse who owns 8 acres in the corner of section 31 and ten acres in the northwest corner of section 32. There is an old road leading away from the river which winds its way up the steep rocky hillside and by the side of the road, about half way up the hill, there is an old spring walled up with stone and a stone hood arched over it. The stone work is perfect condition and of good workmanship. Mr. KEEVES informed me there was an old foundation on top of the hill when he bought the property in 1911 and he used the stone from that foundation in the building of his little home down in the valley. Information from history leads me to believe that this is the site of the Glenn trading post established by Hugh GLENN. The old road leading away from the river establishes a location of a ferry at this old place.

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