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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: March 1, 1937
Name: Mr. J. R. Rock
Post Office:
Tribe: Shawnee
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Information on Father:
Information on Mother:
Field Worker: Jessie Chisholm

Shawnee Chief J. R. Rock as told by Bill Chisholm

(Bill CHISHOLM is 65 years of age.  Born in Pottawatomie County, McCloud Okla.  in 1872 in the Kickapoo Country.  His Indian name is We-ni-she meaning Buzzard in Indian word.  He is mae-kan-kee Indian and Spainard.  Lives 2 miles from Sperry Okla.  Information from him on Bob DEER - fight with the Osages between the Hominy post and Wynona, Okla, where he shot the Osage in the mouth.   There where Joe CEBONEY was shot through the seat of his body with an arrow which  Bob pulled the arrow out of him in battle.  Also information from him of a fellow by the name of Robert STEWART - married one of Joe LANS, a Quapaw, sisters.  In early days, Mas-kah-kees Indians of Holdenville, Okla.  He said that Ben HAGGE of Broken Arrow, Okla is another Indian who could tell more about Bob Deer battle.  Tell me more about my grandfather estate some where in Texas, Bob was a friend with all the Shawnee Warriers.)

This man J. F. ROCK is known to be Chief of the absent T. Shawnee at Washington D.C. on the records.  This man had everything memorized down from the time he was boy to his death.  He could tell you just what happen every day in year round.  He has been tryed out time and again.   I used to hear him make speaches about things that happen back in Penn, Ohio, down in Texas.  He was about 5 foot 9 inches, weighting about 195 lbs.  Broad fore head, long gray hair, strong sharp voice, when he is talking.  He smoked plenty.   Sharp answers when he is spoken to.  He has been in many Indian battles - also through the Civil War.  Never was wounded in his battles.  He was at Fort Gibson in the 17 Calvary.  Fought against the Seminole Chief Johnie JOMBY, along about the Kansas line. 40 Shawnee, 40 whites whiped out.  Thousands of Seminoles Indians.

J. R. Rock said to have wanted Johnie Jomba big gray horse - more than he wanted him.  By having fast horse he got away.  J. R. Rock was also in the battle with Tonkawas battle.  Two or three battles with Osages.  Fought with Texas government against Spainards.  He was Yankie Doodle right.  Never got a scratch while in battle.  He draw $70.00 per quarterly from pension from U.S. Government.

Some where along 1906, he was hurt and had lost one hand.  He was hurt by his step-son, Allen LONGHORN.  Longhorn was crazy drunk.   Hit the old man Mr. Rock with a cross cut saw. Dr. J. T. Rock was also an Indian Doctor.  Had saved many Indians from death.   His right hand man in battles was Bob Deer.   Uncle of Bob FROY of Tulsa, Oklahoma who died at his home on or near the Kendall College on east eleven street.  Bob Fry is the very picture of his Uncle.  Bob Deer also drew pension in his days.  He was buried at Shawnee City Cemetery.  F. R. Rock died near Shawnee, Okla. at the place called horse shoe band, at the age of 80 years.  Bob Deer died first at the age of about 65.

These Shawnee Warriors - under Dr. F. R. Rock.

1.  Bob DEER
2.  Charley STAR
3.  Buck HEART
4.  Bill JOHNSON
6.  John Deer
7.  William LITTLE AX
9.  GIBSON- died at Fort Gibson while a soldier
10. Joe ELLIS
12. Jim SWITCH

Dr. J.R. Rock has a son living near Shawnee.  Has also been over seas in the world war.  By the name of Jimmie Rock.

[Submitter's Comment:  This interview is typed exactly as written except maybe for some punctuation.   The initials for Mr. Rock do vary from J. R. to J. F. to F. R. - could be more than one Mr. Rock.]

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