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Volume 47 - 8 Microfiche Microfiche #6016912
Name Address
JACK, Eliza Bentley, OK
JACK, Mary Sulphur, OK
JACKSON, Ben Byars, OK
JACKSON, Daniel J. Elk City, OK
JACKSON, Effie S. Tulsa, OK
JACKSON, H. Lee Poteau, OK
JACKSON, Hudson  
JACKSON, Isaac Hartshorne, OK
JACKSON, J. F. Pauls Valley, OK
JACKSON, John Andrew Mangum, OK
JACKSON, Kate Williams Muskogee, OK
JACKSON, Lamar Atoka, OK
JACKSON, Lemuel Okmulgee, OK
JACKSON, Martha Fort Towson, OK
JACKSON, Nannie H. Duke, OK
JACKSON, Ona Glenn Hugo, OK
JACKSON, Saber Okemah, OK
JACKSON, Sam Atoka, OK
JACKSON, Simon Welty, OK
JACKSON, Sonny Okmulgee, OK
JACKSON, Tecumsah  [off site link] Soper, OK
JACKSON, William C. Muskogee, OK
JACKSON, W. H. Tishomingo, OK
JACOB, John A. Holdenville, OK
JACOB, Nelson Caney, OK
JACOB, Richard T. Fort Sill, OK
JACOBS, Ella Monahwee Holdenville, OK
JACOBS, Henry Sasakwa, OK
JACOBS, Henry Okarche, OK
JACOBS, W. C. Wynona, OK
JACOBSON, Martha E. (Hamilton) Tulsa, OK
JAMES, Alice A. (Mrs.) Fairland, OK
JAMES, Arthur Pauls Valley, OK
JAMES, Betsy Blanco, OK
JAMES, Billie Okemah, OK
JAMES, E. W. Weleetka, OK
JAMES, Isora <Izora Ann> Poteau, OK
JAMES, Jesse Henry Pauls Valley, OK
JAMES, John Sapulpa, OK
JAMES, John Kellyville, OK
JAMES, Louis Holdenville, OK
JAMES, Mary E. nee Hudson Fairland, OK
JAMES, Matthew Walton Stringtown, OK
JAMES, Norman Hartshorne, OK
JAMES, Rhoda Shady Point, OK
JAMES, Tennessee Miami, OK
JAMES, W. W. Poteau, OK
JAMES, William Henryetta, OK
JAMES, William M. Tulsa, OK
JAMIESON, J.  T. Cache, OK
JANEWAY, R. L. Pauls Valley, OK
JANTZ, Cornelius J. Fort Cobb, OK
JARBOE, W. C. (Mrs.) Altus, OK
JARNAGIN, J. A. Clinton, OK
JARRELL, J. C. Sentinel, OK
JARRELL, Marmie M. Sentinel, OK
JARRETT, Helen Willison Tulsa, OK
JARVIS, Mary Kiowa, OK
JAY, E. E. (Mrs.) &
MOON, Don (Mrs.)
Guthrie, OK
Volume 48 - 9 microfiche Microfiche #6016913
JEDLICKA, A. J. Oklahoma City, OK
JEFFERS, Oscar Inola, OK
JEFFERSON, Charles Darwin, OK
JEFFERSON, Charles Farris, OK
JEFFERSON, Martha Farris, OK
JEFFERSON, Sarah Avery, OK
JEFFERSON, Sisey Corinne, OK
JENKINS, Elizabeth Scruggs Muskogee, OK
JENKINS, (Governor) William M. no place given
JENNINGS, L. C. Muskogee, OK
JENNINGS, Lester Oklahoma City, OK
JENNINGS, Lucy Sentinel, OK
JENNINGS, R. W. Wynnewood, OK
JENNINGS, Tom Sentinel, OK
JENSEN, Thomas El Reno, OK
JERMAINE, P. A. Chickasha, OK
JESSE, Mary no place given
JESTER, D. C. Mangum, OK
JESTER, J. A. (Dr.) Elk City, OK
JETTON, Jim M. Sentinel, OK
JIMBOY, Newton Okemah, OK
JOBE, Louis R. Muskogee, OK
JOHN, W. N. Hugo, OK
JOHNNY, Mary Saddle Mountain, OK
JOHNS, Helen Antlers, OK
JOHNSON, Rev. A. B., et al. Miller, OK
JOHNSON, Abner Miller, OK
JOHNSON, Burleigh Chickasha, OK
JOHNSON, C. L., and 
Shattuck, OK
JOHNSON, D. J. Chickasha, OK
JOHNSON, Earl Durant, OK
JOHNSON, Ed no place given
JOHNSON, Frances (Mrs.) El Reno, OK
JOHNSON, Fred Henryetta, OK
JOHNSON, George Mangum, OK
JOHNSON, H. D. Sulphur, OK
JOHNSON, Henry Garnett, Kansas
JOHNSON, Henry M. Pauls Valley, OK
JOHNSON, Isaac Byars, OK
JOHNSON, J. L. Pauls Valley, OK
JOHNSON, J. R. Atoka, OK
JOHNSON, James Atoka, OK
JOHNSON, James W. Pittsburg, OK
JOHNSON, Jay Anadarko, OK
JOHNSON, Jazie (Mrs.) Kiowa, OK
JOHNSON, Jennie Lyons, OK
JOHNSON, John Atoka, OK
JOHNSON, Kissika Wolf Lone Wolf, OK
JOHNSON, L. (Mrs.) Lawton, OK
JOHNSON, L. A. (Mrs.) Mangum, OK
JOHNSON, Lulu Crouch Mangum, OK
JOHNSON, May Anadarko, OK
JOHNSON, Millie Okemah, OK
JOHNSON, Nettie Rosser Elk City, OK
JOHNSON, Robert Spaulding, OK
JOHNSON, S. L. (Mrs.) Okmulgee, OK
JOHNSON, Samantha McAlester, OK
JOHNSON, Sarah Jane Claremore, OK
JOHNSON, Seth P. Woodward, OK
JOHNSON, Sherman Chickasha, OK
JOHNSON, Simon Hanna, OK
JOHNSON, Sophia Broken Bow, OK
JOHNSON, Swan J. (Mrs.) Oklahoma City, OK
JOHNSON, T. J. Atoka, OK
JOHNSON, T. L. (Mrs.) Elk City, OK
JOHNSON, Tom Atoka, OK
JOHNSON, W. B. Oklahoma City, OK
JOHNSON, W. B. Fitzburgh, OK
JOHNSON, W. H. El Reno, OK
JOHNSON, Walter P. Muskogee, OK
JOHNSON, William B. Ardmore, OK
JOHNSON, Willie Okemah, OK
JOHNSTON, A. J. Cement, OK
JOHNSTON, Douglas H. Oklahoma City, OK
JOHNSTON, Ellen Caney, OK
JOHNSTON, George W. Blanchard, OK
JOHNSTON, Jennie Lawton, OK
JOHNSTON, Lacressa Blanchard, OK
JOHNSTON, Marea Oklahoma City, OK
Volume 49 - 9 Microfiche Microfiche #6016914
Name Address
JOLLY, W. A. Ardmore, OK
JONES, Amanda Elvina Leedey, OK
JONES, David Antlers, OK
JONES, Dollie E. Tonkawa, OK
JONES, Endsley D. Tulsa, OK
JONES, George M. Fort Cobb, OK
JONES, Hal Hominy, OK
JONES, I. Buckley (Mrs.) Duncan, OK
JONES, I. V. Chickasha, OK
JONES, Isaac Sentinel, OK
JONES, Jack Oklahoma City, OK
JONES, Jake Chickasha, OK
JONES, Joanna McGhee Miami, OK
JONES, Katie Foss, OK
JONES, Leander Smith Cordell, OK
JONES, Lee Pauls Valley, OK
JONES, Lorenza D. Leedey, OK
JONES, Magnolia Adair Tulsa, OK
JONES, McCollough Kellyville, OK
JONES, Minnie C. Morrison, OK
JONES, Night Blanchard, OK
JONES, O. B. Tulsa, OK
JONES, Perry Hobart, OK
JONES, Perry W. Sulphur, OK
JONES, Philas S. No place given
JONES, Porter Mangum, OK
JONES, R. V. Weleetka, OK
JONES, Richard Lawton, OK
JONES, Richard C. Hartshorne, OK
JONES, Robert N. Blanchard, OK
JONES, S. L. No place given
JONES, Sherman (Cowboy) Randlett, OK
JONES, Silvina Williams Thompson Fort Towson, OK
JONES, Thomas Carson, OK
JONES, W.Frank Tulsa, OK
JONES, Walter V. Antlers, OK
JONES, Wilbert Miami, OK
JONES, William No place given
JONES, William Frank Tulsa, OK
JONES, Wilson Lane, OK
JONES, Zora Hominy, OK
JORDAN, Christopher Colcord, OK
JORDAN, H. G. Hugo, OK
JORDAN, Thomas H. McAlester, OK
JORDAN, Thomas Jefferson Hobart, OK
JORGENSON, Ada Baskins Edmond, OK
JOSEPH, David Elk City, OK
JUDY, Effie May Henryetta, OK
JUDY, Hubert S. Woodward, OK
JULY, Turner Hitchita, OK
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