Homesteaders from Montgomery & Wilson County Kansas

Homesteads shown in bright yellow belong to families known to have come from the area bounded by Neodesha, Independence, and Cherryvale KS.  Those shown in pale yellow belong to related families known to have come from KS, and probably from that area.  Click on a colored segment to see information about the homesteader or scroll down to see a list of homesteaders and family relationships. There is no reason to believe that all of the families who came to northeastern Oklahoma County from that part of Kansas have been found and plotted, but even this much shows some interesting family clusters. (For more information about the families of this area, go to Ceil's Corner.)

Name Location Comments
Blizzard, Burton SW4 of 21-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Blizzard, John NE4 of 28-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Blizzard, Margaret NW4 of 27-14-1W Homesteader from Neodesha.
Briscoe, Lewis NW4 of 3-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Catron, Ephraim SE4 of 26-14-1W Homesteader from Neodesha.
Catron, Henry SE4 of 29-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Cole, Charles SE4 of 25-14-1W First cousin of "Bob" Cole, both grew up in Obion Co. TN but haven't proven which part of KS he was in.
Cole, Emerson NW4 of 25-14-1W Son of Charles Cole.
Cole, James S. SW of 3-14-1E Son of Tolbert?
Cole, Joseph D. SW4 of 27-14-1W Brother of Will Cole.
Cole, O. M. N2 of NW4 of 10-14-1E Son of "Bob" Cole.
Cole, Tolbert F. NE4 of 3-14-1E Uncle of J.D. & Will.
Cole, William A. "Bob" SW4 of 25-14-1W Homesteader from Sycamore.
Cole, William T. SE4 of 27-14-1W Brother of J. D. Cole.
Collins, George NE4 of 26-14-1W Homesteader from Kansas, with ties to families from this area.
Cusenbury, Harrison D. NE4 of 33-14-1W Homesteader from Neodesha.
Foster, Allen SE4 of 35-14-1W Homesteader from Kansas.
Foster, Jesse SE4 of 28-14-1W Homesteader from Neodesha.
Morgan, James SE4 of 15-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Morgan, Jennie NE4 of 22-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Morgan, Laurence SW4 of 21-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.
Simmons, Lodeski NW4 of 29-14-1E Homesteader from Neodesha.

BLIZZARDs.   Margaret was the matriarch.  Burton and John were her sons.  Her daughter Sunie was married J. D. COLE.

BRISCOEs. Lewis' brother homesteaded across the line in Logan Co.  Tradition has it that they were nephews of J. D. & Will COLE, but that has not been proven.

CATRONs.  Henry and Ephraim were distant cousins, both from Neodesha.

COLEs.  These are several related lines, which had come to the Neodesha area from the border between SW KY & NW TN.  Bob & Charles were first cousins, who had grown up in the Crystal Community of Obion Co. Tolbert was probably their father's first cousin.  J. D. & Will were Tolbert's nephews.

MORGANs.  These three were siblings, from Independence.

SIMMONS.  This family had come to the Neodesha area from Obion Co. TN, where they were related by marriage to the Bob COLE family.