Railroads in Oklahoma in 1915

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The stations listed for each railroad were transcribed from the 1915 map:
Western OK Covers from the western border to a line far enough east of Oklahoma City to show the entire route of the original Santa Fe tracks in Oklahoma.

Eastern OK

Covers from the eastern border to a line far enough west of Enid and Chickasha to show the entire route of the original Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific tracks in Oklahoma.

Abbreviations are from the map, with full names taken from other sources when available.  Wherever possible, I have included information about predecessor and successor lines, but not all of the already-abandoned railroads or ones that were built later are included.  

Routes are still being transcribed so some did extend past the sections that have been covered so far.   Click on any of these links to see the railroad's list of stations.

Acronym Source Full Name & Comments
A. T. & SF. 1915 & 1972 Maps Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe  
B. E. & S. Kirk Blackwell, Enid, and Southwestern
B. M. & E. Kirk Beaver, Meade & Englewood
B. N. 1986 Atlas Burlington Northern.  Successor line after 1972.
C. O. & G. Kirk Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf
C. & O. W. 1915 Map & Kirk Clinton and Oklahoma Western
C. RI. & P. 1915 & 1972 Maps Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific  
C. S. L.  1915 Map & Kirk Cheyenne Short Line
C. & S. Kirk Colorado & Southern
F. S. & W. 1915 Map & 1986 Atlas Fort Smith and Western  
FMR. C. 1986 Atlas Farmrail Corporation
FW. & D. Kirk Fort Worth & Denver
H. & E. 1972 Map Hollis and Eastern
K. C. S. 1986 Atlas Kansas City Southern
K. Cy. M. & O. 1915 Map & Kirk Kansas City, Mexico and Orient.  
K. O. & G. 1915 Map & 1986 Atlas Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf. 
M. K. T. 1915 & 1972 Maps Missouri, Kansas, Texas.  Locally known as the "Katy".
ML. & CO. 1915 Atlas Full Name Unknown
M. P. 1986 Atlas Missouri Pacific
M. V. Kirk Missouri Valley
N. C. OK. 1986 Atlas North Central Oklahoma
N. E. O. Kirk Interurban railway in northeastern Oklahoma
N. P. Kirk Northern Pacific
NW. O. 1986 Atlas Northwest Oklahoma
O. & N. W. 1915 Map Full Name Unknown.   Shown as a proposed line on the 1915 map.
O. C. Kirk Oklahoma Central
O. C. A. A. 1915 Map & Kirk Oklahoma City, Ada & Atoka
O. K. T. 1986 Atlas Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
O. N. M. & P. 1915 Map & Kirk Oklahoma, New Mexico & Pacific 
O. Ry. Co. or O. R. C. Interurbans & Kirk Oklahoma Railway Company
O. SW. Kirk  Oklahoma Southwestern
O.U.R. Interurbans & Kirk Oklahoma Union Railway
P. C. 1986 Atlas Port of Catoosa
P. C. Ry. Interurbans & Kirk Pittsburg County Railway
R. Shortline 1915 Map Full Name Unknown
S. K. O. L. Kirk South Kansas & Oklahoma (Short Line)
S. S. 1986 Atlas Sand Springs
S. SW. 1986 Atlas St. Louis Southwestern
St. L. & S. F. 1915 & 1972 Maps St. Louis and San Francisco 
T. NW 1986 Atlas Texas Northwestern
T. O. & E. 1915 & 1972 Maps Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern
T. S. R. Interurbans & Kirk Tulsa Street Railway 
T. S. U. 1986 Atlas & Kirk Tulsa-Sapulpa-Union
U. E. Interurbans & Kirk Union Electric
W. FS. & NW. 1915 Map Full Name Unknown
W. F. & NW. 1915 Map Full Name Unknown

The transcriptions are a searchable resource but if your area of interest is not yet covered the worksheets posted under Railroad Maps can be used to locate some settlements for which there were railroad stations but we have found no records of post offices or incorporated towns. 


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