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Cemeteries in Roger Mills Co. OK

Twenty-five cemeteries were found using GNIS, others identified by Oklahoma's GenWeb volunteers. Links are provided for both GNIS maps that show the general location with respect to nearby towns and DoT maps that show the township in great detail.  Tips for finding other online canvasses and lists of burials follow this list. 

Map Link Comments/Links S-T-R Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Barker Cemetery Barker Canvass
21-24N-22W 354146N 0992856W Hammon
Belleview Cemetery Bellview Canvass
09-17N-25W 355723N 0995204W Antelope Hills NE
Berlin Cemetery Berlin Canvass
3-12N-23W 352727N 0993643W Baker Lake
Brookside Cemetery Brookside Canvass
9-11N-25W 352638N 0995128W Grimes
Carpenter Cemetery     353121N 0992328W Big Kiowa Creek
Center Chapel Cemetery Center Chapel Canvass
  355606N 0992905W Flying Creek
Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Canvass
Cheyenne Cemetery Cheyenne C 7-13N-23W 353642N 0994138W Cheyenne
Dempsey Cemetery Dempsey Canvass
15-12N-25W 353124N 0994923W Dempsey
Dewey Cemetery Dewey Canvass
21-15N-21W 354554N 0992547W Leedey SW
Fairview Cemetery Fairview Canvass
18-16N-25W 355150N 0995323W Durham
Findley Findley Canvass
Kiowa Cemetery Kiowa Canvass
21-13N-21W 353454N 0992547W Big Kiowa Creek
Lone Star Lone Star Canvass
Mulberry Cemetery     352641N 0995545W Sweetwater
Pie Flat Cemetery Pie Flat Canvass
25-16N-24W 355011N 0994238W Roll
Plasant View Pleasant View Canvass
Red Hill Cemetery Red Hill Canvass
12-13N-21W 353638N 0992257W Big Kiowa Creek
Red Star Red Star Canvass 21-16N-21W      
Rhome Cemetery     354634N 0993413W Roll SE
Rome Rome Canvass 18-15N-22W      
Rosehill Cemetery Rose Hill Canvass 26-12N-24W 352912N 0994259W Berlin
Sankey Cemetery     354020N 0993310W Strong City
Shirley Cemetery Shirley Canvass
  355538N 0992459W Flying Creek
Silent Home Cemetery Silent Home Canvass
10-15N-24W 354737N 0994446W Roll
Snake Bend Cemetery     353906N 0993653W Strong City
Snakey Bend Snakey Bend Canvass 35-14N-23W      
Strong Cemetery Strong City Canvass 25-14N-23W 353949N 0993619W Strong City
Sunrise Cemetery     354501N 0994903W Crawford
Union Chapel Cemetery     354335N 0995715W Reydon
Wagoner   27-15N-21W      
White Rose Cemetery White Rose Canvass
12-13N-26W 353727N 0995503W Reydon SW
White Ross Cemetery     353726N 0995458W Reydon SW


Finding an Online Canvass or List

Once you know the name of a cemetery and the county it's in, the next step is finding any online canvasses or lists of burials.  A few counties  have direct links for individual cemeteries, but those are obvious when the search engine leads you to one of them.  In most cases you must search the resources directly.

OKGenWeb has an extensive and rapidly-growing collection of cemetery canvasses and lists of burials, which you can find through the OKGenWeb Cemeteries Site or in the OKGenWeb Archives.  

Many of the OKGenWeb county sites also include cemetery information. Use the clickable map to get to the county/counties you're interested in.  (If you a new Coordinator, we have a special Help Section for matching contributions of cemetery data with mapped locations.)

The Oklahoma Cemetery Mailing List is also accumulating canvasses, organized by county.  Go to its Home Page for the latest information, and select the county or use its search engine to find a specific canvass. 

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