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Cemeteries in McClain Co. OK

Eleven cemeteries were found using GNIS, and links in this chart are to GNIS maps that show the general location with respect to nearby towns. DoT maps show the township in great detail. Links providing access to online canvasses and lists of burials follow the chart. 

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Feature Name Directions, Comments & Links S-T-R Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Adkins Cemetery Not Available Unknown 350901N 0972707W Norman
Blanchard Cemetery Not Available Unknown 350935N 0973906W Blanchard
Blue Branch Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345211N 0970935W Byars SW
Byars Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345203N 0970211W Byars
Cook Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345649N 0965608W Asher
Dibble Cemetery Not Available Unknown 350144N 0973659W Cole
Green Hill Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345123N 0973606W Lindsay
Hillside Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345948N 0972246W Stealy
New Johnsonville Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345327N 0970242W Wanette
Rosedale Cemetery Not Available Unknown 345423N 0970945W Rosedale
Washington Cemetery Not Available Unknown 350248N 0972839W Washington


Finding an Online Canvass or List

Once you know the name of a cemetery and the county it's in, the next step is finding any online canvasses or lists of burials.  A few counties  have direct links for individual cemeteries, but those are obvious when the search engine leads you to one of them.  In most cases you must search the resources directly.

OKGenWeb has an extensive and rapidly-growing collection of cemetery canvasses and lists of burials, which you can find through the OKGenWeb Cemeteries Site or in the OKGenWeb Archives.  

Many of the OKGenWeb county sites also include cemetery information. Use the clickable map to get to the county/counties you're interested in.  (If you a new Coordinator, we have a special Help Section for matching contributions of cemetery data with mapped locations.)

The Oklahoma Cemetery Mailing List is also accumulating canvasses, organized by county.  Go to its Home Page for the latest information, and select the county or use its search engine to find a specific canvass. 

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