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Key to Maps Showing Towns in Dewey County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  





Detailed Township Map

Aledo No Yes Yes 28-16N-18W
Allen No No No 25-18N-17W
Aquilla No No No Sec 11 19N-19W
Beement No Yes No Sec 36 20N-19W
Bement No No No Sec 1 19N-19W
Bloomfield No Yes No Sec 10 18N-19W
Burmah No Yes No 36-16N-18W
Butte Yes Yes No Sec 12 16N-15W
Camargo No Yes Yes 24-18N-20W
Canadian  No No No 26-19-16W
Cestos No Yes Yes 11-19N-18W
Dawson No No No 14-17N-17W
Deltis No No No Sec 27 17N-19W
Dewey No No No 18-16N-15W
Edsel No No No Sec 31 17N-14W
Fay No Yes Yes 35-16N-14W
Fonda No Yes No 12-19N-15W
Fountain No Yes No Sec 24 18N-15W
Galva No Yes No ?
Glenwood No Yes No Sec 4 18N-14W
Guy No No No 19N-16W
Harper No No No Sec 27 18N-14W
Hucmac No No Yes 4-18N-15W
Hurley No Yes No Sec 13 17N-15W
Ingleton No Yes No Sec  9 19N-17W
Jacks No Yes No Sec 14 16N-14W
Leedey No Yes Yes 17-16N-20W
Lenora Yes Yes Yes 7-18N-17W
Leonel No No No 35-18N-14W
Marion  No No No 30-19N-17W
Muncie No No No Sec 4 17N-15W
Munice No Yes No ?
Nobscot No No No 19-16N-14W
Oakley No Yes No Sec 14 17N-16W
Oakwood No Yes Yes 21-17N-14W
Parallel No No No 6-17N-15W
Parkville No No No Sec 17 17N-16W
Paul No No No Sec 19 18N-20W
Peytonville No No No 17N-18W
Pollen No Yes No Sec 1 18N-20W
Putnam No Yes Yes 13&24-16N-17W
Raymond Yes Yes No Sec 36 17N-18W
Rhea Yes Yes Yes 20-16N-19W
Riley Yes No No Sec 25 19N-18W
Roseland No Yes No Sec 23 16N-16W
Russett No No No ?
Ruth No No No Sec 32 16N-16W
Seiling No Yes Yes 5-19N-16W
Sickle No No No 3-17N-15W
South Canadian No Yes No Sec 19 16N-14W
Sparta No Yes No Sec 21 19N-20W
Stineton No Yes No Sec 32 17N-15W
Strain No Yes No Sec 30 19N-20W
Taloga Yes Yes Yes 18-18N-16W 13-18N-17W
Trail No Yes No Sec 11 17N-20W
Vassar No Yes No Sec 5 19N-20W
Vici No Yes Yes 2-19N-20W
Webb No Yes Yes 20-17N-18W
Triangulation Station

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