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Key to Maps of Towns in Creek County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  Click here to see a color-coded version of the 1915 map showing Railroad Stations and bypassed towns.





Detailed Township Map

Arno No No No Sec 13 14N-7E
Aubrey No No No 18N-11E
Bellview No No No Sec 32 17N-9E
Billingslea No No No 3-10 14N-8E
Bland No No No Sec 36 19N-7E
Bowden No No Yes 1-18N-11E
Bristow No Yes Yes 29-30 16N-9E
Carr No No No ?
Chireno No No No Sec 19 17N-9E
Crow No No No Sec 9 18N-7E
Crowson No Yes No Sec 23 15N-10E
Depew No Yes Yes 1-15N-7E
Dowell No No No ?
Drumright No Yes Yes 31-32 18N-7E
Edna No Yes Yes 12-14N-10E
Ezra No No No Sec 8 17N-9E
Frey Jct. No No No Sec 19 18N-7E
Gaswell No Yes No ?
Gypsy No No No 9-14N-8E
Heyburn No No No 31-17N-10E
Hilton No No No 28-18N-12E
Iron Post No No Yes 36-15N-8E
Jean Jct. No No No Sec 27 17N-10E
Kellyville No Yes Yes 23-24 17N-10E
Keifer No Yes Yes 18-19 17N-12E
Mannford No Yes Yes 5&6 19N-9E
Markham No No No 6-18N-7E
McMann Jct. No No No  Sec 14 16N-7E
Mercer No No No Sec 26 16N- 7E
Mickey Jct. No No No Sec 4 16N- 7E
Milfay No No Yes 27-28 15N-7E
Mounds No Yes Yes 5-16N-12E
New Taneha No No No Sec 1 18N-11E
Newby No Yes Yes 10-14N-9E
Nickle No No No ?
Olive No Yes Yes 20-18N-8E
Oilton No No Yes 32-19N-7E
Pemeta No No No Sec 19 18N-7E
Petroleum No No No Sec 7 17N-12E
Phillipsburg Yes No No Sec 21 15N-10E
Praper No No No 18-19 17N- 12E
Pulaski No No No 35-16N-8E
Rainbow No No No 4-15N-8E
Ritts Jct. No No No Sec 25 15N-7E
Robbins No No No Sec 5 15N-10E
Robertsburg No No No Sec 15 14N-8E
Sabo No No No Sec 16 17N- 12E
Sapulpa Yes Yes Yes 18N-11E
Shamrock No No Yes 33-17N-7E
Silver City No No Yes 29-19N-8E
Simmons No No No Sec 14 16N-7E
Skagway No No No  22-17N-10E
Slick No No Yes 12 & 17 15N-10E 
Sofka Yes No No Sec 35 16N-8E
Tabor No Yes No 5 15N-10E
Taneha Yes Yes No Sec l 18N-11E
Texas No No No ?
Thompsonville No No No Sec 23 16N-10E
Tidal Jct. No No No Sec 17 17N-7E
Tiger No No No 18-19 18N-7E
Tuskegee No Yes Yes 32-14N-10E
Vicars No No No Sec 19 18N-9E
West Bristow No No No Sec 29 16N-9E
Worman Jct. No No No 32-17N-10E
Wouldbe No No No 14N-8E

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