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Ned Christie
Another View

Written, submitted & © 2001-Present by: Roy Hamilton

Ned Christie, included on your website, was never convicted of the crime he was assassinated for. According to an Oklahoma Daily article in 1918, a witness came forward and proclaimed Ned's innocence; however too late (Humphrey). The book: "The Killing of Ned Christie," by Bonnie Speer documents and raises the question of Ned's guilt for the crime he was accused of. Also, the booklet, "Ned Christie, A Family Remembers," tell the story of an innocent patriot fighting for his rights and those of his people and Nation.
As the director of "The Christie Family League," I would like to bring your attention to these items. Also, the official stand in the Cherokee Nation government is Ned was "...assassinated by the U. S. government and bounty hunter..." in 1892.
A memorial is soon to be set at the Cherokee Nation Capital Square in Tahlequah, Ok. Making such a statement. It is the official statement of the "Christie Family League" that "Ned was never an outlaw. He obeyed the laws of his country, but was denied due process. He never killed a U. S. marshal. But, was hounded by representatives of the U. S. and cowardly bounty hunters for almost five years. He knew his death was destined and died as a hero, a legend and a martyr to his family and all the Cherokee people of the Cherokee Nation."

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