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Marion Calvin Carter
2001-Present Janie Budd


Marion Calvin Carter
Born March 1850 near Waverly, TN
Parents were Lewis Carter and Martha Anderson
Died 17 Jan 1927 Gans, OK
Married Nancy A. (Nannie) Wynn 19 June 1881 in Waverly, TN Nannie died 1884 in Waverly. He took their only child. My great grandmother, Carrie Addie Carter into Indian Territory and left her with a Cherokee couple, Gaines and Luticia Simco while he was a deputy marshall for Judge Parker. Carrie later married George Prentis Samuels a half Cherokee.
Cal also married a Sis Bruton and divorced her. I believe they had a son that went by the name of Cal Bruton. This was after he came back into Indian Territory with my great grandmother.
He signed his oath as deputy marshall on 2 July 1889
On Oct. 1,1890 he was made member of the American and European Secret Service Company
Cal was said to have been on the other side of the law in his youth with his brothers in Arkansas.... his parents moved there when he and his brothers were young and were killed due to fire or a tornado. The brothers were farmed out to different families and one of the brothers killed a man. Cal helped his brother out and apparently the governer of Arkansas had a warrant out for both Carter brothers. I think this is when Cal went back to TN and married my 2nd great grandmother. When she died he returned into Indian Territory and became a deputy marshall for Judge Parker.

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