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C. E. "Ed" Peckham, Deputy Sheriff

© 2002 Kathy Ruby
Photo & bio courtesy Kathy Ruby

C. E. "Ed" Peckham, Deputy Sheriff

Was born July 04, 1867 in Attica, Green, Wi. His parents were Nelson Abel and Ann Marie (Jones) Peckham. The Nelson Peckhams moved to Beaver County with their 14 children sometime after 1867. Ed grew up and had a variety of interests. He owned cattle and he owned and operated a General Mercantile in Beaver. He served Beaver County as a Deputy Sheriff as well and was appointed in 1895. He belonged to a variety of Fraternal Organizations including the OWLS and the Knights of Pythias. Ed was also a lover of poetry as evidenced by the newspaper clippings of poems which remain to this day as a part of his former belongings. He also penned a few poems himself. Most of his poetry was about lost loves and the cowboy life. Love, however, did not elude him, as he married Miss Mable Ellen Smith on April 26, 1899, also of Beaver. Ed and Mable had 3 sons and 1 daughter, all of whom moved to Wichita, Kansas as adults. It is obvious that the large Peckham family had a huge impact on the development of the town of Beaver, Oklahoma and on the county of Beaver. Ed passed away in Beaver in 1928.

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