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U.S. Marshal Dow Braziel

Photo courtesy Butch Bridges
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Dow Braziel was not a U.S. Marshal at the time of his death when he was killed by the police chief of Ardmore, Leslie L. Segler and Carter County Deputy Bud Ballew January 31, 1919.  It all happen around 6:40 am in the California Cafe at Mill and Main Streets here in Ardmore.  There is a plaque in the sidewalk as a memorial to that event in front of what is now Stolfa Brothers Hardware store.  Deputy Bud Ballew was killed by the police chief of Wichita Falls, Texas in 1922, after he and his son went down there to see the rodeo.  And police chief Segler was shot and killed in Ft Worth, Texas not many months after Dow Braziel was killed, by Dow's brother Bob Braziel.

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