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Written, submitted & © 2001-2002 by: Roberta Cook

My great grandmother Jennie Anderson, (3/4 Creek and 1/4 Cherokee) lived close to this man, and tells a little different story about the way he died, than William Ballard tells. You can find this story of him told by her in the Muskogee Phoenix News Paper. It was wrote during a interview of my grandmother on her 93rd birthday. She was born April 4th 1871, so the article should be easy to find. Though the name is spelled different, I am certain that she was speaking of the same man. It goes Jennie related the story of a renegade Indian named Pernoska: "Pernoska was a full blood Indian and a bad man. He would not give up to the United States Marshal, Mr Bowden. Pernoska lived in a log cabin and he would not come out of that cabin and let the marshal and his deputies take him. They had to smoke Pernoska out of his cabin. He came out with a gun in each hand shooting. Smoke was in his eyes and he could not see. The marshal and his deputies killed him. The family story goes that Pernoska's land sat next to my g-g-grandfathers, (Creek Jim's).

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