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Payne County

  • Bavinger Funeral Home, Yale, OK 
    • 1924-1955?
    • taken over by Eckles Funeral Home
  • Bellis Funeral Home, Cushing, OK
    • precursor to Davis Funeral Home
    • records said to have been destroyed when bought out by Davis Funeral Home
  • Bernhardts Strode Funeral Home
    • See Strode Funeral Home
  • Boatright Funeral Home, Stillwater, OK
    • 1960's
    • records in possession of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home
  • Colonial Chapel Funeral Home, 515 S Duncan St, Stillwater, OK 74074
    • 405-372-1811 -- Fax: 405-372-1813 -- Toll Free: (800) 484-9120
    • 1990's-present
  • Davis Funeral Home, 402 E Broadway St, Cushing, OK 74023
    • 918-225-3103 -- Fax: 918-225-1511
    • 1920s-present
  • Davis Funeral Home, 107 E Main St, Yale, OK 74085
    • 918-387-3030 -- Fax: 918-387-3031
  • Eckles Funeral Home, Yake, OK
    • took over Bavinger Funeral Home
    • 1950s to c1975
    • records in possession of Poteet Funeral Home in Pawnee, OK
  • Endorf Funeral Home, Stillwater, OK 
    • only in business a couple of years including 1953
    • unknown if records exist
  • Euchee Valley Memorial Park, Rt. 2 Box 320, Cushing, OK
    • 918-225-1822
  • Fairley and Fairley-Hacker Funeral Home, Cushing, OK 
    • in business from at least 1951 to 1980s
    • records copied and in the Cushing Public Library
  • Fields Brothers Funeral Home, Stillwater, OK
    • in business c1904-c1911
    • unknown if records exist
  • H. M. Hand Funeral Home, Stillwater), OK
    • in business pre-1910
    • unknown if records exist
  • Home Furniture Company  (Stillwater) 
    • in business c1901-at least 1909
    • unknown if records exist
  • Katz-McTaggart and McTaggart & Hull Funeral Home
    • see McTaggart Funeral Home
  • McTaggart Funeral Home
    • c1904-?
    • taken over by Strode Funeral Home in whose possession records exist
  • Messecar Funeral Home, Ripley, OK
    • in business 1910s-1930s
    • one volume of records copied and in Cushing and Stillwater Public Libraries
  • Palmer Funeral Home, 800 S Linwood, Cushing, OK 74023
    • 918-225-2500 -- Fax: 918-225-5610
    • in business 1980s-present
  • Palmer Funeral Home, Yale, OK
    • see Yale-Palmer Funeral Home
  • Reavis Funeral Home, Stillwater, OK
    • in business 1970s-1980s
    • some records in possession of Colonial Chapel Funeral Home
    • other records were never returned after Reavis was put on trial
  • Sherrod Funeral Home, Perkins, OK
    • 1900s to 1920s
    • business burned in 1920s destroying all records to that point
  • E. O. Stephenson Funeral Home, Stillwater, OK 
    • in business pre1900
    • a few records in possession of Strode Funeral Home
  • Strode Funeral Home Chapel, 122 N. Main St, Perkins, OK 74059
    • 405-547-2100
    • in business 1920s to present
  • Strode Funeral Home, 610 S Duncan St, Stillwater, OK 74074
    • 405-372-5550 -- Fax: 405-372-5608
    • began in 1889 by Mr. Stevenson as funeral parlor and furniture store 
      sold to Henry Hand
    • 1902 purchased by C. E. Hull and J. A. McTaggert
    • 1914 purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Strode, 1917 Mr. Strode was killed and Mrs. continued to operate the business
    • 1928 business moved from 700 block of South Main to 610 S. Duncan
    • 1930 Mr. W. F. Bernhardt Sr. came to Stillwater to work for Ruth Strode
    • 1935 Bernhardts' acquired an interest; 1943 became sole owners
    • 1959 Bill Bernhardt, Jr. acquired business from his father
  • Vincent Funeral Home, Stillwater, OK
    • 1920s to 1940s
    • a family member in Denver CO told Mahlon Erickson after the business was closed all the records were burned
  • Walters Funeral Home, Cushing, OK
    • c1904 to 1940s
    • records copied and placed in Cushing  Public Library
  • Yale-Palmer Funeral Home, 500 E Detroit Ave, Yale, OK 74085
    • 918-387-2455


  • Much of the information for this county was provided by Mahlon Erickson. Dates are approximate or simply the range in which found in cemetery records, obits and/or city directories.


Can you add anything to this information? Do you know the name of another funeral home that served this Co.? Death certificates are a good source to help locate the name of the funeral home.

  Coordinator Mel Owings
Wednesday, July 17, 2024


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