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Lincoln County

  • Does anyone know where these funeral homes were located in Lincoln Co.
    • Gayman-Sutton-Downing - was the name changed? merged? 
      • who has the records?
    • McVey Funeral Home - mentioned in a 1963 obit
    • O.R. Savage, funeral director
      • mentioned in a 1935 obit - Chandler newspaper
  • Brown's Funeral Home, 1499 N. Highway 18, Chandler, OK
    • 405-258-5888
  • Buford Funeral Home, Wellston, OK
    • was operated in the same big old house that now houses Parks Brothers in Wellston, OK
    • does Parks Brothers have the Buford records?
  • Curry Funeral Home, Chandler, OK
    • see Parks Brothers - Chandler
  • Curry-Parks Bros Funeral Home, 504 Birch Ave, Wellston, OK 73181
    • 405-356-2798
    • owned by Dewey Curry for many years
    • appears to have also been Curry-Sutton (1948 obit)
  • Mills Funeral Home
    • is this the correct name?
    • was this in Wellston or Chandler?
    • Rev. Mills of the First Baptist Church operated a funeral home
    • anyone know where the records are located?
  • Parks Brothers Funeral Home, 617 Manvel Ave, Chandler, OK 74834
    • 405-258-1177
    • has some Curry Funeral Home records
    • fire said to have destroyed some of the Curry records
      • anyone know about the fire?
  • Parks Brothers Funeral Home, Hwy 62 W, Prague, OK 74864
    • 405-567-2237 -- Fax: 405-567-3781
  • Parks Brothers Funeral Home, 801 W 5th St, Stroud, OK 74079
    • 918-968-2577 -- Fax: 918-968-4219
  • Parks Bros Funeral Home, Wellston, OK 
    • see Curry-Parks Bros Funeral Home

    Can you add anything to this information? Do you know the name of another funeral home that served this Co.? Death certificates are a good source to help locate the name of the funeral home.

  Coordinator Mel Owings
Wednesday, July 17, 2024


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