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Greer County

  • Greer Funeral Home, 323 N Main St, Granite, OK 73547
    • 580-535-2128
    • listed in a 1950 Funeral Home Directory
  • Greer Funeral Home, 235 S Pennsylvania Ave, Mangum, OK 73554
    • 580-782-3323 -- Fax: 580-782-3652
    • listed in a 1950 Funeral Home Directory
    • FHC: 6 rolls of microfilm of Greer Funeral Home in Mangum, OK
      • The Greer Funeral Home Records were microfilmed by the project of Greer County Genealogical & Historical Society volunteers and Genealogical Society of Utah microfilmers. Certain parts (financial info) were blocked out. Years from 1925 - 1992.
  • Lovett Funeral Service, Mangum, OK
    • owned and operated by Jim Lovett
    • known to have been in business during the 1970s
    • anyone know who has the records?
  • Stewart Funeral Service, 221 S Oklahoma Ave, Mangum, OK 73554
    • 580-782-2727 -- Fax: 580-782-3500
    • Toll Free: (800) 667-4907




Can you add anything to this information? Do you know the name of another funeral home that served this Co.? Death certificates are a good source to help locate the name of the funeral home.

  Coordinator Mel Owings
Thursday, April 18, 2024


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