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Grant County

  • Ely Funeral Home, Medford, OK
    • see Hills-Ely Funeral Home
  • Hills-Ely Funeral Home, 211 S 6th St, Medford, OK 73759
    • 580-395-2323
    • 19?? known as Pishny Funeral Home then as Pishny-Curl
    • 1921 known as Hills Funeral Home
    • 1986 sold to Steve Houston in Ponca City, OK
    • 1992 sold to current owners of Hills-Ely who has all records from 1986-now
    • Hills-Ely does not know what happen to the records before 1986
    • They now use the old funeral death books and Grant Co. Cemetery Book to find  information on burials. Spokesperson for the Hills-Ely Funeral Home advised    they generally find information from 1921-now by using a combination of these sources
    • Medford Public Library has a copy of Grant Co. Cemetery book by Percy/Talkington
    • Pishny-Curl also had homes in Lamont & Deer Creek. McCafferty Bolick bought out those in Lamont & Deer Creek
    • there are no funeral homes in Lamont & Deer Creek now [07-1999]
    • (see McCafferty - Bolick -Tonkawa, Kay Co. OK)
  • Mills Funeral Home, Nash, OK
    • Wilson Funeral Home bought out Mills Funeral Home at Nash
    • there are no funeral homes in Nash now [07-1999]
  • Pishny Funeral Home aka Pishny-Curl
    • see Hills-Ely Funeral Home
  • Smith Furniture & Undertaking
    • first known to be owned by Mr. Tucker
    • 1910 purchased by Howard T. Smith
    • 1941 purchased by Sherman E. Thomas
  • Thomas Funeral Home
    • 1941-1972 owned by Sherman E. Thomas
    • serviced Northwest Grant County which included the Wakita, Manchester,  Gore,  Hawley and Sand Creek Communities
    • revised information provided by John S. Thomas son of  Sherman E. Thomas [5-2001]
  • Wakita Funeral Home 
    • see Williams Funeral Home
    • previously Thomas Funeral Home
    • now owned by Bob Williams of Kansas [07-1999 per Hills Funeral Home]
  • Wilson Funeral Home, 227 E Aspen St, Pond Creek, OK 73766
    • 580-532-4222 -- Fax: 580-532-6316
    • Wilson Funeral Home bought out Mills Funeral Home in Nash, OK
    • there are no funeral homes in Nash, OK now [07-1999]
  • Williams Funeral Home, 105 W Main St., Wakita, OK 73771
    • 580-594-2306
    • formerly Wakita Funeral Home


Can you add anything to this information? Do you know the name of another funeral home that served this Co.? Death certificates are a good source to help locate the name of the funeral home.

  Coordinator Mel Owings
Saturday, July 20, 2024


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